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From General Discussion / Can cricket be explained to Americans?
Posted 3 Sep 15 02:17
Its just baseball with a bat that got run over by a lorry.

From Magazine Discussion / My Mother Was A Margarine Smuggler
Posted 29 Jul 15 22:03

Quote: Simon Saunders

I was pulled to one side at SeaTac airport years ago by border control.

They took my bag and rifled through it. Only problem was, it was my girlfriends bag (our bags were identical.)

Imagine my embarrassment when the officer quizzed me about the frilly knickers and peekaboo bra's.

"It's not my bag!" I pleaded. "It's my girlfriends!"

The didn't listen. I can't even look at a rubber glove these days without breaking out into a cold sweat.


If it had been the airport in Netherlands they wouldn't have even blinked.

From News Discussion / Legendary Actor Omar Sharif Dies
Posted 15 Jul 15 04:26
Now boys, boys!
Temper, temper now!

From General Discussion / What's Going On?
Posted 12 Jun 15 16:28
The scandal rags are saying the coppers found a wooden stake protruding from his chest.

Only reapeating what I have heard.

From News Discussion / NSA Requests Americans Limit Length of All Calls And Text Messages
Posted 10 Jun 15 23:55
Yes, a good one!

From General Discussion / UK keeps disappearing
Posted 5 Jun 15 15:45
It is Brit to the core.

From News Discussion / Onion offers To Buy Out Spoof and Eliminate Embarrassing Satire
Posted 17 Apr 15 17:33
The poop sure is flying here fast and furious!

From News Discussion / Onion offers To Buy Out Spoof and Eliminate Embarrassing Satire
Posted 15 Apr 15 04:36
Childish and vindictive. Not nessecary.

From General Discussion / The Spoof is Home to Unfunny Writers
Posted 4 Mar 15 22:20
One thing that doesn't help is when you spend a considerable amount of time writing an article on a real subject in the real world, take the time to send it in so that it gets to The Spoof BEFORE the event happens, write it as a news item, then find it gets stuck anyway in the Magazine section where two people read it.
That doesn't really do much to inspire one to do further writing.

From General Discussion / The Spoof is Home to Unfunny Writers
Posted 4 Mar 15 22:15

Quote: Jean Le Fete

I just wrote my 300th unfunny spiff and that doesn't count the 150 some odd ones I had deleted when I quit the first time after a row with some Alaskan bastard. I'm prod of them all and I don't care about the fact some have 1000s of them and have published them in anne thigh logies. It ain't how many or the quality, but whether or not you cringe every time you re-reads 'em!

You "prod" them all do you?
Absolutely filthy disgusting!!!!!!!!
And they allow you out in public?!!!

From News Discussion / Twitter Fury After Man Calls Leonard Nimoy One Trick Pony. Which He Was. There, I Said It.
Posted 3 Mar 15 22:40
Star Wars? A universe far, far away?
Funny, I thought he used to be on Star TREK!!!!!!!!!

Just so you know he wasn't as one dimensional as you think he played for a couple seasons on the original Mission Impossible and played the Jack Nicholson character (McMurphy) in a stage production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
Not bad for a pointy eared one.

From Magazine Discussion / My Mother Was A Margarine Smuggler
Posted 24 Feb 15 23:01
Nope, she gave it up long ago.
They made the trash legal.
The farmers are now having to eat the skimmings with a spoon.
Turning them into real porkers too.......

From General Discussion / The Spoof is Home to Unfunny Writers
Posted 16 Feb 15 02:17
No Skoob, you are quite good.
Even writers like Faulkner were unappreciated for a long time.

From General Discussion / Je Suis Charlie - Where Murder And Humor Have Met
Posted 9 Jan 15 14:14

Quote: Jean Le Fete

I raise a glass to our French brothers and sisters! Long live satire!

VIVA La France!!!!Viva La France!!!!

Spot on!

