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From General Discussion / Disruption likely this weekend
Posted 24 Jul 12 19:24
Hello all,

I'm going to have to close down the writers desk on early-ish Saturday morning (UK time) while I move The Spoof to a new server. At the same time, I'm going to be changing The Spoof's DNS server too.

I hope to keep disruption down to a minimum. The writers desk will be shut down for quite a few hours on Saturday, but the forum and the rest of the site will be kept running (but might need to be turned off for 20 minutes or so).

When I swap the DNS records you might lose connectivity to The Spoof for a while, but this will depend on your system, and should only be for a few minutes. (The DNS is the thing which tells your computer where it can find "" on the internet.) Once I've done the DNS swap you should be routed through to the new server, barring any caching that's occurring in your system.

Once you're connected to the new server, your writers desk will be open and you'll be able to post your spoofs again. It's probable that it will take time for people to be redirected to the new server, but hopefully not. I'll be able to access the old server and the new server, so I can keep you updated if you're stuck in limbo. I'll have to move over your points from the old server to the new server too, so you might notice a dip in your points, followed by a spike when I do that.

Fingers crossed everything goes to plan. I'll keep you updated if anything's going to change in the meantime, and try my best to get things sorted.

If things do go tits up on Saturday and The Spoof goes totally offline, I'll post my screams to Twitter (@thespoof).

Many thanks,


From News Discussion / Alhambra employee tells Dutch tourist to f++k off!
Posted 23 Jul 12 09:20
I'm afraid to say that I'm at a total loss. I was going to approach this with a soft approach, but that doesn't seem to be getting through to anyone.

CJ, you've obviously got a problem with QM, and your continual snipes and provocative posts are unacceptable. QM took exception to your racial slur. It's not an explicit rule that racism should be frowned upon, it's a given human tenet.

If you can't put up with having moderators on the forum, then please, move on. I'm getting tired of all this meithering and childish arguing - and I'm not the only one.

I'm locking this thread because of the reasons stated above. Any further attempt to bring up this subject on the forum will result in suspension.

From General Discussion / And we're back
Posted 16 Jul 12 11:58
Wow, that outage was an absolute outrage.

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience it must have caused you all. I'm personally very frustrated about the whole thing being at the mercy of a very poor (yet expensive) service provider who gives me absolutely no update whatsoever.

I could vent further, but I'd rather move on.

The fact is, we're back up and running.

There may be some further disruption soon as I will be moving The Spoof to a new hosting platform. Please be assured that I will do everything to make sure that the transition is a smooth one.

Once again, many apologies.

From General Discussion / And we're back
Posted 13 Jul 12 10:03
Many apologies for that unexpected outage.

Everything is back up now.

From General Discussion / Dear Spoof
Posted 11 Jul 12 07:15
I found the previous Dear Spoof thread, it was behind the fridge of all places.

I'm gonna lock this to avoid confusion.

Heigh-ho, it's off to work I go. With a bucket and spade, and a hand-grenade.

I build sand castles in North Korea.

From General Discussion / Flaming
Posted 1 Jul 12 06:21
Remember Alf Stewart?

From General Discussion / Flaming
Posted 30 Jun 12 09:13
On balance, I think it was fair enough.

I feel it's important for me to make another post to explain why I've instated moderators. My reason for instating moderators, first and foremost, was to ensure that spammers are kept off the forum. There was a spat of spam posts appearing and I wasn't able to deal with them in a timely fashion and it annoyed me.

However, since I've instated moderators, it appears to me that some feel their presence will impact on the 'freeness' of the forum - that is absolutely not the intention of having moderators. I have been intending to appoint moderators for years now as there have been several instances where having a moderator would have helped in the past, so I feel a lot better knowing that Ellie and QM are able to be an extra pair of eyes in the forum to help ensure the forums remain quality and safe.

On the subject of keeping the forums safe, the list of rules I've created is there to ensure that moderators have something to refer to, to make sure that they keep on top of inappropriate behaviour, and also to give them something to support them in their actions. It's also there to ensure that new forums members are made aware of what is and what isn't acceptable. Up until now, that's all been in my head and it's been up to me to make the decision, so there wasn't a great requirement to have a list of rules posted.

It's common practice on forums to have rules and they're a good thing to make sure everyone knows where the boundaries lie. In order to ensure everyone abides by the rules, there has to be someone in authority to do so. Previously, that was just me, now it's me, QM and Ellie. Someone mentioned we should have a moderator to moderate the moderators, that's my responsibility. I will continue, as I have always done, to act fairly, impartially and honestly in addressing any complaints.

Making a post to deride or undermine the job of the moderators is unacceptable behaviour, neither are posts made to bait or provoke - mods or otherwise. Ellie and QM have very kindly volunteered their assistance and their contribution is much needed and important as far as I'm concerned.

QM may have been a little quick to lock CJ's thread on the Syrian Olympics team discussion, but it did have the hallmarks of escalating into something more than a friendly debate, and this is the guidance I have given to QM and Ellie, so QM was only sticking to what I said.

