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From News Discussion / Plum shortage hits fruit machines
Posted 24 Feb 12 09:28
How do you think em up?

From News Discussion / Android Ice Cream Sandwich to feature Lick-to-Unlock
Posted 18 Feb 12 08:09
Genius idea

From General Discussion / Apologies for the outage
Posted 26 Jan 12 16:11
I felt your collective screams in the pit of my stomach - weird.

Things back up and running now. Many apologies for not getting to this sooner.


From News Discussion / BBC denies hoodwinking viewers
Posted 12 Dec 11 18:03
While I felt the story itself was lacking in funnies, I did love the caption.

Some additional spoofed made-up parts would have been good. Like air-brusing out parts of glaciers and pasting in duplicate penguins to make the situation seem more desparate, or post-production enhancements made to Attenborough's crotch bulge bigger.

From General Discussion / A gay old time in the Navy
Posted 8 Dec 11 17:29

Quote: Lynton

Did you notice the blokes with blue cocks in the background at about 40 secs?


From General Discussion / A gay old time in the Navy
Posted 7 Dec 11 19:38
Beautiful gay old Christmas fun on HMS Ocean.

The moment at around 3:18 is beautiful, not least because he looks a bit like Sergeant Major from It Ain't Half Hot Mum.

From Magazine Discussion / Why the Turner Prize is so shit
Posted 6 Dec 11 21:07
I know I go on about not having profanities in the titles, but this is just beautiful x

From News Discussion / Libya's Ruling National Transitional Council End's Decade-Old Ban On Guacamole
Posted 2 Dec 11 16:18
Great work from a newbie, hope there's more to come!

Speaking of Gaddafi and foodstuffs, did everyone catch the Nandos advert? Funny as! Youtube

From News Discussion / Jeremy Clarkson To Lash Himself In 'Live' TV Apology
Posted 2 Dec 11 16:15
Like this

From General Discussion / Thanksgiving - Absent Friends
Posted 24 Nov 11 14:34
Ohhhh, but pumpkin pie is lovely. I had some at a Halloween party last year.

I'm thankful for pie. Any pie.


From General Discussion / BBC publishes yet another non-news story pandering to Ricky Gervais' ego
Posted 23 Nov 11 17:24
If they put more money in to making something good, then the people would watch, and continue to watch. Interest would grow episode on episode.

Instead, they do a half assed job on the writing and spend, spend, SPEND!!! on the marketing. But people aren't so daft that they can't smell a poo from 10 paces and will avoid it, no matter how you dress it up.

Emperor's new clothes.

'nuff said.

(Except to say that, in this case, the writing probably wasn't that cheap.)

From General Discussion / BBC publishes yet another non-news story pandering to Ricky Gervais' ego
Posted 12 Nov 11 12:23

Ricky Gervais comedy Life's Too Short gets 2.5m viewers

Life's Too Short, the new comedy by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, attracted 2.5 million viewers for its BBC Two debut.

The audience was above the channel's average for that timeslot - which is 1.8m.

The BBC Two series, Rev also fared well, with a record audience of 2.4 million.

I don't like Gervais much. I haven't watched the show either, so I guess I can't comment on that.

This news article seems a bit bollocks though.

Two comedy shows get roughly the same audience figure, which is slightly higher than the average figure for their timeslots. But how do they calculate this average? Does it include just comedy shows broadcast at that time, or does it include shit like "Dancing with the Springwatch Stars Extra-Factor One Show"?

From General Discussion / New caption comp
Posted 4 Nov 11 08:52
Hi all, updated the caption comp.

Get it here

From News Discussion / Tea Party Activists Burn Kindles to Protest Book Release
Posted 2 Nov 11 08:28
Great story idea, I love it.

From General Discussion / Will Somebody Please Take Me Seriously For Once?
Posted 1 Nov 11 11:39
His name's not Lemmiwinks is it?

From General Discussion / Russian Roulette
Posted 30 Oct 11 21:23
Proof those guys were pussies, here's some birds doing it more successfully.

From General Discussion / Russian Roulette
Posted 30 Oct 11 21:16
The Germans have this thing called Dosenstechen.


I wouldn't recommend doing it with a penknife though. They're crazy idiots. And a bunch of pussies. But anyway, the upshot is, shake it up, pierce it near the bottom, shove it in yer gob, then pull the ringpull and drink up.

From General Discussion / Fascinating
Posted 27 Oct 11 07:33
Just read this, it's a fascinating tale.

The American POW who chose China

At the end of the Korean War, thousands of prisoners from both sides faced a choice - whether to return home or remain with their captors. David Hawkins was one of a handful of American GIs who chose to go to China.

From General Discussion / Blacklist Bill could affect The Spoof
Posted 26 Oct 11 12:58
Blacklist Bill? Isn't that a Beatles song?

From News Discussion / I'm not dead: Gaddafi
Posted 26 Oct 11 12:56

Half expect it will actually happen

From News Discussion / Has your pilot just died? There's an app for that
Posted 16 Oct 11 08:17

App World editor, Mac Buck

Love it.

From General Discussion / RIP Steve Jobs
Posted 6 Oct 11 08:41
Very sad news.

From General Discussion / Preston Bus Station "Most Treasured Location"
Posted 5 Oct 11 19:27
However, I do quite like Preston train station. It's a bit of a state, but the Victorian ironwork architecture is lovely.

And the girl at Caffè Ritazza is nice.

Oh wow, I love Wikipedia.

Just sayin'

From General Discussion / Preston Bus Station "Most Treasured Location"
Posted 5 Oct 11 19:26
No, I'm not making it up.

Preston bus station on UK monument 'at risk' list

Preston Bus Station has been listed as one of the world's "most treasured locations".

The "brutalist" style building, earmarked for demolition, is one of seven monuments being placed on an "at risk" list by the World Monuments Fund (WMF).

It actually looks okay in the photo on the article. If you get up close and personal you'll realise the truth.

According to Wikipedia "Some claim that it is the second largest bus station in Western Europe." (I love how no-one knows for sure.) And, apparently, "A survey conducted by the Lancashire Evening Post in May 2010 found that Preston Bus Station was Preston people's favourite building."

It's a handy car park, but it's a real pain in the arse to get in and out. And the bus station is horrendous.

Cold, dark and dank. Preston, England's newest city.

From News Discussion / Hairy Bikers subtitles hacked by a bingo website
Posted 5 Oct 11 11:21
Ah, quite brilliant. Many congratulations

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