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From News Discussion / The wheelie-bin war
Posted 18 Aug 16 08:07
......And she told me I was the only one !!!

From News Discussion / London 2012 Olympics - Mascots Unveiled
Posted 21 May 10 09:00

Sorry my piece has almost the same heading as yours. It was not up when I wrote it.
Liked the Mandyville and Wedlock associations, wish I had thought of that.

From News Discussion / "Gordon Brown: We ARE Trying To Increase White Youth Knife-And-Gun Crime!"
Posted 20 Apr 10 10:22
Come on now there is never any violence, gun or knife crime in for example Jamaica, Somalia or any Muslim countries is there ?

Again a good spoof with more than a touch of the reality of our broken PC society. 5*

From News Discussion / Unwanted Boy Sent Back By Parents
Posted 14 Apr 10 16:20
Excellent 5* from me ......But I'm sorry I know the Voters and they did not adopt him. He was foisted upon them when he just moved into Tony's room without being invited.

From Magazine Discussion / Myths of the Bible Part 8
Posted 7 Apr 10 19:39
Yes I believe this story is true. It seems he had a lot to drink at the Last supper and the next day he was hanging.

From Magazine Discussion / Myths from the Bible: Part 3
Posted 7 Apr 10 19:35
Lady Godiva

Can't believe your sceptical view with regard to this parable.
Three loves and two fishes is plenty for 5000, have you never eaten at Weatherspoons?

PS By the way are you from Coventry ?

From Magazine Discussion / How To Make Life Miserable For The Downtrodden And Unemployed
Posted 2 Apr 10 22:21
Quite right Incredulous. I have four children all of who like myself are British to the core, however they see no future for themselves here. The only thing that stops them moving away is the family unit.
When people used to talk about Legal matters I used to say
" Think of the logical and fair solution and that will in all probability be the law." Well not now.

This Government has set out to destroy the identity of this once greatest of all nations and it saddens me to say has succeeded.

From Magazine Discussion / How To Make Life Miserable For The Downtrodden And Unemployed
Posted 2 Apr 10 09:16
A good analysis of the "Fairer Britain" we were promised.
But at least Blair et al are set for a life of luxury and wealth.

From News Discussion / Scientific study reveals why dogs smell each other's butts
Posted 2 Apr 10 08:37
Nice story 5*

You said :-
"Why does a dog lick his balls?

Because he can... "

In the light of your story are you sure they are his balls?

From News Discussion / Cock-Sucking Good For Men's Health - Report
Posted 19 Mar 10 08:22
"Sucking a man's penis can be extremely good for his health"

Well its not working for the cocksuckers on the Government's Front Bench !!!

From News Discussion / Dutch Nurses Say "No" to Providing Sex to Patients, Female UK Teachers say "Not So Fast!"
Posted 15 Mar 10 12:43
He should have gone private !!

From News Discussion / Cameron Wife in second Vote Scandal
Posted 10 Mar 10 12:57
Nice story, enjoyed it 5*

From News Discussion / Lowton Says Nick Fun Sick
Posted 26 Feb 10 09:43
I heard Nick Fun had left in order to spend more time with his wife and family.

From General Discussion / Gotta be a Spoof
Posted 17 Feb 10 14:33

Quote: Mark Lowton

Manchester Airport Valentine code for secret proposals

Air passengers who plan to propose to partners on Valentine breaks can give a code phrase to staff to stop the ring being revealed in security searches.

Passengers who say "Be my valentine" will be whisked away for a private search.

It might be amusing to have suggestions what those secret
codes might be. Any ideas ?

From General Discussion / Ads we'd like to see on the spoof
Posted 29 Jan 10 06:27
'Pretends Natural Male Enhancement' :- Reaches the parts other
Male Enhancers cannot reach.

From General Discussion / Ads we'd like to see on the spoof
Posted 28 Jan 10 23:49
Pretends Natural Male Enhancemen:- Give her a stiff one !!!

From News Discussion / Jack Straw: I Could Have Stopped Iraq Invasion....But I Had To Take My Mum To The Shops
Posted 24 Jan 10 09:25
Excellent 5*.

Jack Straw also said " Bu..Bu..Bu..Bu...Errr....Errr....Errr..

How the hell did he get to hold the offices he has?
It's frightening!!!!

From News Discussion / Gordon Brown :- "My affair with Tiger Woods"
Posted 18 Jan 10 23:49
He is off again. There will be plenty more before the last minute election

From News Discussion / "I had a good 8 inches last night" claims Westcountry woman
Posted 18 Jan 10 18:07
Thank you for your kind words Gentlemen.
Glad you get my 'Drift'.

From News Discussion / Israel is attacked by hypocrites
Posted 29 Dec 09 10:46
Nothing "spoof" about this story just the truth. 5*

From News Discussion / MP League Tables to be Published
Posted 7 Mar 09 08:31
This should not be a spoof story it should be reality.

From News Discussion / Grammar Correction Man Beaten To Death
Posted 6 Mar 09 15:14
Quite right too. Standards are slipping terribly. I suggest you send this excellent story to the Daily Telegraph.
More and more people these days don't talk proper!!!

From News Discussion / Fudge Packers Union Wants Rethink On Job Titles
Posted 4 Nov 08 09:07
Excellent story.

From News Discussion / Obama in "Fat Arse" slur
Posted 23 Oct 08 23:20
So what part do you claim to own , FAT, ARSE, PALIN. ? Pathetic.

From News Discussion / Iceland to be melted down and sold as mineral water in attempt to liquidate assets
Posted 17 Oct 08 08:23
Very good story. Unfortunately it represents too accurate an insight into the Brown mindset.

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