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From General Discussion / Footy naah, New Neo Nazi accusations re Prince Harry Boy
Posted 10 Apr 09 13:59
OK, Shearer is boring but, once more ugly rumours are leaking regarding our Bonny Prince Harry at his Air Force Base whilst pursuing his trivial helicopter activities. Now we are all aware of Harry's Nazi - look cross dressing and his "Preussian" blood connections (Grandad, shame on you!). But now secrets are seeping out of the barracks leaky walls re. Harry and a couple of shaven headed, red blooded (not red necked) trainees having nightly pogoing sessions to the sounds of our one and only ex - Skinhead, ex - BNF entertainer, ex - White Power rep, Ian Stuart and his mighty SKREWDRIVER. Reports also have it that during flight training Harry dons his IPOD listening to Ian and co, flies above certain areas of Bradford and Brixton pretending he is flying above the Gaza Strip a lá Israelis and dumping WHITE phosphorus on our slightly different coloured inhabitants. It's only a rumour by the way!

From General Discussion / Federico Macheda
Posted 9 Apr 09 18:22

Quote: Monkey Woods

I felt the same when I saw Billy Whitehurst striding up the 13th at Royal Springhead.

Norman Collier as well.

All the big names.

Dropping names is the same as boasting "I once Text - messaged Jack Dee at the Apollo 13th, had a bum of a landing though, tut, tut."

From General Discussion / Federico Macheda
Posted 9 Apr 09 18:05

Quote: Skoob1999



Denis THE KING was my childhood hero.

A thousand welcomes.



Thanks for your kind welcome, Oh the Law Man, yes indeed, was at Old Trafford a couple of years back, Mon Dieu era, The Lawman walked past my nose and I shat in my pants at the thought of being next to a "TRUE LEGEND". Never had a chance to get pissed with GB7 though, he was way to technically advanced in that exercise! one of The Seagulls behind his trawler maybe? / JO

From General Discussion / How bad is it?
Posted 9 Apr 09 17:55
I remember a certain Russki, Sowjet army once attempting to tame the Taliban, got their balls cut off in the process and have spoke "VERY HIGHLY, SQUEEK, SQUEEK," of them ever since (excuse any analogies toward Eunuchism and their followers called "Ball-Less-Boys")JO

From General Discussion / Non Footy Talk
Posted 9 Apr 09 16:48
As a newy here, I will tread this theatre of dreams with mega care, so I thought lets go careful with my first thread , non - footy talk, subject matter = Newcastle United, Kevin Keegan and his legacy, Alan "Golden Balls" Shearer.
What the fuck has that mob to do with footy apart from creating the first financial meltdown, 165 million bucks wasted on crap players, sacking the same amount of managers equalling hamburgers consumed on a daily basis in the local "Toon" Macdonalds, buying Nicky Butt and Alan Smith, causing ol cockney Joe to melt away with his cohones between his Wimbledon FC tatooed thighs and last not least the return of the real "Messiah" (no not the coloured one, he only likes Spastic Ten Pin Bowling!) the one and only SHEARER, SHEARER, SHEARER. Lets not talk footy just stay with Newcastle Utd(who?)0 - Gus and his merry ol Dutch blues 2. See you in the championship! Jaggedone

From General Discussion / Federico Macheda
Posted 8 Apr 09 19:11
Sorry I'm late, I was just tuning!
"Oh no not another newy," sorry guys and girls, "yes."
Loved United since way back when in 1958, had many ups - downs, but Macheda created a bit of Utd history with his superb finish! Remember Mon Dieu with the turning of his collar? Goosebumps in awe of beauty and genius, rock on Macheda, your time will come.

Nice to make aquaintance with you guys, from the very humble, Jaggedone

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