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From News Discussion / Man on laptop recycles his recycle bin
Posted 18 Dec 12 12:24
Loved this 5T

From News Discussion / Airbus pilot left behind - nobody noticed
Posted 5 Dec 12 09:39
Love this.

Give it a few years, and this'll be real news!

From General Discussion / Hurricane Sandy
Posted 30 Oct 12 15:07
To all affected by the storms I hope and pray you and yours are safe and well.

I hope you'll be able to get back up and running as soon as possible.

From General Discussion / Email problem
Posted 15 Oct 12 08:06
Hi all, (especially everyone who flagged this up to me!)

The Spoof's mail server went down Sunday last week (7th October) and has been down since. Simultaneously the monitoring on the server had also gone down.

Many apologies about that.

If you tried to register since the 7th, I will send an email out to you later today with details of how you can access your account.

From General Discussion / Does Anyone Know....
Posted 9 Oct 12 15:01
Skoob's right with this one.

You can't add new threads to the news discussion forum - it's for discussing news stories only.

You can add a post to an existing discussion, but if you want to discuss another story, you have to click on the "Discuss this story in the forum" button which appears at the end of the article.

From News Discussion / 'Evil' Bert goes after Romney
Posted 5 Oct 12 08:41
When I read about Romney saying I'm cutting funding to PBS, but it's a shame because I like Big Bird, I did laugh.

He's just another dickhead politician trying to prove he's one of the guys. And, in this case, one of the guys who likes to watch Sesame Street. Now, the kind of grown men I know who like to watch Sesame Street (and I don't actually know any, I'm just hypothesizing here), are also the kind of grown men who like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, High School Musical and who dribble profusely for no good reason.

Maybe I'm doing those guys a disservice by comparing Romney with them.

Anyhoo, what's the general feeling towards Mitt and Barack out there in the States? It seems like a close run campaign to me, but I don't particularly like Mitt Romney personally. He doesn't seem genuine to me.

From General Discussion / The Chain
Posted 5 Oct 12 08:24
If you've noticed a theme developing with my musical knowledge being based on my film knowledge, that's because a lot of my general knowledge is based on the films and TV shows I watch.

I should've well made this a film thread, I'd have pwned you all! Well...with crappy 80/90s romcoms anyway.

From General Discussion / The Chain
Posted 5 Oct 12 08:21
I knew it was coming :.(

Knowing nothing about Frankie goes to Hollywood and my mind going blank on Hollywood - although I expect there's lots of references I could hit on there but all I can think of is Hollywood from the film Mannequin.

In fact, I'm going to stop there. I was going to go with Frank Skinner having a similar name, but that's just too easy.

So, anyway, the title song from the film Mannequin which had a character named Hollywood Montrose (hmmm, doesn't it just ZING!) was "Nothing's going to stop us now".

A quick Google tells me that was done by Jefferson Starship.


From General Discussion / Why do we get ill?
Posted 5 Oct 12 08:13
My stupid body's crapped out on me and decided to give in to the viruses.

Stupid body.

A) Why does it allow viruses in in the first place? Is there some beneficial application for virus-cell interaction? Maybe I'm oversimplifying the process and a cell just wouldn't work with a virus defense shield, but I'd pay for that.

B) Why can't I be in better control of my systems, or at least get better feedback. The brain must have this information to hand somewhere and must be making decisions based on it. If we could control it too, we might have a better chance at getting rid of the virus quicker (or dying horribly within the first five minutes). Surely with our cognitive faculties and our ability to work as a group, humans would be better equipped to know how better to deal with the virus than our primeval sub-conscious.

C) I think I've gone insane and should probably sleep.

From General Discussion / The Chain
Posted 5 Oct 12 07:53
Have to confess I had to look this song up on You Tube because it wasn't in my (for want of a better word) repertoire.

As soon as I heard the chorus, I remembered hearing it in Back to the Future when Marty goes into the coffee shop in 1955. I've always known it as "Daaave, Davy Crocket *mumble-mumble-mumble*" catchy, but pointless.

I'm going to go with about the only good song which has this title:

Hewey Lewis and the News - Power of Love

The connection being it was also in the BTTF soundtrack, also Hewey Lewis plays a cameo in the film. He's the suit who tells Marty he's just "too darn loud". Totally wooden.

From General Discussion / The worst haiku ever written in the WesternWorld thread
Posted 5 Oct 12 07:38
Zero point mortgage?
Never heard of that sonny.
Can you explain it?

From General Discussion / The worst haiku ever written in the WesternWorld thread
Posted 2 Oct 12 20:23
Maybe that should be
I can't quite decide.

From General Discussion / The worst haiku ever written in the WesternWorld thread
Posted 2 Oct 12 20:21

That was a short one,
More like an acronym though.
That's a different thread.

From General Discussion / The worst haiku ever written in the WesternWorld thread
Posted 2 Oct 12 09:11
Learning to read braille
Aides reading in the darkness.
Now, where's my book gone?

Where did that come from?
The human mind is awesome.
Super cool, ain't it?!

Haiku is quite fun
I think I might write some more
But I need to work

(That didn't scan well
Poetry it ain't always.
Never mind, I guess.)

From General Discussion / The Chain
Posted 2 Oct 12 08:51
Paint it black featured in the Pulp Fiction soundtrack.

