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From General Discussion / I downed a bottle of ouzo at christmas and didn't feel a thing!
Posted 27 Dec 11 16:53
It is good stuff. You probably should have had your own bottle.

From News Discussion / President Obama Blames Tea Party For Recession: Calls Them "Tin Horn Tokers" For Not Buying Drugs
Posted 25 Dec 11 18:38
When China tried to stop buying opium from Britain because it was ruining their people, England launched the opium war against them. So it is our heritage, this drug violence. Aspartame, crack, these are great for keeping people sick and weak so you can keep screwing them.

For a whitewashed account click this.

From News Discussion / Higgs Boson Confusion Causes Head Explosion Outbreak
Posted 21 Dec 11 09:34
Boson is actually a misspelling. It is supposed to be Higgs's bosom. You see.. well, it's a long story.

From General Discussion / world seems boring now
Posted 20 Dec 11 21:29
Yesterday and tomorrow are all I have left to fill the dark void at present..

Quote: Erskin Quint

"world seems boring now"

ah, but what's now, then?

Not then, just now.

I said now, then. Not now then, now.

From General Discussion / world seems boring now
Posted 20 Dec 11 07:34
boring. Hard to make fun of something so boring.
Or am I just getting old.. or perhaps the aspartame has got to me? Or perhaps it is the darkness. The darkness that smothers everything this time of year..

From News Discussion / Gingrich Advocates full "prison-based economy" in order to compete with Chinese sweatshop labor
Posted 19 Dec 11 08:47
99 percent

From News Discussion / Higgs Boson found at BBC
Posted 18 Dec 11 06:27
I actually got a box full of the Higgs Bosons when I bought an abandoned storage locker in Geneva Switzerland. I took them home, and all my cats died.

I decided to get rid of them. So, I sold them for a tidy sum to a man in a white coat. That's when I turned green.

Now, all my skin has fallen off. But, I have these strange powers ..

From General Discussion / 110 film from 1970 found in Spoof Writers hovel!
Posted 17 Dec 11 05:39
Make sure no green men on there!

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 17 Dec 11 05:32
Criminy! Rut insanely, mate, in nun's yoni!

{Imagine a really fat nun.. who seldom bathes.. and has very thick glasses.. and oily hair.. You get the picture.}

From News Discussion / Transport Minister attacks pedestrians
Posted 17 Dec 11 05:20
I was sorely dissapointed after reading this. I was hoping for a few karate chops, kicks, punches, and perhaps attack with a mace.. or at least a shillelagh. A car is good, though. But need to wipe out a whole crowd.

From News Discussion / Queen To Star In Hardcore Porn Flick
Posted 17 Dec 11 05:10
Is it legal to publish this in England? Or do you have to go to Trafalgar Square?

My Mother always told me that in England, the only place you can say whatever you want is in Trafalgar Square. She took me there and I saw all these crazy people standing on boxes ranting and raving.

Turns out my Mother was wrong. I just read that even in Trafalgar Square, you can't say what the Queen don't want to 'ear.

I assume that is where she 'did it'.

I had a friend named Clive, in Scarborough, for just less than a year back 1960,61, or 62.. not sure .. I lost track.

He was a real nut. I assume that's you Clive.

Hi. How ya been.

Anyone wanna buy some Euros? I got 1000 Euro notes!

From Magazine Discussion / When I'm Sixty-Eight (song for a public sector workers' musical)
Posted 14 Dec 11 03:25
Yes. Humans will have to work or die. The state cares little which. All that pension stuff. Ponzi. He was one of us you know.. from the constellation Orion.

From News Discussion / The Euro's Collapse: Germany Invades France
Posted 10 Dec 11 13:00
This is great stuff. Now I want to go to France! I've got to see this in person!

I know, I'll come and liberate you! (I did in my latest story!)

From News Discussion / Waffle iron claims family of ten
Posted 9 Dec 11 08:39
please delete this thread.. hit wrong button..

From News Discussion / Weiner is Too big To Fail!
Posted 11 Jun 11 13:46
New flash, pictures thought to be of Wiener, were actually just his Wiener shaped head.

From General Discussion / Preference: tits up, or tits down
Posted 11 Jun 11 13:41
So, how do you like it boyz?

From News Discussion / Amish Man Kills Wife, Self
Posted 8 Jun 11 14:31
UN to ban hand tools in the wake of the Amish massacre!

The treaty is expected to be ratified by the Senate. Americans will be limited to soft spongy tools that cannot prove lethal, when used as directed...

From News Discussion / Weiner is Too big To Fail!
Posted 7 Jun 11 04:37
I'm glad I don't have any stock in Oscar Myer!

From News Discussion / Nation Solves Debt Problem Thanks to Sarah Palin's New Country
Posted 5 Jun 11 18:10
The only problem is, China has already cashed out of 97 percent of their US debt and has bought gold. Probably gold plated tungsten though.

Now, when you retire, you think SP is going to pay your SS money to you? That is most of the debt! We now owe it to ourselves.

The National Debt is code words for Our Social Contract to take care of aging baby boomers.

It's all about screwing the boomers.. always has been.

From News Discussion / Giant foot crushes Antville; 234 dead
Posted 30 May 11 21:45
Not advising anyone try acting out anything illegal (OR EVEN IMMORAL ) OF COURSE!

Quote: Erskin Quint

Be careful, be very very careful.

Quote: Ellie James

I'd model.....or I'd take pictures of weird things. I live in Texas....we have a lot of weird things!

From News Discussion / Giant foot crushes Antville; 234 dead
Posted 30 May 11 06:45
Yes, we need to do a bettor job with our picture frames, and pictures.. one picture per story, and a little one at that.. makes life hard here.

We need models to act out our spoofs! How about it?

Quote: pinxit

On a related note.

How's that for top spoofing?


From News Discussion / Birdman Of Dorking Dies On Maiden Flight
Posted 30 May 11 06:40
I was terribly dissapointed. Instead of a raunchy tale about tattooed genitalia, I found a well written classy story about a bird man.

Umm. Brings back memories of English class. And the prefects!

From News Discussion / Giant foot crushes Antville; 234 dead
Posted 25 May 11 13:20

Quote: Lynton

Oh no! Did they get Ant King Cole too?

Yes. Last seen stuck onto the the bottom of the shoe;
a merry old sole!

From News Discussion / Giant foot crushes Antville; 234 dead
Posted 24 May 11 02:02
Actually, tis sad, but this love letter was found in the colony the next day; probably the last words of one of the drones:

It was formication, I know
And it might have ended, at the start
A passing glance, a brief romance
And I might have gone, on my way, empty-hearted, empty-hearted

It was formication, I know
Seeing you under, the moonlight above, anty
And I touch your thorax, and I kiss you
and formication, turned to fornication, anty

My formication, turned to fornication, oh anty, yeah
My formication anty, ooh, turned to fornication

Formication, I know
And it might have ended, at the start
A passing glance, a brief romance
And I might have gone on my way empty-hearted

Formication, oh and I know, I know anty
Seeing you under, under the moonlight, moonlight above
Anty I, I touch your antenna
Oh And I kiss you anty
Oh anty

And my, my formication, my formication
Turned to fornication
Formication oh, my, my, my formication anty
Turned to fornication
My formication turned to fornication

Authorities speculate that the author of the letter, a faithful companion of the Queen, died from self-inflicted sting wounds.

From News Discussion / It's Not Like He Was Screwing The Global Economy 'defence' in Strauss-Khan sex case
Posted 17 May 11 04:37
where's the spoof? Suspiciously looks like the truth!

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