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From General Discussion / Apologies for the outage
Posted 12 Feb 09 10:43
Sorry for anyone having issues connecting to the site just now.

Hopefully it's fixed. Please let me know if you encounter any more problems.

From News Discussion / Brad Pitt's Half Brother Spills The Beans
Posted 11 Feb 09 18:55
I really love these stories

Proper spoof, as it should be.

From News Discussion / Coronation Street To End In 2010
Posted 10 Feb 09 20:55
I laughed out loud when I read the last paragraph.

It'd be a lot more fun if actors maintained their characters in whatever show they were acting in.

Like if Craig Charles' character was actually Dave Lister, and he's got the Cat, Kryten and Rimmer holed up in the flat over the taxi rank.

Or if Don Fisher came in to the Woolpack to try and get Marilyn to come back to Summer Bay and bring up their baby. Seriously - that relationship was never going to work.

You could have the entire TV world subsisting within one giant storyline. It'd make for a more interesting evening.

From News Discussion / Robert Pattinson: Love Trapezoid
Posted 6 Feb 09 18:33
I don't get these stories. Are they funny?

From General Discussion / Whoops!
Posted 5 Feb 09 16:56
I really hate it when you get it wrong three times.

I did that once when I really needed to make a transaction. Ended up having to go to the bloody branch to do it. Bastards.

From General Discussion / Just Want to Get this off of my Chest
Posted 5 Feb 09 12:15
I guess they're happy with their chest hair.

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 5 Feb 09 12:05
Yes eludes sure

From News Discussion / Heavy Snow Sweeps Britton
Posted 4 Feb 09 13:30
Welcome back, by the way

From News Discussion / Heavy Snow Sweeps Britton
Posted 4 Feb 09 13:29

Quote: Monkey Woods

Hey, what a coincidence, Jimbo! You haven't been on here for sooooooo long, and now, after Mark revived one of your old stories, you suddenly turn up, LIKE MAGIC! Wizard!

What great timing, or maybe an amazing, unbelievable coincidence, or ... hey, you're not somebody else, are you?

Now then, let's see...

Sorry to bust your conspiracy bubble, but it wasn't really a coincidence, he made an edit to the story, it showed up for checking, I saw it and commented on it in the forum.

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 4 Feb 09 09:28
Circumstances indirectly relate curiously unrelated meetings simultaneously together and nary crew exclaims supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

From News Discussion / First Snow, Then Ice, Then A Bit Of Rain - Whatever Next?
Posted 4 Feb 09 09:03
It was always going to be a farce. I'm surprised it snowed at all, the weather people can't normally even predict what day tomorrow is.

5* for the social commentary.

From News Discussion / Ebay and PayPal nearly cause user's death
Posted 4 Feb 09 08:49
I've never had much dealings with either company, but I'm sure the satire stands up on its own. However, the funniest bit I found was this:

...sending him a box of chocolates, and his wife some nice flowers, which Mr Thrills has promised to lay on her grave when he visits it next week.

Great line 5*

From News Discussion / Heavy Snow Sweeps Britton
Posted 2 Feb 09 15:39
This oldie passed my eyes just now. Thought it was relevant to bump it, given the current climate.

From General Discussion / Google broken?
Posted 31 Jan 09 15:14
It's fixed now. Damn.

From General Discussion / Google broken?
Posted 31 Jan 09 15:08
It's funny to think of them all running round in a blind panic wondering how to fix it.

I bet a few people are for the chop after this botch-up.

From General Discussion / Google broken?
Posted 31 Jan 09 15:03
Maybe they've just decided that all websites are evil.

From General Discussion / Google broken?
Posted 31 Jan 09 15:02

Quote: Number 6

same problem here in USA, must be a nasty virus...

It must be nasty alright. It's been going on too long to be a small glitch - unless they all use Live search at Google and no-one's noticed it yet.

From General Discussion / Google broken?
Posted 31 Jan 09 15:01

Quote: Fergus McCarthy

No bother.

Heres another one for you.
My last story came up on google news with the picture of Hitler with the Santy hat beside my story.

Thats not the pic that I chose or appears beside the story on the Spoof.

Yeah, google news uses its own cache of images and picks the one it likes the best.

From General Discussion / Google broken?
Posted 31 Jan 09 14:46
Cheers Ferg.

From General Discussion / Google broken?
Posted 31 Jan 09 14:39
Anything I search for comes up with "This web site may harm your computer" and I can't access the website I'm looking for when I click on it.

Is this just me or is this affecting everyone?

From General Discussion / Why Avacados Remind Me of Football
Posted 31 Jan 09 11:48

Quote: Jalapenoman

Yeah, but your Beckman never played American football, he played soccer.

In American football, the NFL minimum salary for a first year player approaches $200,000.

That ain't nothin'.

A Premier League soccer player earned, on average, £676,000 in the 2003-04 season*.

That must've been like $1.3m equivalent at the time.

From News Discussion / Deal or No Deal to feature new "explosive" twist
Posted 31 Jan 09 11:37
The show certainly needs something to spice it up.

When I was on honeymoon, we got the Italian version of Deal or No Deal in our hotel room.

It was crazy. Some of the boxes didn't even have monetary value, and when the contestant got one of them, everyone went crazy and these crap animated animals pranced across the screen. It was hilarious. I don't know what was in the box. I hope it wasn't a squirrel, and I doubt it was an elephant.

5* for the explosive box.

From News Discussion / Bill Oddie Abandons baby birds
Posted 30 Jan 09 16:17
I loved this. 5*. Superb

From General Discussion / Barbaro
Posted 30 Jan 09 16:13
Or, if you can't be bother with that, check the plot here.

From General Discussion / Barbaro
Posted 30 Jan 09 16:11
You should watch Rat Race.

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