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From News Discussion / Simon Cowell brought in to approve new Spoofs
Posted 8 Feb 12 18:33
Having seen IainB and Skoobs stories, I wondered if there might be another way round the problem?

The only trouble is, if people don't get the joke it will never get out of approvals, so I may well have been hung by my own petard. Which is a bit difficult, because I think a petard was a small bomb; dangerous maybe, but unlikely to hang anyone.

From Magazine Discussion / The Next Level
Posted 4 Feb 12 23:13
Thank you. No, just made it up.

I'm actually quite touched that you (or anyone) would read it all the way through as there are no jokes and it's a bit of a 1000 word slow burner.

Thanks again

From Magazine Discussion / All Sent Items: To Katie1988 From SteveTheMan
Posted 28 Jan 12 17:36
Thanks chaps, I appreciate the comments.

Bit weird though - this story suddenly went mad - 6000 reads which makes it my most read story by far. And for one in the magazine section where I mostly get 12 reads on the first day, it's even weirder-er.

It'll probably turn out to be a technical fault and Mark will take all my points away and say I owe him £50 like last time.

All the best

From News Discussion / Kaiser Chiefs: We knew this was going to happen
Posted 12 Aug 11 08:07
Thanks, chaps.

Erskin - I think you need to make a swift apology.

All the best

From News Discussion / New Soar-away Sunday Sun - From Next Sunday
Posted 7 Jul 11 22:46
Thanks, Skoob, I know what you mean - I definitely felt like I had to rush on this, if only to get published before they made the actual Sun on Sunday / Sunday Sun announcement.

Still not getting much time to write, but I do pop back to have a peruse from time to time, and very occasionally bung in a story.

All the best

From News Discussion / New Soar-away Sunday Sun - From Next Sunday
Posted 7 Jul 11 20:25
Oops - wrote the same story as Skoob did here:
News Of The World To Be Reborn As The Sun On Sunday

Damn - his is better too.

From News Discussion / New Museum in Oldham charts the rise of the Zebra Crossing
Posted 1 Jul 11 15:55
Excellent job!

This reminded me of the old Public Information film to train people how to use the first pedestrian crossings. It was before the zebra paintwork was adopted.

From News Discussion / Want to keep your iPhone screen clean? There's an app for that
Posted 19 Apr 11 19:48
Good story Ian - but I'm sure it's going to happen too. As you say, Kinect does it (sort of) and will be on PCs soon. And I think Kinect v2 is planned to be accurate enough to follow finger movements.

When combined with a 3d display so you can manipulate stuff in the air in front of the screen it could provide a more expansive interface for a very small device - ideal for a phone.

So now I'm putting money on Dire Straits reforming and emoticons becoming accepted by the OED.

5 thumb-shaped stars from me.

All the best

From General Discussion / Double Bad Mood
Posted 18 Apr 11 12:55
At Old Trafford, glass, like bottle, is a verb.

Only joking.

From General Discussion / Google Doodle Fail
Posted 13 Apr 11 12:02
Anybody else noticed that today's Google Doodle steam train wouldn't work?
Story about it...

From News Discussion / Farting Shrewsbury dentist 'let off' in court
Posted 5 Mar 11 22:19
Classic - good work
5 thingies

From General Discussion / 36 red cards shown in one game
Posted 5 Mar 11 11:38
I once saw 52 red cards in a game, but the game was canasta.

From News Discussion / Huddersfield to be moved south
Posted 4 Mar 11 20:06
Loved this.

Yet another case for reading the longer stories. No mention of celebrities, no google-catching buzzwords, just a good story based on a funny idea and worth reading to the end because it keeps you smiling.

Gets 5 thumbs up from me!

From General Discussion / Word Dissociation
Posted 27 Feb 11 23:19

oops missed a few goes

From General Discussion / Ha! local BBC news site article about a 'water incinerator'
Posted 27 Feb 11 23:10

Quote: Skoob1999

I think it would be brilliant if all of us writers collude on a massive hoax, and post stories about it in a serious reporting way.

Just to see if the press, the TV and the internet pick up on it and believe it.

Could be fun, but it would have to be something kind of plausible...



How would it work Skoob? Where would we post it? Sorry, that sounds very negative - you know I love a plausible spoof, but how do we get it published in a non-spoof environment so people believe in it?

From General Discussion / Ha! local BBC news site article about a 'water incinerator'
Posted 27 Feb 11 21:10
It's still there after two days.

Maybe there is such a thing as a water incinerator. Am I going to feel stupid if that's the case!

From News Discussion / Cat Conducts Orchestra
Posted 27 Feb 11 13:22
We had a tom cat once which we had to have orchestrated.

From General Discussion / Ha! local BBC news site article about a 'water incinerator'
Posted 25 Feb 11 16:08
Hi Skoob - I was busy replying to your other message while you were replying to mine!

From General Discussion / Alan Partridge Online
Posted 25 Feb 11 16:05
Mid Morning Matters? - yeah they are good. I need to catch up - I thought there were only six but there seem to be 10 episodes now.

They're here for anyone interested.

From General Discussion / Ha! local BBC news site article about a 'water incinerator'
Posted 25 Feb 11 15:46
Headline on BBC News - Beds, Herts & Bucks:

"Plans for a new water incinerator in Bedfordshire came under fire in the House of Commons."

Deborah McGurran
BBC Political Editor for the East

When you get to the article its actually waste incinerator.

Here's a link (on right towards the bottom) but I bet it will be gone soon...

From General Discussion / Beer to be classified as alcohol for first time in Russia
Posted 23 Feb 11 22:29
I'll drink to that! United we stagger!

From General Discussion / Beer to be classified as alcohol for first time in Russia
Posted 23 Feb 11 22:15
A friend of mine told me a story of when he worked in a car factory in West Germany in the 80s. He said there was a meeting in the morning and a manger told them that because of a serious accident on the night shift, there was to be no drinking at work.

At lunchtime he went to the canteen and there were drinks machines dispensing beer as normal. When he questioned this he was told "Ah, no this is beer - they were talking about drinking!"

From General Discussion / Man shot dead for eating popcorn too loudly during Black Swan
Posted 22 Feb 11 14:03
There is certainly one scene in the film where the sound of someone munching away would ruin the intensity of the moment!

If you definitely wanted to get shot, you could crunch into a humbug just when she straightens out her toes! Suicide by sound-effect.

From General Discussion / What not to say on Christmas day
Posted 24 Dec 10 11:11
Daughter, aged 6: "It's OK Mummy, I know Father Christmas isn't real."

Mother: "OK, well it's a nice story isn't it? And we can still leave a mince pie out like we always do.."

Daughter (bursting into tears): "I was only testing!"

My daughter is now grown up and studying Psychology at University - but when she's home at Christmas we still leave a mince pie out.

Happy Christmas

From General Discussion / Restaurants That You Need To Avoid
Posted 22 Dec 10 18:07
Old Mc Donald's

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