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From General Discussion / Is this possible?
Posted 3 Aug 08 11:14
Wow, your hospitals are much better than ours!

From General Discussion / Crucified frog sculpture near Pope's summer holiday base provokes protests
Posted 3 Aug 08 11:09
The Germans have taken their obsession with the muppets to a very disturbing new level.

From General Discussion / Piglet 'with face of a monkey' born in China: PIC
Posted 3 Aug 08 11:06
I hear in 2010 China will celebrate the year of the Monkey-Pig.

From General Discussion / What's the Point?
Posted 2 Aug 08 20:39

Quote: Lucifer

Tom, I haven't read more than a couple of your articles. There really didn't seem much point after your 'Dysfunctional family...' piece caught my eye. It was unimaginative and excrutiatingly dull, both attributes which I imagine could equally apply to your good self.

It's probably best for you to stick to your ten second puppet shows for dim kids in future. I suspect that's where your true talent lies.

Have a nice day.

That's the funniest thing you have written so far.

From General Discussion / What's the Point?
Posted 2 Aug 08 09:21
Lucifer, I have read your one article.

You are not funny.

Anyway, thanks so much for keeping the writers forums so busy the last few days.

Keep trying though. You talk a good game. Maybe some day your stories will be as interesting.

From General Discussion / Who is/was the best Doctor?
Posted 28 Jul 08 11:28
David Tennant is doing a great job. I hope he stays on the show for a long time.

From News Discussion / Imaginary Girlfriend Dumped
Posted 17 Jul 08 18:41
Apparently, you can do just about anything thanks to the internet.

From General Discussion / What's the best way to get rid of cats?
Posted 6 Jul 08 20:36

I'd lay down some plastic sheets first.

From General Discussion / Do You Ever Complete Online Polls?
Posted 1 Jul 08 04:34
I only vote in online polls that ask me if I vote in online polls.

I always say no.

From News Discussion / New Yorkers Protest Beijing Olympics by Boycotting Chinese Take-out
Posted 14 Apr 08 00:26
Good stuff.

From General Discussion / You can't make this stuff up...
Posted 1 Apr 08 08:23

Quote: Jalapenoman


You really ought to spoof this (since you started the thread). We've given you enough bad puns and ideas to make a story.

One more:

Was he first attracted to the table because she had a couple of nice pairs of legs?

No, I'm going to pass on this one.

Although I have always thought my coffee table is just asking for it...

From General Discussion / You can't make this stuff up...
Posted 1 Apr 08 08:21

Quote: myhat2u

I hear a bench warrant has been issued for the man's arrest.

Good one!

From General Discussion / You can't make this stuff up...
Posted 31 Mar 08 00:18
Actually, I'm not sure if I want to make up stories like this:

Man Faces Charges for Having Sex With Picnic Table

Friday, March 28, 2008

Ohio police have arrested a man who was caught on tape allegedly having sex with a picnic table.

Art Price Jr., 40, of Bellevue, Ohio, was arrested after a neighbor videotaped him engaged sexually with the metal table, according to a report on

Price was seen on four separate occasions, always between 10:30 a.m. and noon, having sex with the picnic table, Bellevue Police Capt. Matt Johnson told the TV station.

"The first video we had, he was completely nude," Johnson said, noting the table in question had a hole in the middle intended to hold an umbrella.

Price, a married father of three school-age kids, faces felony counts of public indecency because his house is near an elementary school, according to the report.

The table was probably asking for it.

From News Discussion / Girl Loses Virginity to Bicycle Seat
Posted 22 Mar 08 13:58
Nice to know that even two wheelers are getting more action than me.

Like the bit about the bike not calling.

Funny stuff.

From News Discussion / Shocking Discovery: Third Facial Expression Found on Kate Bosworth
Posted 24 Feb 08 03:49
Funny stuff! I can think of several other so called actreses that could have been used for the story.

From News Discussion / African Cup Of Nations Halted As Tribal Wars Break Out
Posted 24 Jan 08 11:28

Yeah, that's a bit too much.

From News Discussion / Local Man Losing Interest In Woman He Is Stalking
Posted 23 Jan 08 00:33
I would like to add that this article is not autobiographical.

Seriously, it's not.

From General Discussion / Merry Christmas!
Posted 15 Dec 07 21:58
Merry Christmas to everyone here at The Spoof.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to finish filling out my loan application so I can go buy a 300 dollar Christmas tree from the guy on the corner.

From General Discussion / The Spoof! Assignment Board
Posted 30 Nov 07 01:31

Quote: Shaun Ferguson

Quote: marvin


My stories all flow naturally from my inventive and fertile mind. Either that or I steal them by cut and paste from another web site.

Hey! That's my idea!

From News Discussion / Ex Boyfriend Successfully Snubbed
Posted 24 Nov 07 10:04

From News Discussion / Ex Boyfriend Successfully Snubbed
Posted 24 Nov 07 09:57

Quote: marvin

That story was funny but I found a funnier story if it tickles your sadistic funny bone:

To be honest, that story wasn't funny at all.

It made no sense whatsoever.

From General Discussion / Greetings
Posted 24 Nov 07 00:38

Quote: Shaun Ferguson


It's good to have you aboard, however I am not too familiar with your characters, apart from McDonalds that is.

Yes, the articles I have posted have lots of New York references. I'm going to tone that down in future stories.

From General Discussion / Greetings
Posted 24 Nov 07 00:30

Quote: Jesus Budda


Do you like badgers?


Depends on the sauce.

From News Discussion / Ex Boyfriend Successfully Snubbed
Posted 23 Nov 07 18:45
I am glad you guys liked this one. It's based on true events, BTW. I have known several people who have gone out of thier way to be at a place so they can snub and ex boyfrind/girlfriend.

From General Discussion / Greetings
Posted 23 Nov 07 16:55
Hello Spoof. I've been posting some stories for a few weeks so i thought I would introduce myself.

I'm TJL, and I live in New York City. I heard about The on Howard Stern last month so I thought I would check things out.

I hope you like what I have to contribute.

Man, i should get a job writing form letters.

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