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From News Discussion / Lorry full of Farage's cheap grey suits refused entry to UK due to EU rules
Posted 16 Apr 17 03:14
This story claims that Nigel Farage wears a suit once, then throws it away. Later in the piece, it states that the consignment of 300 suits contained a year's supply of clothing for Mr Farage.

Is it due to EU legislation that there are now only 300 days in a year? If so, then I fully support Brexit.

0 stars/thumbs. Totally shit and shite.

Ron Jizzum

From General Discussion / Eggcorns
Posted 16 Apr 17 02:47
Four candles.

Google it, Vicky. Two Ronnies.

From General Discussion / Lost In Space
Posted 16 Apr 17 02:42
When I was little, I used to play with my Action Man figures. They weren't dolls, they were 'figures'. Anyway, whenever me mam bought me some Action Man accessory, there were always little tokens on the pack, that you could cut out and attach to a special card which, when full, you could send to Palitoy in exchange for some new accessory. I saved a lot of these, and ended up by sending for a husky dog and sled. It was magnificent, and the envy of all my friends.

Just thought I'd share that with you.

Has anybody got any unused tokens that they don't want?

From General Discussion / Lost In Space
Posted 13 Apr 17 14:44
And time. The Spoof. Just floating. Aimless. Rudderless. Leaderless. Clueless. Lowtonless.

What's going to happen to us all? What if he's died, and left us to circle the universe forever and ever, writing shit in the forums?

Can anybody hear me? Is there anybody out there?

No? Sure?

Right then, I'll have a crafty wank.

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 13 Apr 17 14:33
Expressed xenophobia - partly repressed. English social standards emphatically deteriorating.

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 13 Apr 17 14:30
Tense - excited, nervous sensibilities expressed.

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 13 Apr 17 14:28
Riot is often tense.

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 13 Apr 17 14:27
War - a riot!

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 13 Apr 17 14:25
New, exciting war!

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 13 Apr 17 14:24
Modern: of dress; essentially, 'really new'.

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 13 Apr 17 14:19
Emblem makes badge look exceedingly modern.

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 13 Apr 17 14:18
Maple - a pleasing little emblem.

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 13 Apr 17 14:17
Elm, larch, maple.

From General Discussion / 7 Years On
Posted 10 Apr 17 03:46
What's wrong with Snooker match-fixing?

Well, what's wrong with it?

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 10 Apr 17 03:35
"Too old, officer?"

From News Discussion / New Drug to Help Sufferers of Movie Quote Dementia Introduced by Pfizer
Posted 10 Apr 17 03:32
Is Mark Lowton dead?

I ask this non-sinisterly-meant question because, in days gone by, the word Pfizer - particularly in a headline - would have got no further than that keen-eyed cross-dressing pedant, before he had sent a Message of Doom to the writer, informing him or, in this case, her, that the story was unsuitable for publication on, having transgressed certain standards which must, I say, MUST be upheld.

Here, however, the story seems to have flown through Approvals, and straight into the media glare, waving 'Sue me!' flags to the Pfizer lawyers. Oh well, he gets ad money now, so I suppose he can afford not to worry about multi-million dollar lawsuits.

1 thumb for me. Maybe I'll give it another one tomorrow. I'll see how I feel.

Best wishes,

Percy Ramrod

From News Discussion / Homo Sapiens Continue to Bludgeon Neanderthals
Posted 10 Apr 17 03:21

Did he also have a hanky on his head, with the four corners tied in knots? If so, I know him.

Where was this, exactly? And how do you know they were from Birmingham? You will excuse me casting doubt on your claim, but the problem, as I see it, is, if you had asked them:

"Where are you from, gentlemen?"

and those very fine 'vacationing' gentlemen had responded using 'sounds' issued from their mouths, YOU COULD NOT POSSIBLY HAVE UNDERSTOOD THEM, the Birmingham accent being unintelligible to all but people who live in that city.If you doubt my word, even for an instant, please refer yourself to a site on the internet that can demonstrate its unintelligibleness, and you will see what I mean.

Further, the red socks, if BOTH were red, indicates that the wearer had uncannily assured self-dressing ability. Rarely can an Englishman dress himself in two socks of the same colour, and you are a fortunate man, indeed, to have witnessed this.