From General Discussion / Je Suis Charlie - Where Murder And Humor Have Met
Posted 9 Jan 15 14:10

Quote: queen mudder

He Drew First:

Very apt, Mudder, very apt.

From General Discussion / Je Suis Charlie - Where Murder And Humor Have Met
Posted 8 Jan 15 14:31
As you know, yesterday three gunmen entered the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine, and killed twelve people.

The magazine was known for its biting satire and has several times depicted Mohamed in a mocking fashion. It is considered a damnable sin in Islam to make any sort of picture of their Prophet.

The office of Charlie had been firebombed in 2011. The editor and staff had been often been sent death threats. On January 7th those threats were made real.

Satire has always been a sword that cannot be seen. Wielding it has often brought pain and death upon those using it. The Turkish humor magazine Girgir and others like it (Turkey surprisingly has a wealth of humor magazines) has often been hassled and threatened by government forces when it dared go too far with its ribbing of the State. The British magazine Private Eye got sued and nearly destroyed by publisher Robert Maxwell when it said he looked like a criminal (which he was). Somehow, miraculously, the sharp edged Eulenspiegel took birth in and survived in the repressive Communist East Germany and now thrives in the reunited land. The same could not be said for the brave and bold Simplicissimus which was started in 1896 but was fined by Kaiser Wilhelm in 1898 and the publisher had to spend 5 years in exile in Switzerland. It was reborn several times and finally expired in 1967. Even The Spoof I'm sure has received its share of hate email.

Now we have a religion that has factions therein which does not tolerate anything said against it. This is not new. Christianity in the time of the Inquisition was the same. When religion dominates the minds of too many then those minds cannot stand any form of questioning. Religion so often takes itself too seriously.

These men who did this cannot stand any form of lightness or levity. Their minds and spirits can only understand darkness and a living inner death. That is why they can so easily deal that same death out to those who don't agree with them.

Now it turns out that one of the policemen killed in the attack was himself a Moslem. They have killed one of their own in cold blood without the slightest remorse.

Please, in all seriousness, pause at the end of the reading of this article and have a moment of silence in honor of those who died and were wounded in Paris. If you feel strongly enough put up a poster that says, as did the banners of the thousands in France who massed on the streets of Paris yesterday to support Charlie, "Je Suis Charlie."- I am Charlie. Or a bumper sticker. Or an arm band.

Anyone who has ever written satire knows that it is not easy.

From News Discussion / Sorry Ladies, Charles Manson Is About to be Taken Off the Market
Posted 27 Nov 14 14:14
Five aces on this one!

From General Discussion / Iraqi TV turns to satire in war against Islamic State
Posted 5 Nov 14 11:25
Sounds like they have quite a developed sense of humor. I probably would too after being sodomized by the Western powers for the last decade.

From General Discussion / Robin Williams. Damn.
Posted 17 Aug 14 14:29
His wife said he had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. I can't blame anyone who is 63 and gets an illness like that for clocking out.

From General Discussion / Robin Williams. Damn.
Posted 14 Aug 14 04:25
See 'What Dreams May Come'.
It is very appropriate now.

From General Discussion / Apologies for the outages
Posted 3 Aug 14 14:41
The sign in wasn't working yesterday.
It would just loop around.

From News Discussion / Contents Of Lost Briefcase Reveal Who Rules America
Posted 25 Dec 13 20:07
I like the rare stories that don't take a political side but slam them both.

From News Discussion / Ann Coulter's "Take Back The N-Word" Stirs Controversy
Posted 20 Nov 13 00:42
"part-time Skeletor stunt double" - hilarious!

From News Discussion / "Playboy" launches Braille issue
Posted 29 Jun 13 13:08
Now that is a well written, funny story.
Kudo's to you, Gee Pee!

From Magazine Discussion / With Much Fanfare, the NRA Releases Its Version of the New Testament
Posted 27 Jun 13 14:24
Good one!

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