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From General Discussion / Pasa Thai Only Thread
Posted 21 Nov 10 03:36

Quote: Monkey Woods

Ayoo samsip-hok bee layow.

Suway mahk mahk krup.

Deh-wah, Monkey chawp Nok dee gwah

Khun Monkey me fan gi cone?

From Magazine Discussion / Born to Spoof: Chapter 6 - New Olde World
Posted 20 Nov 10 23:25
Thanks Nick!

From General Discussion / The Monkey Woods Inspired Thread 'Ending In 'Though'...
Posted 20 Nov 10 13:20
That was just a figure of speech though. Though the cream in real milk does rise to the top though.

From General Discussion / Where Is Beatles Band?
Posted 20 Nov 10 13:15
Okay Linda, what have done with John, Paul, George and Ringo and mind you, you're under oath, or maybe an oaf.

From General Discussion / Pasa Thai Only Thread
Posted 20 Nov 10 13:12

Quote: Monkey Woods

Ching ching krup.

Dee o nee, mee 'peun' ik kon neung. Cheu Lot.

Khao jai mai krup?

Khao jai krup, peun Monkey Cheu Lot. Khun Lot ayut tao rai krup? Naa rok mai?

From Magazine Discussion / Born to Spoof: Chapter 6 - New Olde World
Posted 20 Nov 10 13:06
Born to Spoof Sequel, Ch 6

Jump in anytime its another wide open tale.

From General Discussion / Let's All Have A Flame Up! (Just Pretend - Not Real)
Posted 17 Nov 10 04:30

Quote: Charpa93

Hah, you know you want to lick Sarah Palin's boots. You're just not man enough to man up to the fact. And you know she'd never let you, liberal commie pinko, boot-licker.

If you switch the "l" and the "a" around she's Sarah Plain. Plain and "simple" mind you. The mind is a terrible thing to "waist", but in her case its ZIPPO! Hell Sarah's so shallow she thinks she saw George Bush running for Congress.

From General Discussion / And Now for something COmpletely Different
Posted 15 Nov 10 04:24
Mollusks are most definitely sex demons!!!!

From News Discussion / Goodbye Jack Duckworth - A Nation In Mourning
Posted 9 Nov 10 12:50

Quote: Skoob1999


Another one thumb!

Can't think why.

Bring it on!


Don't know who any of them are, but 5 Thumbs!!!

From News Discussion / Tiger Woods: Michael Jackson is Channeling Through Me
Posted 9 Nov 10 12:25
Michael Jackson is responsible for Tiger Woods Golf issues.

From General Discussion / Favourite Films
Posted 5 Nov 10 21:22

Quote: birbee

What's yours?

here's one of mine.............

Very Funny! I'll share one of mine here in a bit.

From Magazine Discussion / Grand Finale (chapter 30): "Apocalypso Now " (Pygmie style)
Posted 5 Nov 10 16:35
Cheers to you all you crazy bunch. We'll have to kick it up a notch to top this, a lot of fun.

From Magazine Discussion / Steroid Therapy Treatment - A Descent into Madness
Posted 5 Nov 10 02:44
Loved it, very nice.


From General Discussion / Greeting folks from Newbie Deafo
Posted 5 Nov 10 02:35

Any relation to Harpo, Chico, Groucho and Zeppo?

From Magazine Discussion / Chapter 25 - The Circles of Hell
Posted 4 Nov 10 02:07
The thing I'm enjoying about this series is the variety that brings out these creative descriptions bizarre real life really

From Magazine Discussion / Chapter 28: The Monkey Man Cometh
Posted 4 Nov 10 01:43
Would you trust Monkey Woods with C4?

From Magazine Discussion / Chapter 26: The Welsh Connection
Posted 3 Nov 10 17:34
Sheep jokes, never can get too many, love the time traveling too.

From Magazine Discussion / Part 2 Jedi Knight Attack: Into the Ear Canal of Death
Posted 3 Nov 10 14:26
Thanks Nick! I enjoy doing dialogues, sometime things click!

From Magazine Discussion / Part 2 Jedi Knight Attack: Into the Ear Canal of Death
Posted 3 Nov 10 12:31
Star Trek actors meet the Force

From Magazine Discussion / Part 1: Jedi Knight Attack The Spoof Alliance and Deaf Star
Posted 27 Oct 10 13:12
Stay tuned for a Charlie Sheen cameo!

From News Discussion / Paul (RIP) the World Cup octopus has died suspiciously?
Posted 27 Oct 10 01:09
A round of "Octopus's Garden" for Paul!!@!

From News Discussion / Don't Ask Don't Tell has U.S. Armed Forces Redesigning Uniforms Living Quarters
Posted 27 Oct 10 00:40
Let the redesign begin! Remember the Monty Python remake of the British Navy?

From Magazine Discussion / Chapter 19, The Quill Doth Cometh
Posted 25 Oct 10 00:54
Thank you much all, I like the Ink Spots idea! Very timely. I enjoy this series,everyone has done a great and creative job. I think we should have something like it going most of the time. I sense this one might need to find a conclusion fairly soon, but maybe there could be a Sequel after awhile!!!

From Magazine Discussion / Chapter 19, The Quill Doth Cometh
Posted 24 Oct 10 13:40
Quill pens are the future of submarines!

From News Discussion / Juan Williams Just Speaking His Mind, For Christ's Sake!
Posted 22 Oct 10 14:05
I used my two thumbs then borrowed three, Stars were a lot easier! You don't know where some of these thumbs have been!

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