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From News Discussion / Chinese Olympic gymnast is 14 - Proof!
Posted 29 Aug 08 17:09

Quote: Jesus Budda

Oh yeah, and The WB too. Come back and continue insulting stuff.

Er... constructive critisicm = insults? Riiiiiiight. Methinks a lot of people on this site believe there's far too more at stake in their writings on an unpaid humor news site than there really is, hence the copious but uneven output from many on this site. Hell, if it keeps them off the street, I won't complain.

From News Discussion / Gary Glitter Heads to Beijing In Sudden Change of Heart
Posted 29 Aug 08 17:03
The headline alone cracked me up. Nice!

From News Discussion / Steroid Abuse Negates World Records, says Konami "Track & Field" Association
Posted 29 Aug 08 16:58

Quote: queen mudder


Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Registered: 31 Jan 04

You must be the oldest Spoof vet onsite...

But not that prolific...

I have what some would call "a life".

From News Discussion / Steroid Abuse Negates World Records, says Konami "Track & Field" Association
Posted 28 Aug 08 21:03

Quote: snooks

I used to love that game, so your story brought back fond memories. Lots of good jokes, but it felt a little long by the end. 4 stars from me.

Upon reading it again almost three years later, it does seem a bit long. I'd intended for it to be a news article, and it turned out more like an extended piece from the _New York Times Magazine_. The William Sessions reference and the interviews at the end could probably be cut down and incorporated into other parts without losing much of the comic effect of the article. I appreciate the critique! (And as a fellow player, I hope you enjoyed the picture too!)

From News Discussion / Steroid Abuse Negates World Records, says Konami "Track & Field" Association
Posted 27 Aug 08 18:02
Though I'd bump this up, in the wake of recent Olympic controversies (and Konami's advertising push on Facebook)...

From News Discussion / Chinese Olympic gymnast is 14 - Proof!
Posted 26 Aug 08 18:34
A very funny idea, but it took forever to get to the joke. Didn't help that the title of the story isn't remotely funny or hint at what was going to be humorous, or that the first half is written in broken English.

ideas: 5 stars
execution: 2 stars

From General Discussion / A serious question about the U.S. Election.
Posted 19 Feb 08 20:47

Quote: Jalapenoman

I should also add that some factors play into choosing a vice presidential running mate.

One is geography. For example, eastern liberal democrat JKF chose Texas Moderate Lyndon Johnson. Californian and conservative Ronald Reagan had Moderate Easterner (he wasn't really from Texas) Bush Senior. Politicians pick someone from a different part of the country to try to bring in that vote. Clinton/Gore was an exception as both were from the south.

No where in any of this mix do they ever examine the qualifications of the man to determine who will best support the president and who would be the best leader if he were to die. Those kind of decisions are just not politically sound.

Also, the Constitution requires that the President and Vice President be from different states; this was put in as a way to protect one end of the country from being ignored by the executive branch. Of course, choosing a running mate from the same state, or even a bordering state, would be political suicide, hence the usual extreme geographic diversity of running mates. A New Yorker choosing a New Jerseyite, or a Alabaman choosing a Mississippian, would probably be disastrous. The Clinton/Gore combo worked because they weren't stereotypical hard-right southerners.

From News Discussion / Crypto-Fascists Plan Bombing to Support Rudy Rompson's Imperialist Campaign
Posted 10 Dec 07 16:49
Uhhhhh... what?

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