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From News Discussion / Memories - Of The Way We Were - Spoof Writers Nostalgic For The Good Old Days
Posted 1 Sep 11 18:27
In light of this, I'm locking this thread.

CJ, please send explanation via private message and I'll post it here.

JO, please accept my apologies. No need to contact me, unless there's something else you feel I need to know.

Many thanks,


From News Discussion / Disability pay gap may take millenia to close
Posted 1 Sep 11 06:52
I know I shouldn't laugh, but that acronym is beautiful. Well done!

From General Discussion / Hurricane Season
Posted 28 Aug 11 20:16

Quote: Skoob1999

That's 'affected' boss.

Yeah, I know. I over-thought it and I crashed and burned for all to see.

From General Discussion / Hurricane Season
Posted 28 Aug 11 19:52
Meant to post this a long time ago, but haven't had chance until now.

Hope everyone effected is getting along well. You've been in my thoughts.

From General Discussion / ARSE!
Posted 29 Jul 11 06:14
That would be an ecumenical matter.

From Magazine Discussion / Life Still Sucks But My Vacuum Doesn't! The Day my Dyson Died!
Posted 28 Jul 11 09:28
I enjoyed this.

From General Discussion / ARSE!
Posted 28 Jul 11 09:25

I didn't say it.

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 28 Jul 11 09:24
Smart monkeys are really terrific

(nice to see you )

From General Discussion / Amy Winehouse
Posted 23 Jul 11 21:13
Heh, just realised we're the same age.

I thought she was in her 30s when she first rose to fame.

Drugs are bad, m'kay.

From General Discussion / Amy Winehouse
Posted 23 Jul 11 20:39
Heh, if I can join in on that immature sentiment, it's a perfect opportunity to jump on the macabre bandwagon which is journalism.

No News of the World tomorrow, someone needs to fill the void.

From General Discussion / Amy Winehouse
Posted 23 Jul 11 20:31
Wow. Unexpected, and yet not.

Quite shocking.

News coverage is nauseating. Just watched 30 seconds and switched right off.

From News Discussion / Nail clippers
Posted 13 Jul 11 10:41
Love it, wonderful

100 bonus points for you.

From News Discussion / Killer Banana Splits After Attacking Gorilla In Ohio
Posted 12 Jul 11 12:02
Banana split.


No...wait...the other thing

Only joking, I love it, more please!

From News Discussion / Harper Seven? Really?
Posted 12 Jul 11 12:01
Normally, this wouldn't be my cup of tea, but I love the last line - genius!

More please.

From General Discussion / They tell me I should go and watch a Ska band.
Posted 12 Jul 11 11:42
What sort of example is that going to set for the offspring?

From General Discussion / Mystery Blonde
Posted 10 Jul 11 17:15
I reckon she's The Stig.

That's why Clarkson's so scared by her.

From General Discussion / Tip to 'turn that frown upside down'
Posted 8 Jul 11 13:58
I find holding a mirror above my head works most of the time.

Depends what mood I'm in though.

From General Discussion / Out of curiosity only
Posted 6 Jul 11 07:46

Quote: Lady Godiva

Here is a challenge for you....what do YOU have to lose...publish my story and let's see how it goes.

I'm sorry, but that wouldn't be fair for the others, or yourself.

Wherever possible I try to maintain a certain level of quality with published spoofs. I turn the odd blind eye here and there, but you should be producing better quality LG, you're a professional intelligent lady.

From General Discussion / Out of curiosity only
Posted 5 Jul 11 20:49
Me ban you? You've got diplomatic immunity mate, innit?

From General Discussion / Out of curiosity only
Posted 5 Jul 11 20:47

Quote: Skoob1999

Did I say I fell off me bike?

I did.

Forget it.


Was that when you were riding in the Wincanton Classic on your Cannondale CAAD 8 Sora TD (Gloss Red)

From General Discussion / Out of curiosity only
Posted 5 Jul 11 20:36
You know that's not going to work Skoob. LOL!

From General Discussion / Out of curiosity only
Posted 5 Jul 11 20:35

Quote: Skoob1999

Perhaps someone rejected it because they thought it was shit, and unfunny.

Whatever, it wasn't me.



*holds up hand*

Yeah, that was me, sorry. I've never heard the saying before.

Thought the story would be better off done as a joke or a snippet. Didn't seem to have enough substance to make it as a news story.

From General Discussion / British fajitas
Posted 4 Jul 11 17:50

Quote: Skoob1999

Extras like grated cheese are optional.

Not for me they're not.

Guacamole and soured cream a must too.


I started a diet today.

From General Discussion / Fell off my racing bike last night, have any of you had the same experience! done
Posted 2 Jul 11 12:36
I came off my bike last week, or the week before maybe.

Really stupid, not sure what happened. I think I talked myself in to falling off.

I needed new brake pads, couldn't slow myself down quick enough when turning. Was coming out of a junction turning right and ended up hitting the kerb and falling off. I could see it coming a mile off, but there was little I could do to stop it, so I just talked myself in to it.

Fell off with an annoyed grunt, picked myself up and rode away.

Hurt my wrist and scraped my leg, nothing too bad. Landed on the pavement (sidewalk) too, so no risk of being squished.

Ah bikes. They're great, until you fall off.

From General Discussion / Scary, Scary 24 hours
Posted 26 Jun 11 15:05
I can't say I'm surprised.


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