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From News Discussion / John Boner Switches Position On Gays
Posted 1 Aug 15 17:19
Good one!

From News Discussion / John Boehner Signs John McCain into Sundog Alzheimer's Center
Posted 1 Aug 15 01:59
Good job!

From General Discussion / Is Mark an Islamist? - A Muslim? OR Just a Coward?
Posted 23 Apr 15 02:09
I feel a cool breeze coming....

From General Discussion / Fancy That
Posted 22 Apr 15 00:55
pig-eons are much bigger....just sayin'

From General Discussion / spoof editors tampering with writers original material?
Posted 13 Apr 15 17:41
I think the norm would be for an Editor to return the article with suggestions for improvement. Never seen that happen here. So I have often taken it on myself to write to me and say, "This Stinks!" and then I ask myself, "Could you be a little more specific and I say, "Yeah, this HERE stinks." Then I write a letter of complaint addressed to me and threaten to kick my ass. BUt of course I'm retired now, so I really don't go that far...the new tires are great too by way, in case you wondered Erskin.

From General Discussion / spoof editors tampering with writers original material?
Posted 12 Apr 15 22:53
MW what's up? You are not for Songkran this year? Loads of drunken farangs in tuk-tuks?!

From General Discussion / The Spoof is Home to Unfunny Writers
Posted 5 Mar 15 02:24
Use gots 2 lov a place where you can miss spellz on porpoise!...and doll fins too...

From General Discussion / The Spoof is Home to Unfunny Writers
Posted 3 Mar 15 02:18
I just wrote my 300th unfunny spiff and that doesn't count the 150 some odd ones I had deleted when I quit the first time after a row with some Alaskan bastard. I'm prod of them all and I don't care about the fact some have 1000s of them and have published them in anne thigh logies. It ain't how many or the quality, but whether or not you cringe every time you re-reads 'em!

From General Discussion / War on Terror
Posted 18 Jan 15 00:50

From General Discussion / War on Terror
Posted 10 Jan 15 02:23
Yes but for true insanity just look at America's alleged war on "Drugs", better known as price supports for "thugs". Stupid idiots! We owe Nixon for starting that one.

From General Discussion / Je Suis Charlie - Where Murder And Humor Have Met
Posted 9 Jan 15 02:44
I raise a glass to our French brothers and sisters! Long live satire!

VIVA La France!!!!Viva La France!!!!

From General Discussion / Sorry I've Been Gone
Posted 18 Dec 14 01:00
Hey Cal! Or Holy Cal as we use to say at the bar in the writer's lounge! Good t' hear from you. Buy us a pint sometime laddy!

From News Discussion / Jeb Bush Hopes To Become Second Dumbest President In Nation's History
Posted 17 Dec 14 20:19
Very Good! Go get em'!

From General Discussion / High price tags for humor sites are a big joke
Posted 14 Dec 14 02:48
Ohhh there's a story idea in this somewhere...

From General Discussion / Fake news stories about Ferguson
Posted 3 Dec 14 20:33
LOL! Yes! Isn't it great!

Quote: Anne of Cleavage

Call me Naïve but I thought the news on this website was real!
So I no longer need to hang around dodgy bus stops, dirty railway stations and damp dockyards with my notebook waiting for something funny to happen? I can just make up stories myself?
Though I'll miss the money that strange men keep offering me ...

From General Discussion / We Don't Need No Education!
Posted 3 Dec 14 04:37

Quote: Jean Le Fete

I think this should be an official Republican plank in 2016, hard to see how they could be anymore anti-intelligence.

Speaking of anti-intelligence has anyone seen Bashar Assad's brain?

I guess the obvious answer to that question was, "What brain?"

Shutting up...

From News Discussion / Mitch McConnell gets rabies from Bo, the Obama family's "First Dog"
Posted 23 Nov 14 02:41
Now this is what I'm talking about!Lay it on 'em!!

From General Discussion / Iraqi TV turns to satire in war against Islamic State
Posted 18 Nov 14 01:54
You have a good head on your shoulders. (he said with a straight smirk)

From General Discussion / Iraqi TV turns to satire in war against Islamic State
Posted 16 Nov 14 22:49
Removed for cleaning...

From News Discussion / Reba Mcentire Outraged After Obama Names Loretta Lynch to US Attorney General
Posted 9 Nov 14 15:54

From General Discussion / Iraqi TV turns to satire in war against Islamic State
Posted 8 Nov 14 10:52
What they need (IS that is) is a good fight song and professional sports, it would cause them to lay around on couches every Saturday and Sunday and then the Iraqis can simply sedate them with doctored pita bread, gyros, and of course their favorite, Kentucky Fried hyenas.

From News Discussion / Porpoise Switches His Tracking Device to Randy Researcher
Posted 8 Nov 14 10:45
More Porpoises and Dolphins should do this! Fight back sea creatures!!

From News Discussion / GOP congress cedes US back to UK!
Posted 2 Nov 14 14:55
Well Done Ken!

From General Discussion / Sorry for that outage
Posted 25 Oct 14 20:42
Quit spilling beer on the bloody thing Mark!

From General Discussion / 1,307 readers are online right now!
Posted 17 Oct 14 21:01
91, that's more like it, it was way to noisy in the hallways...

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