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From News Discussion / Carol Vorderman Doesn't Throw Her Clothes Away Very Often
Posted 5 Nov 07 12:51
This is one of the best stories I've read yet.

A 'mean' story well worth 5*

From News Discussion / Top earning dead celebrities making a come back
Posted 5 Nov 07 12:44
The minds of dead people are strange... I should know, I've been dead for 20 years now! Why would they want to come back? Doesn't God want them?

A good story KD, given it 5*

From News Discussion / Noshing Mink Stinks!
Posted 22 Oct 07 17:21
Confucious say: "Man who reads between LIONS can get bitten!"

Seems 'Noshing Mink' wants to get his gnashing teeth into me for writing a satirical article about him.

GNAW what I mean?

From News Discussion / Noshing Mink Stinks!
Posted 17 Oct 07 19:25

From News Discussion / Farting Ban - Cameron Speaks Out
Posted 30 Jul 07 17:15
Farting is MORE dangerous than cigrettes - apply a match to one and that's proof in itself!

My biggest question is: "Why do people always moan abvout the disgusting smell of cigarettes and yet a 'silent killer' botty emission smells 10 times worse?" NOBODY SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT THAT DO THEY?

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