QM's decision to lock the thread on the 'vagina beer' story was dead right in my opinion, Lynton's post was off topic and inflammatory - if you've got a problem with a moderator's decision or want to make comments on a topic after a thread has been locked, you should message the moderator directly, or message me.

On the subject of the beer story, I agree that it wasn't top-notch, but I thought it was passable. It reminded me of the "Pussy, pussy, pussy" scene from From Dusk Till Dawn. Not to everyone's taste, but that's comedy.

From News Discussion / Thousands rush to sign-up to 'Jimmy Carr avoidance' scheme
Posted 22 Jun 12 07:09
Marvellous. Brilliant idea

From Magazine Discussion / Fancy a Trip to Auschwitz? - "Let The Train Take The Strain"
Posted 15 Jun 12 09:39
Faut p├ęter dans l'eau pour faire des bulles.

From General Discussion / The New Forum Moderators
Posted 15 Jun 12 07:11
From General Discussion / Please be nice
Posted 12 Jun 12 07:12
Hello all. Just a reminder to everyone to be nice to each other.

If you think someone's being a troll, ignore them.

Newcomers should be welcomed not treated with suspicion!

From News Discussion / Ford Transit Found On The Sun!
Posted 7 Jun 12 08:36
From General Discussion / Come on, hands up, who's been moonlighting at the BBC?
Posted 13 Mar 12 15:24
That's amazin Ferg

From General Discussion / Come on, hands up, who's been moonlighting at the BBC?
Posted 13 Mar 12 14:54

Quote: Ellie James

Not in any US grammar book I have read. Sloppy copy editing.


Heh, I think you're right Ellie. Just checked it out with Wikipedia, and only "British-style" would have punctuation outside of quotation marks. However, when applied to speech, it appears the punctuation, when it forms part of the speech, should appear within the quotation marks.

I'm confused and embarrassed, but intrigued.

From General Discussion / Come on, hands up, who's been moonlighting at the BBC?
Posted 13 Mar 12 14:44
Yeah, you want some Clive?

From General Discussion / Come on, hands up, who's been moonlighting at the BBC?
Posted 13 Mar 12 11:29
I think that line might have been plagiarised from elsewhere, probably a US source. The 'that' sounds like American reporting and the position of the punctuation outside the quote seems to be a US trait. The author's kept the punctuation inside the quotation marks elsewhere in the story, which points the finger somewhat.


From General Discussion / Come on, hands up, who's been moonlighting at the BBC?
Posted 13 Mar 12 10:20

New Jersey capital city running out of toilet paper

The capital of the US state of New Jersey faces running out of toilet paper following a dispute over costs.


One council member told Bloomberg News that "we're not going to send out any blank cheques".

Seems like a perfect solution to me though.

(That 'that' irks me. Am I alone in this?)

From General Discussion / BBC 2 - Chinese Executions
Posted 13 Mar 12 09:48
I'll probably catch it on iPlayer. It was interesting when Louis Theroux interviewed a death row inmate. It's a shame he hasn't admitted his guilt, but I'm not entirely convinced he feels he has any guilt to admit to. His arrogance is very frustrating, but I there are glimmers of regret in his voice - if only in realisation that he's going to die soon.

Fascinating, galling, and stomach wrenching.

From General Discussion / WARNING - Tracking Cookies
Posted 28 Feb 12 09:18
Exis, I wouldn't like to condemn your defences but I suspect it's getting overly uptight about the cookies used by or on The Spoof. Quite a few security packages alert about cookies - it's to show you that it's actually doing something. But cookies are mostly harmless.

You can find out more about the way The Spoof uses cookies in the privacy policy.

On another note, you've asked a direct question to me in the forum. Please avoid doing this because I don't always read every thread in the forum and can't act on things asked of me if I don't read them.

Please, everyone, send me a private message or and email if you need to get my personal attention, or ask here if it's a general question which you think could be answered by anyone.

From News Discussion / Plum shortage hits fruit machines
Posted 24 Feb 12 09:28
How do you think em up?

From News Discussion / Android Ice Cream Sandwich to feature Lick-to-Unlock
Posted 18 Feb 12 08:09
Genius idea

From General Discussion / Apologies for the outage
Posted 26 Jan 12 16:11
I felt your collective screams in the pit of my stomach - weird.

Things back up and running now. Many apologies for not getting to this sooner.


From News Discussion / BBC denies hoodwinking viewers
Posted 12 Dec 11 18:03
While I felt the story itself was lacking in funnies, I did love the caption.

Some additional spoofed made-up parts would have been good. Like air-brusing out parts of glaciers and pasting in duplicate penguins to make the situation seem more desparate, or post-production enhancements made to Attenborough's crotch bulge bigger.

From General Discussion / A gay old time in the Navy
Posted 8 Dec 11 17:29

Quote: Lynton

Did you notice the blokes with blue cocks in the background at about 40 secs?


From General Discussion / A gay old time in the Navy
Posted 7 Dec 11 19:38
Beautiful gay old Christmas fun on HMS Ocean.

The moment at around 3:18 is beautiful, not least because he looks a bit like Sergeant Major from It Ain't Half Hot Mum.

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