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From News Discussion / Pilot for new TV show "Methbusters" ends in disaster
Posted 6 Jun 18 03:05

Quote: Monkey Woods

Look what I found!

This is the kind of story I want to read. Crack on, A Boy!

Yes, I love it when my characters are as goofy as I am.

From News Discussion / English to be Added to American Ballots
Posted 27 May 18 12:23
I don’t read Trump spoofs as a rule. I mean the guy is already the greatest spoofer. His book, The Art of the Spoof, is a Lying New York Times Best Seller after all.

But this story was good fun!

From News Discussion / DACA Dogs Sniff Out Illegal Aliens at JFK
Posted 24 Apr 18 14:25
I like those dogs you picked for the picture. But don’t they look too nice? I guess for kids and sick grammas you don’t need German Shepards.

I assume the dogs are trained to pee on the illegals as their way of marking the territory of the United (sic.) States of America?

From News Discussion / Santa Claus converts to Islam
Posted 19 Feb 18 02:33
You are too kind. Now dare we report on Mohamed’s resurrection and conversion to Christianity?

From News Discussion / Hillary Clinton Named Proper President of United States
Posted 5 Feb 18 02:35

How about Crap!

From Magazine Discussion / The Door Of Opportunity Hangs On Small Hinges
Posted 4 Feb 18 04:36
Hey this is Zreal thing!

From News Discussion / Women Not Harrassed by Weinstien Urged to Come Forward
Posted 11 Jan 18 04:26
Funny headline, but then.. what?!

From News Discussion / Everyone Safe After Florida Man Guns Down Intruders
Posted 8 Jan 18 03:52
I actually laughed out loud when I read this news.
One take-away;
Don't get too tanned.

From News Discussion / Hillary Clinton Breaks Toe Kicking London Reporter
Posted 3 Jan 18 02:25
Great story. But you should have mentioned the REAL reason she wears the ankle bracelet courtesy of the STATE.

From News Discussion / Hillary renamed book "I Fart"
Posted 1 Jan 18 19:20
What a bunch of drivel!

From News Discussion / Paul Ryan: "To Save Social Security, Shorten the Life Span"
Posted 1 Jan 18 18:21
Thank goodness this story is 100% unbelievable fantastic bull dung fungus.

From News Discussion / Concerns Escalate Over Hillary Clinton's Post-Election Behavior
Posted 11 Oct 17 01:40
Brings to mind that lovely movie about the actress who was going to make a comeback WAY past a certain age. She had that one loyal servant who "believed" in her. Excellent job here.

Link to Sunset Blvd

From News Discussion / Apple release the iGlove to solve another problem with the iPhone4
Posted 8 Oct 17 10:35
Great work. Please proof read. I suggest reading aloud, slowly. Good messaging.

From News Discussion / President Andrew ("Old Hickory") Jackson Visits NYC
Posted 12 Mar 17 02:09
Andrew Jackson was the greatest President.
He got US off the central bank.

From News Discussion / Trump and Bush Families Compete on Family Feud
Posted 18 Jan 17 14:25
This story needs to be updated as it blithely assumes Trump would lose the election, which forever labels it as "fake news".

Good otherwise.

From News Discussion / Trump Will Dismantle Obamacare and Start Trumpcare
Posted 13 Jan 17 03:58
I first heard this theory on talk radio.

From News Discussion / Hillary Is Elected President
Posted 9 Jan 17 14:30
A story predicated on believing CNN and government propaganda.

From News Discussion / Americant Airlines doesn't want you in the cabin
Posted 1 Jan 17 00:11
These toilet facilities suck.

From General Discussion / I don't care about anything any more.
Posted 24 Dec 16 06:14

Quote: Dr. Billingsgate

Don't give up. Help is on its way. Trump will drain the swamp.

Yes and the lemonade stand that will suck it dry is already built.

From General Discussion / Where Can I Buy a Lodestone?
Posted 26 Oct 16 12:28
The answer to your query is a quary.

From News Discussion / McDonalds to Hire 500 Chimpanzees In 250 Test Stores
Posted 26 Jul 15 20:06
Seems a tad racist against blacks

From News Discussion / 'Ban the birds' cry Central Park advocates
Posted 13 May 14 15:41
I rate this five buckets of guano. Bring in the drones to shoot the birds.

From News Discussion / 'Ban the birds' cry Central Park advocates
Posted 13 May 14 15:39
I rate this five buckets of guano. Bring in the drones to shoot the birds.

From News Discussion / 'Ban the birds' cry Central Park advocates
Posted 13 May 14 15:39
I rate this five buckets of guano. Bring in the drones to shoot the birds.

From News Discussion / COO melamine aspartame scare smokes out secret bar code scanners for the elite
Posted 1 May 14 01:49
Google Glass predicted years in advance..

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