Woody Mekons

From News Discussion / Homo Sapiens Continue to Bludgeon Neanderthals
Posted 9 Apr 17 09:52
Dear Doc (that's Vic!),

Preparation CAN involve imbibing oneself with large quantities of 'pop', but not in my case. Instead, I like to assume FULL KIT WANKER status by dressing in the team's kit of black-and-amber-striped shirt, black shorts and black socks. For authenticity, I also wear football boots, though this can be hazardous, particularly when going up or down the stairs, or to the bathroom, which, with its tiled floor, can be difficult to negotiate.

I hope this answers your query.

Quote: Jaggedone

Dear EQ, I fail to see where I would be without your utter madness invading my ageing grey cells...

Six books, an EQ trilogy, plus various other literary gems less...

I stand stoned like a toppled statue of Lenin or swinging effigy of Mussolini in awe at your brilliance...

Is any further evidence needed of this twisted, torrid 'love affair?

Both of you should be ashamed! Of yourselves, and each other!

From News Discussion / Homo Sapiens Continue to Bludgeon Neanderthals
Posted 7 Apr 17 23:45
Dear Vick,

I am shocked, not to say 'astounded', at your friend's way of marking papers, and have to say, it reinforces my belief in the quality of our education systems, when I hear that our educators are willing to put in as much effort into grading as she did. She deserves a slap on the back, another one across the face, and yet one more across her bottom - if she's pretty, that is!

(Did you see how I cleverly 'skated around' Erskin's post? I didn't understand all that 'legal jargon' he used!)

Anyway, it's Saturday (well, it is HERE), and that's football day, so I must go and prepare.

Manchester City v. Hull City. A game we could do to win, but probably won't. Ah, the cut and thrust of the beautiful game! The atmosphere - unless it's at Rochdale! The goals - unless it's 0-0. The excitement - unless you're stood in pouring rain on a Tuesday night in Carlisle. In January. beautiful game!

Lovingly yours,


From News Discussion / Shannon Matthews' Mum Arrested For Being A Slapper
Posted 7 Apr 17 00:46
Somehow - probably due to inadvertence - this appeared in my Most Read list. At number 4, should you be interested.

From News Discussion / Homo Sapiens Continue to Bludgeon Neanderthals
Posted 7 Apr 17 00:41
Vic, mate,

What's that long word beginning with 'v' mean?

Is it like 'very similar'?

Anyway, I gave your story 5 thumbs, regardless of how slapdashly it was presented.

Must try harder.

Spoof Towers

From News Discussion / Homo Sapiens Continue to Bludgeon Neanderthals
Posted 6 Apr 17 15:18
Is this Fake News?

Also, I have a question:

Why, do you suppose, there were 52,000 murders, but only 23,000 skull fractures? Surely, one would be more likely to be injured than be killed outright. Isn't that right, Mummy?

You see, Vic, that's the kind of glaring mistake that cannot be 'got past' someone as eagle-eyed as Detective Inspector Moys Kenwood. It's why I am who I am. I didn't get where I am today without noticing 'discrepancies' such as this one.

Let that be a lesson!


DI Kenwood

From News Discussion / Man converts mailbox into recycle bin
Posted 6 Apr 17 15:07
Cher Vic,

Is that so? Hmmm. Then it appears I have an apology to make. I'll put a note in my 'diary', and get around to it when I can be bothered.

I do not know if the good news has reached you in the Tropics yet, but that fine, upstanding group of men, Hull City, climbed out of the relegation zone last night with a 4-2 victory over fellow strugglers, Middlesbrough.

Let that be a lesson to you!

Regards! ("Look!" in some parts of Canadia)

Chopper Harris

From General Discussion / Horse Latitudes
Posted 5 Apr 17 04:31
Seriously, this track spoils the album for me.

Well, I'm allowed an opinion, aren't I?

From General Discussion / Heart of Darkness
Posted 5 Apr 17 04:29

Quote: victor nicholas

I read Robinson Crusoe twice when I was a boy, both times while having a fever.

Robinson was struck by a fever in the novel as well as I recall but I may have just imagined that.

Dearest Victoria,

Is it possible that:

A. Your first fever was the same type as your second fever?

B. Your second fever was the same type as Crusoe's fever?

C. Crusoe's fever was the same type as your first fever?

D. You are a closet homosexual, looking for your very own 'Man Friday'?

You are under absolutely NO OBLIGATION to select any of these answers, but your failure to do so would suggest that you had something to hide.

Hope this helps.

Your friend, although not THAT kind of 'friend',

Ken Moywoods
Easter Island

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