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From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 19 Dec 08 10:51
aspartame equal = me paraquat sale

Yes, I was sent here to make sure Earthlings were all quenched with aspartame.

From General Discussion / Is there a 'osting limit'?
Posted 19 Dec 08 09:09
One thing Ebray IS good for is buying pure aspartame; this is required for certain recipies. Aspartame companies will not sell it to non food industry people.

But there are a few psychos on Ebray that sell it on the sly, sorta like crack.

I think I shut those psychos down with my attacks here thru the dimension of sardony.

From General Discussion / Understanding the Editorial Line
Posted 18 Dec 08 08:03
I was a photographer for the M.I.T. paper, The Tech.
I shot wrestlers and guest speakers.

From News Discussion / Marijuana Has Big Medical Benefits and Counters Deadly Effects of Aspartame
Posted 15 Dec 08 17:15
Ralph Roachman made the startling announcement and even smoked a joint at the press conference here, along with several white rats.

So, how did he smoke the rats? Dry them and stuff them into a Hookah? Sounds good, but, let's hope he marinated them in aspartame first.

O yeah.. I read the whole story. Good stuff. Keep at it.

From News Discussion / Last American worker finally laid off today. US unemployment reaches 100%!
Posted 10 Dec 08 04:59
Looks like the the last one working is BuckwheatsButt!

How else would I be able to read about it.

From News Discussion / Asperspam Clogs Internet
Posted 3 Dec 08 18:58
Yes, um. um .. quite.

From General Discussion / Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Posted 3 Dec 08 04:48
As the Earth turns...

From General Discussion / Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Posted 1 Dec 08 02:59
photosythesis.. need I say more?

From General Discussion / When Do You Give Five Stars To A Story??
Posted 29 Nov 08 16:06
Could you please decode that response? Green smoke is now comming from my alien brain..

From News Discussion / Jesus Budda caught masturbating on national TV!
Posted 29 Nov 08 04:18
I thought this was supposed to be spoofs.

I saw that program.

Of course, we have special TV's in our UFOs.

Of course WE don't call them UFO's.

From General Discussion / Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Posted 27 Nov 08 13:01
actually.. it's granbury.. time to bury granma

From General Discussion / Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Posted 27 Nov 08 00:24
be sure to add extra aspartame to the cranbury sauce

From General Discussion / Aspartame Industry Closes Down John Winters
Posted 26 Nov 08 06:52

From General Discussion / When Do You Give Five Stars To A Story??
Posted 26 Nov 08 06:51
When green liquids oooze from all 17 of my orify uncontrolably

For clear liquids, just four stars.. tends to leave my tubes clogged.

From General Discussion / bacteria are plural
Posted 29 Oct 08 05:51
Bacteria are good.
Bacteria is not good.

From News Discussion / Chocolate That Reverses Tooth Decay To Be Launched
Posted 19 Oct 08 07:41
A recent study suggests that this candy will cause terminal constipation. So, it makes a great gift.

From News Discussion / Big-Time Economic Doom Coming, Says Financial Guru
Posted 18 Oct 08 08:15
WOW.. I guess this was funny way back when, prior to it actually happening. Perhaps this story should be moved to the Wall Street Journal? - John Winters

From News Discussion / American Independence An Elaborate Hoax!
Posted 16 Oct 08 09:47
The queen is furuious! This should never have been revealed!

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