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From News Discussion / DACA Dogs Sniff Out Illegal Aliens at JFK
Posted 24 Apr 18 14:25
I like those dogs you picked for the picture. But don’t they look too nice? I guess for kids and sick grammas you don’t need German Shepards.

I assume the dogs are trained to pee on the illegals as their way of marking the territory of the United (sic.) States of America?

From News Discussion / Santa Claus converts to Islam
Posted 19 Feb 18 02:33
You are too kind. Now dare we report on Mohamed’s resurrection and conversion to Christianity?

From News Discussion / Hillary Clinton Named Proper President of United States
Posted 5 Feb 18 02:35

How about Crap!

From Magazine Discussion / The Door Of Opportunity Hangs On Small Hinges
Posted 4 Feb 18 04:36
Hey this is Zreal thing!

From News Discussion / Women Not Harrassed by Weinstien Urged to Come Forward
Posted 11 Jan 18 04:26
Funny headline, but then.. what?!

From News Discussion / Everyone Safe After Florida Man Guns Down Intruders
Posted 8 Jan 18 03:52
I actually laughed out loud when I read this news.
One take-away;
Don't get too tanned.

From News Discussion / Hillary Clinton Breaks Toe Kicking London Reporter
Posted 3 Jan 18 02:25
Great story. But you should have mentioned the REAL reason she wears the ankle bracelet courtesy of the STATE.

From News Discussion / Hillary renamed book "I Fart"
Posted 1 Jan 18 19:20
What a bunch of drivel!

From News Discussion / Paul Ryan: "To Save Social Security, Shorten the Life Span"
Posted 1 Jan 18 18:21
Thank goodness this story is 100% unbelievable fantastic bull dung fungus.

From News Discussion / Concerns Escalate Over Hillary Clinton's Post-Election Behavior
Posted 11 Oct 17 01:40
Brings to mind that lovely movie about the actress who was going to make a comeback WAY past a certain age. She had that one loyal servant who "believed" in her. Excellent job here.

Link to Sunset Blvd

From News Discussion / Apple release the iGlove to solve another problem with the iPhone4
Posted 8 Oct 17 10:35
Great work. Please proof read. I suggest reading aloud, slowly. Good messaging.

From News Discussion / President Andrew ("Old Hickory") Jackson Visits NYC
Posted 12 Mar 17 02:09
Andrew Jackson was the greatest President.
He got US off the central bank.

From News Discussion / Trump and Bush Families Compete on Family Feud
Posted 18 Jan 17 14:25
This story needs to be updated as it blithely assumes Trump would lose the election, which forever labels it as "fake news".

Good otherwise.

From News Discussion / Trump Will Dismantle Obamacare and Start Trumpcare
Posted 13 Jan 17 03:58
I first heard this theory on talk radio.

From News Discussion / Hillary Is Elected President
Posted 9 Jan 17 14:30
A story predicated on believing CNN and government propaganda.

From News Discussion / Americant Airlines doesn't want you in the cabin
Posted 1 Jan 17 00:11
These toilet facilities suck.

From General Discussion / I don't care about anything any more.
Posted 24 Dec 16 06:14

Quote: Dr. Billingsgate

Don't give up. Help is on its way. Trump will drain the swamp.

Yes and the lemonade stand that will suck it dry is already built.

From General Discussion / Where Can I Buy a Lodestone?
Posted 26 Oct 16 12:28
The answer to your query is a quary.

From News Discussion / McDonalds to Hire 500 Chimpanzees In 250 Test Stores
Posted 26 Jul 15 20:06
Seems a tad racist against blacks

From News Discussion / 'Ban the birds' cry Central Park advocates
Posted 13 May 14 15:41
I rate this five buckets of guano. Bring in the drones to shoot the birds.

From News Discussion / 'Ban the birds' cry Central Park advocates
Posted 13 May 14 15:39
I rate this five buckets of guano. Bring in the drones to shoot the birds.

From News Discussion / 'Ban the birds' cry Central Park advocates
Posted 13 May 14 15:39
I rate this five buckets of guano. Bring in the drones to shoot the birds.

From News Discussion / COO melamine aspartame scare smokes out secret bar code scanners for the elite
Posted 1 May 14 01:49
Google Glass predicted years in advance..

From News Discussion / M&M Worlds may have to close after Zimmerman verdict
Posted 16 Jul 13 14:55
This just in- Zimmerman was rushed to the hospital in a diabetic coma early this morning; he was diagnosed with "contact diabetes" acquired from someone forcing him into close proximity with Skittles. Due to the racially charged nature of the case, the suspect is not being named.

But it can be revealed that the suspect was screaming "Justice for Trayvon!" as he attacked Zimmerman, a self proclaimed non-white person, that everyone wishes was white.

From News Discussion / Pope Hated to Leave Behind His Red Shoes and Their Magical Powers
Posted 7 Jun 13 16:36
Not to mention the trips to the convents..

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