One of the most prominent songs in that film, which has since the film's release has been more widely known as The Song from Pulp Fiction is:

Misirlou by Dick Dale

From General Discussion / The Chain
Posted 30 Sep 12 09:04
I didn't realise Ray had done a cover of that, I'll have to look it up. I like songs with a story.

In the similar ilk of trading covers of other singers, I'm going to go with:

I can't stop loving you by Don Gibson.

I have to confess I had to look up the artist, I (rather embarrassingly) thought Elvis had sung it.

I always assumed Ray had covered the song, but didn't realise just how old that song is (both versions).

Interestingly, Ray Charles was 5 years older than Elvis, something else I didn't realise.

I'm learning a lot today.

From General Discussion / The worst haiku ever written in the WesternWorld thread
Posted 28 Sep 12 12:35
The President of European Council Herman Van Rompuy is known for his Haiku.

Here's one of my favourite's of his:

Hair blows in the wind,
after years there is still wind,
sadly no more hair.

It's funny coz it's self deprecating, innit.

From General Discussion / The Chain
Posted 28 Sep 12 12:23
This game is totally robbed from Radcliffe and Maconey's radio show on Radio 2, but should work equally well as a forum game.

The rules of the game are straightforward, and hopefully simple: someone gives the name of a song and the artist of that song, and the next person has to give a name and artist of another song, with a reason as to why they're related. Any relation is acceptable, but if it's quite clearly no relation, won't be accepted. No contiguous posts with a song by the same artist.

No double-posts, no repetition. The repetition's gonna be hard to check in time given there's no search functionality on the forum, but we'll see how we get on.

I'll start things off, I'm going to say:

The Sex Pistols - God Save the Queen

From General Discussion / Neil Armstrong
Posted 28 Aug 12 07:41
I agree Skoob, that was unnecessary and beyond the pale.

You can't just deride someone like that for no good reason Sid, I think everyone got the Neil/Louis Armstrong link.

Taking the piss is one thing, but you have to be careful not to overstep the mark. It's very difficult in a forum to convey a jovial tone because it's impossible to express it. Please take more care in future and if in doubt, just don't make the post.


From General Discussion / Disruption likely this weekend
Posted 28 Jul 12 10:12
If you're reading this, you're on the new server

Please let me know if you come across something that looks broken and I'll try and fix it.

In the meantime, keep calm and spoof on!

From General Discussion / Disruption likely this weekend
Posted 28 Jul 12 05:12
Good morning folks. The process will begin shortly and I'll be turning off the writers desk in approximately 10 minutes.

From General Discussion / Disruption likely this weekend
Posted 24 Jul 12 19:24
Hello all,

I'm going to have to close down the writers desk on early-ish Saturday morning (UK time) while I move The Spoof to a new server. At the same time, I'm going to be changing The Spoof's DNS server too.

I hope to keep disruption down to a minimum. The writers desk will be shut down for quite a few hours on Saturday, but the forum and the rest of the site will be kept running (but might need to be turned off for 20 minutes or so).

When I swap the DNS records you might lose connectivity to The Spoof for a while, but this will depend on your system, and should only be for a few minutes. (The DNS is the thing which tells your computer where it can find "" on the internet.) Once I've done the DNS swap you should be routed through to the new server, barring any caching that's occurring in your system.

Once you're connected to the new server, your writers desk will be open and you'll be able to post your spoofs again. It's probable that it will take time for people to be redirected to the new server, but hopefully not. I'll be able to access the old server and the new server, so I can keep you updated if you're stuck in limbo. I'll have to move over your points from the old server to the new server too, so you might notice a dip in your points, followed by a spike when I do that.

Fingers crossed everything goes to plan. I'll keep you updated if anything's going to change in the meantime, and try my best to get things sorted.

If things do go tits up on Saturday and The Spoof goes totally offline, I'll post my screams to Twitter (@thespoof).

Many thanks,


From News Discussion / Alhambra employee tells Dutch tourist to f++k off!
Posted 23 Jul 12 09:20
I'm afraid to say that I'm at a total loss. I was going to approach this with a soft approach, but that doesn't seem to be getting through to anyone.

CJ, you've obviously got a problem with QM, and your continual snipes and provocative posts are unacceptable. QM took exception to your racial slur. It's not an explicit rule that racism should be frowned upon, it's a given human tenet.

If you can't put up with having moderators on the forum, then please, move on. I'm getting tired of all this meithering and childish arguing - and I'm not the only one.

I'm locking this thread because of the reasons stated above. Any further attempt to bring up this subject on the forum will result in suspension.

From General Discussion / And we're back
Posted 16 Jul 12 11:58
Wow, that outage was an absolute outrage.

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience it must have caused you all. I'm personally very frustrated about the whole thing being at the mercy of a very poor (yet expensive) service provider who gives me absolutely no update whatsoever.

I could vent further, but I'd rather move on.

The fact is, we're back up and running.

There may be some further disruption soon as I will be moving The Spoof to a new hosting platform. Please be assured that I will do everything to make sure that the transition is a smooth one.

Once again, many apologies.

From General Discussion / And we're back
Posted 13 Jul 12 10:03
Many apologies for that unexpected outage.

Everything is back up now.

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