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From News Discussion / Republicans Demand Osama Bin Laden's Long Form Death Certificate
Posted 4 May 11 05:47
Funny if you think Osama not dead already

From News Discussion / Republicans Demand Osama Bin Laden's Long Form Death Certificate
Posted 4 May 11 04:50
Osama long dead not here to laugh at us..

From News Discussion / Arse wiping assistance requirements increase
Posted 24 Apr 11 17:32
I actually had this issue for a while.
It's no laughing matter, especially for those close to you.

"In an effort to meet the problem head on, support groups are being set up for people unable to reach their own bums, so they can reach out to each other in the only way that matters. " [quoted from article]

I thought I was the only one. Please give contact info for support group, just in case this happens again!

From General Discussion / Lady Godiva
Posted 24 Apr 11 14:31
I had a favorite author on here. Now she is on vacation.
I do hope she comes back soon.

From News Discussion / Obama To Announce Formation Of "Department Of Drug Cartel" To Balance Budget
Posted 17 Apr 11 14:48
The odd thing is that the banks depend on drug money to stay afloat. The CIA has milked this business for many years to raise cash. The DEA is only allowed to go so far against the cartels. The forces of evil are stronger that the forces of good in this world, at the moment.

Five stars from the time I spotted the headline.. really sucked me in.

From News Discussion / Radioactive water being sent to Midoriyam
Posted 15 Apr 11 15:19
I am impressed. You have done your homework.

You get an A+.

Your link does not work for me.

This one does.

And, if you get bored sitting at your computer, sign up with these chaps.

From News Discussion / Video of the Cher Nobel Prize now available
Posted 15 Apr 11 02:10
I call'm as I seem'm.

However, the neutron beams are changing ALL of us.

Things will get very hot on TheSpoof.

Quote: Lynton

Have you won the war against sweetners? Will we be seeing an ID change due to those nuclear rays?

From News Discussion / Radioactive water being sent to Midoriyam
Posted 13 Apr 11 13:24
Nimca is anagram for manic..

the mind works in odd ways!

From News Discussion / Pia Toscano Finally Speaks Out And Blames The American Idol Judges For Her Elimination From American Idol
Posted 13 Apr 11 12:53
"And she said that she knows first hand, from an unnamed inside source, that there are two little 12-year-old girls in North Carolina who are in love with Scotty McCreery and that last week one voted for him 34,281 times and the other one voted for him 29,802 times." -Abel R.

Yes, and I think these girls are Siamese twins, daughters of the poor idiot savant ladies who used to follow Dick Clark. All they could say was "Dick Clark. Ho yeah! Dick Clark. Dick Clark. Ho yeah! Dick Clark..Dick Clark. Ho yeah! Dick Clark..."

From News Discussion / Radioactive water being sent to Midoriyam
Posted 13 Apr 11 11:59
Ninja Warrior is a TV show from Japan.
I did not know kids played "the game".
Kids always are playing games.
That is how they win.


From News Discussion / Radioactive water being sent to Midoriyam
Posted 11 Apr 11 20:56
Pun? Whats that? Can I aks you a question about that?

Quote: Lynton

I hope the younger readers get the pun and the older ones might just have kids who play the game.

I liked it so 5* from me

From News Discussion / Feral geigers spotted in Tokyo
Posted 7 Apr 11 01:15

Quote: Lynton

I'd heard of 'Gengal Geigers' but Japanese ones are new to me

do they like a gottle of gear too and are they all 'scripey'?


From News Discussion / Feral geigers spotted in Tokyo
Posted 3 Apr 11 04:57

Quote: Erskin Quint

In questionable taste and daft as a boat horse. 5*

Even worse taste, sort of like metallic acid, is the latest feed from Fukushima..

From News Discussion / Feral geigers spotted in Tokyo
Posted 3 Apr 11 04:56

Quote: Lady Godiva

Are these the feral geigers you mentioned in your PM?


Can you still read the meesages I get???

Why yes they are. And the story is still developing. The Geigers were last seen on a bus on the way to your town.

Meesages.. gosh! That lights up in red on my screen. I use Mozilla and it seems to have a smell shceckr.

From General Discussion / Message from Lady Godiva
Posted 3 Apr 11 04:51

Relax. You are just suffering an aspartame overdose. It will end shortly. Then you go into the tertiary phase, which lasts the rest of your life.

From News Discussion / Local Man Devastated By Wife's Sordid Secret
Posted 19 Mar 11 21:51
Actually, I'm seeing Mrs. Shuttlecock on the side..

From General Discussion / Wheres it all gone?
Posted 11 Mar 11 03:15
Such are the long-term effects of aspartame use. How dreary.

Also, since Google became "more selective" my counts have gone from a hundred a day to a mere ten.

From News Discussion / Toffees to be removed from all chocolate selections
Posted 27 Nov 10 19:15
Please send the carmel ones to me! Write for address..

From News Discussion / More People Are Having Sex Now Than At Any Time In Recorded History
Posted 21 Nov 09 17:55
mm.. keep it clean boys.

From News Discussion / Seizure Scare in Popular Restaurant!
Posted 18 Nov 09 07:57
I'm kicking myself. I woulda shoulda coulda kinda wrote it.
This actually happened to me last week! Could it be that a reporter was observing?

From News Discussion / What Happens in China Stays in China
Posted 18 Nov 09 06:43
You can actually buy the Obamao doll there you know.

From General Discussion / 'Body sold' to Russia kebab shop
Posted 16 Nov 09 06:34
Actually, I filled in a few missing details in this wonderful example of human nature, at least among humans in Russia. I'm sure you can find it.

From News Discussion / West Coast Woman Whose Vagina Fell Out Offered Her Own Reality Show
Posted 14 Nov 09 14:42
Actually this story is all too true. It happened to a lady I knew quite well, but not in the Biblical sense. We both knew the Bible, but .. ok ok

Any way, it fell out quite often. I'm just not too clear on how she put it back, but she must have, or it could not have kept falling out, could it?

From General Discussion / Man uses remote to control his bowel
Posted 13 Nov 09 19:04
The poor chap's life has turned into one giant spoof script.

If I were out to get this guy, I would buy one of those universal remotes, then sneak into the stall next to his in the men's room. Then, capture and duplicate the signal.

Then program all cell phone towers to broadcast it once every five minutes.

That would be interesting.

From News Discussion / Perverse nature of stories due to aspartame abuse
Posted 13 Nov 09 14:30
Yes, well as I alluded to in my snippets, I don't want too many bites. Might get some kind of disease.

My fly is a do not bite zone.

Quote: Morse

AB: spoofing to the masses is like fly fishing...

YOU'VE GOT TO MATCH THE HATCH, if you want to get a bite!


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