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From News Discussion / Beloved Dentist Mauled To Death By Lion
Posted 4 Nov 15 16:49
Nice one!

From News Discussion / Star Trek Society President "Not Vulcan"
Posted 23 Jun 15 00:03

Quote: victor nicholas

Vulcan is a also a planet somewhere where young men do not do well on first dates

It's never a good idea to wear pointy ears on a first date, I know this from experience!

From News Discussion / Star Trek Society President "Not Vulcan"
Posted 18 Jun 15 22:38
nice one!

From News Discussion / Virgin Mary Statue Smokes Marijuana
Posted 28 Jul 14 16:34
thanks peeps, it's good to be back again and hope the older writers also return soon

From News Discussion / Hillary Clinton Caught Panhandling
Posted 28 Jul 14 00:24
thanks! wish all the readers would come back...

From General Discussion / Season's Greetings
Posted 21 Dec 13 17:33
Best wishes for the holidays to you, Skoob, Mark, and all the other spoofinistas!

From News Discussion / Angelina Jolie Says She Had Double Lobotomy
Posted 15 May 13 23:57

From News Discussion / Faint Ring Of Marijuana Smoke Discovered Around Earth
Posted 21 Apr 13 21:40
thanks QM!

From News Discussion / First Non-Human May Become The Next Pope
Posted 28 Feb 13 15:45
thanks qm!

From News Discussion / Christians Ordered To Register With Homeland Security
Posted 2 Feb 13 19:53
thanks fellow peeps--i am recovering from a bout with Dutch Elm Disease and will be writing more soon!

From General Discussion / One-Thumb tosser
Posted 25 Jan 13 14:13
that one-thumb clown also hit some of my stories last week--it raised my standings in the Top 20 by five places!

From General Discussion / Life's Great Pleasures
Posted 5 Dec 12 12:06

Quote: Jean Le Fete

Quote: Ellie James

I like raindrops and roses and warm woolen mittens.


I like yodeling with female goat herders

i enjoy climbing every mountain, smoking every weed, following every bong hit, until i find my dream.

From General Discussion / Is It Just Me Or Are Sunday Mornings A Bit Crap?
Posted 30 Sep 12 11:59
Love Sunday mornings! It's a good time to drink any leftover whiskey from Saturday night and smoke a little weed--and then go to church and say Mass...

From News Discussion / Daleks Reveal That They Never Really Liked Instant Mash
Posted 2 Sep 12 16:36
that was great! gave it 5 thumbs up while it was in Approvals...

From News Discussion / Facebook Post Lands Spinster In Mental Hospital
Posted 27 Aug 12 00:46
gracias from me and Miss Smegma!

From News Discussion / Kim Kardashian Spotted by Google Earth Near Lost Pyramids
Posted 22 Aug 12 17:51
good story!

From General Discussion / Disruption likely this weekend
Posted 28 Jul 12 11:00
everything looks 5 by 5, nice job!

From News Discussion / Stephen Hawking surprise selection for Team GB squad.
Posted 24 Jul 12 21:53
good one!

From General Discussion / The New Forum Moderators
Posted 15 Jun 12 11:10
...hats off to the ladies on their new positions here btw...

From News Discussion / HM Prison Services Swamped with Female Applications after Illicit Sex Allegations !
Posted 14 Jun 12 21:41
that was very good! gave it 5 thumbs in Approvals...

From News Discussion / Ray Bradbury's Final Prophecy
Posted 11 Jun 12 14:49
good one!

From News Discussion / Old Woman Lost Inside Mall For 30 Years
Posted 10 Jun 12 15:06

Quote: Ellie James

Like this???

The Parking Garage....


good one! we must be on the same wavelength today, was just writing story that referenced Jerry Seinfeld!

From News Discussion / Old Woman Lost Inside Mall For 30 Years
Posted 10 Jun 12 12:38
thanks! Forgot where I parked my car at the mall a few years ago. Some stranger driving around the parking lot figured out I was lost and started laughing at me...very embarrassing!

From News Discussion / Cannibals Request To Be Called 'Food Challenged Americans'
Posted 8 Jun 12 17:22
thanks! let's talk about it over you go better with a red wine or a white wine??

From News Discussion / Computer virus eating faces on Facebook
Posted 1 Jun 12 22:12
good one, but you could have 'fleshed' it out a little more! 5 detached thumbs

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