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From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 2 Sep 08 04:43
Oh crap, I only did that half right.

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 2 Sep 08 04:40
Trickling is the icky lactation after-effect that everyone deplores.

From News Discussion / Chinese Olympic gymnast is 14 - Proof!
Posted 31 Aug 08 04:50

Quote: fallen wizard

I only just joined - seems there's no way of knowing how good or bad stories are - or the extent of errors...

Can't rely on the stars or number of times read for quality...

But I suppose if a story is really crap it don't get published right? Or gets pulled ?

Oh fallenwizard! I've only been here a week longer than you, but I already feel confident enough to answer your questions:
Ohhhhhhhhhhh. whew.
I think I wet my pants a bit.

From General Discussion / What time is he on then? 'The Messiah'
Posted 29 Aug 08 02:28
So three Amish guys walk in a bar, and one says uncertainly to the bartender, "Emm. Please excuse. But a friend says here we can find Harvey Wallbanger and two Screwdrivers."

The bartender is a little surprised that the Amish are looking for drinks, but he figures what the hell and sets the drinks in front of them. The Amish men exchange glances, then toss the drinks back. After a few minutes, the first Amish guy clears his throat and says, "Excuse, barman? Harvey Wallbanger and two Screwdrivers?" So the barman sets them up again. Once again the Amish men exchange glances, shrug, and toss the drinks down.

After this happens three more times, the bartender starts to get worried about how drunk the Amish guys are getting. Just then a fourth man walks in and says to the Amish guys, "What the heck's keeping you? That barn's not gonna raise itself, you know."

And the first Amish guy grabs his shirt and says, "Harvey! Dank Gott! I don't tink dis man knows who you are, and he won't loan us der screwdrivers, and I tink he's trying to poison us!"

From News Discussion / Steroid Abuse Negates World Records, says Konami "Track & Field" Association
Posted 27 Aug 08 23:53
I used to love that game, so your story brought back fond memories. Lots of good jokes, but it felt a little long by the end. 4 stars from me.

From News Discussion / Chinese Olympic gymnast is 14 - Proof!
Posted 27 Aug 08 10:08
Nahhhhh. I think I'll just shut up and work on making my own stories better.

From News Discussion / Chinese Olympic gymnast is 14 - Proof!
Posted 26 Aug 08 23:17

Quote: Monkey Woods

In that case, Snooksy-Wooksy, you better get a move on! Four stories in a week is a bit lazy.

Not if they're good stories, which is kind of my point.

I know my crafstmanship comment is pretty broad without specific examples, but having read a bit on these forums, I'd rather not cite any particular writer's work. Some of you guys get pretty nasty. And there's no shortage of comments here that single out particular works as crap.

From News Discussion / Chinese Olympic gymnast is 14 - Proof!
Posted 26 Aug 08 21:42

Quote: Monkey Woods

Besides, he/she said posts not stories.

Sorry, I meant to say stories, not posts. As far as my own production goes, averages are pretty hard to extrapolate from a sample as small as seven; I had already written three of those pieces before I discovered TheSpoof. I seriously doubt I'll be cranking out 1.4 of them a day for long!

Look, I'm sorry if my previous post came off as snide, I'm just saying that a lot of the ideas here would benefit from a little more crafting (and grammar checking!), and maybe some of the one-joke bits would work better as snippets rather than as full-blown stories. And no, J-man, I'm not referring to any one individual in particular.

Oh, and as for my gender...I would have thought my avatar makes that pretty clear, unless, of course, my South Park self is suffering from some terrible hormonal disorder!

From News Discussion / Chinese Olympic gymnast is 14 - Proof!
Posted 26 Aug 08 19:37

Quote: The WB

A very funny idea, but it took forever to get to the joke. Didn't help that the title of the story isn't remotely funny or hint at what was going to be humorous, or that the first half is written in broken English.

ideas: 5 stars
execution: 2 stars

From what I've seen so far, WB, you could just cut and paste these comments to a large percentage of the stories here. There are lots of funny ideas on theSpoof, but I think maybe some writers focus too much on the quantity of their posts rather than the quality.

Any opinions expressed here are purely the opinions of the contributors and are not necessarily the opinions of The Spoof, its staff or the original writer of the spoof news/parody/satire story.

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