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From News Discussion / IRA Terrorist Group Shaft Police
Posted 1 Apr 09 08:33

From General Discussion / Oh Dear....
Posted 1 Apr 09 08:12
I do think it seems a little unfair they are treated so badly. Their obesity is obviously debilitating, and regardless of whose fault that is, they shouldn't be derided for it.

I don't believe their claims that their obesity is genetic, simply because it has not been proven scientifically, and because I know how easy it is to become overweight - and con yourself into think it's not because you're troughing your face.

I'm a big bloke. I weighed over 19 stone (266lbs 120kg) in September last year. That wasn't genetic, it was pies. I'm not sure what kickstarted my impulse to lose weight, but I decided it was necessary to change or else I would end up a real lardass (not that I wasn't one already!)

I now weigh 16 stone (224lbs 101kg), but I'm still a long way off my "ideal" weight which, according to BMI wotnots, is 11 stone (154lbs 70kg).

I got stuck in the belief that my weight wasn't due to what I was eating. "I don't eat breakfast, I rarely eat lunch," was my usual thought pattern. But I'd come home and have dinner, followed by chocolate biscuits, followed by crisps, followed by chocolate, followed by cheese, followed by ... - I was simply lying to myself.

I read in the article that the mother has lost 5 stone - which is really admirable and surely shows her weight is unlikely to be down to her genes. She got a real slap in the face from the newspaper stories which gave her the impetus to lose weight. I just hope she can see that and keep it up.

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 30 Mar 09 21:33
Sunlight unveils night, letting illumination grow hot tamales.

I started at the end and worked backwards with this one. Who knew it would work out as well as it did.

From General Discussion / This makes sense...Sorta!
Posted 28 Mar 09 08:40

Quote: BuckwheatsButt

An old man goes into a drug store to buy some Viagra
"Can I have 6 tablets, cut in quarters?"
"I can cut them for you," said Dan the pharmacist,
"but a quarter tablet will not give you a full erection. '
"I am 96" said the old man, "I don't want an erection.
I just want it sticking out far enough so I don't piss on my

I guess you all missed this then

It's completely identical.

Either Buck is MsTerri or you both get your jokes from the same place.

From News Discussion / Woolworths to open again!
Posted 24 Mar 09 19:25
What's weird is I know two people who've started knitting recently.

From News Discussion / George Clooney Caught Stroking Angelina Jolie's Pussy - Brad Pitt Said To Be Furious
Posted 24 Mar 09 19:11
And you spotted the other misspelling too

Good job.

It's a lot edgier without the innuendo though.

From News Discussion / George Clooney Caught Stroking Angelina Jolie's Pussy - Brad Pitt Said To Be Furious
Posted 24 Mar 09 19:01
Well spotted.

I'm usually reliable when it comes to spotting mistakes like these.

I'd better go fix it.

From General Discussion / Popping Out!
Posted 24 Mar 09 13:15

Quote: BuckwheatsButt

Mucky got banned because that's what he does......Get banned! In prior reincarnations he was Christopher Ashbey.

Unless you know something I don't, you're completely wrong.

He wasn't banned, he asked for his account to be deleted.

Having skim read the forums, it seems hard not to blame him for packing his bags.

From News Discussion / Jade Goody Jade Goody Jade Goody
Posted 21 Mar 09 15:34
An excellent piece. Sums up the situation brilliantly.

Suberb satire.

From News Discussion / BBC Cut Backs Hit Dr Who
Posted 20 Mar 09 08:11
I wonder if they'll rename it the 'Turdis'

From News Discussion / Fat Girl's Misleading Picture leads to Bar Fight
Posted 20 Mar 09 07:54
I think they keep it handy to wedge other things open too.

From News Discussion / All currencies 'to become worthless' : Reuters
Posted 19 Mar 09 16:57
Where does it say you wrote it?

From News Discussion / Jade Goody Critics in Nazi Shock
Posted 19 Mar 09 08:37
I think you may have got the wrong story, Skoob.

Your issue would have been better raised in the general discussion forum.

From News Discussion / Jade Goody Critics in Paris Hilton Death Plunge Horror
Posted 19 Mar 09 08:27
Nah, qm's stories are usually around 150 words

From News Discussion / Jesus Demands 'Goody Friday'
Posted 18 Mar 09 19:00
I try my best.

From News Discussion / Jesus Demands 'Goody Friday'
Posted 18 Mar 09 18:59

Quote: Skoob1999

Does that mean you're made of cement?

If you are, you're probably hard...

Quote: Rula Nation

I am now.


From News Discussion / Jade Goody Critics in Paris Hilton Death Plunge Horror
Posted 18 Mar 09 18:51
Spoofweedin, it's easier than it looks.

From News Discussion / 'Goody-bye England's Woes' plea as Elton John does a runner
Posted 17 Mar 09 10:08
Ahh the perpetual cash cow.

Nice pun with the title

From General Discussion / Review of life
Posted 13 Mar 09 17:00
Paul's running a blog competition at his work and he asked me to mention it here so it's not just him and me visiting it

It's called review of life, and it is a review of everything that happens in his life, from the mundane to the not so mundane. It's his latest project, he hopes it'll go somewhere but he's not sure quite where just yet

p.s. For anyone who might not be aware, Paul is my brother and he and I made The Spoof. Without him, none of this would be here, so go give him some feedback on his blog!

From News Discussion / Internet Explorer 'feature' affects
Posted 12 Mar 09 17:57
Oh, I see it now. That's fun, I like it

From News Discussion / Internet Explorer 'feature' affects
Posted 12 Mar 09 17:55
I checked it out and presumed it was a spoof, because I don't have any issue with it.

Do the words jump to the top of the page?

From General Discussion / Breaking news snippet scroller updated
Posted 10 Mar 09 20:19
If the scroller is not working, you will need to perform a full refresh in your web browser.

Pressing the Ctrl+R keys at the same time or Ctrl+F5 should do this. (You should be on a page where you can see the snippets scroller too )

There were a few teething problems, but everything seems okay now.

Any problems, message me.

From News Discussion / Men with Big Penises Live Longer, Happier, More Satisfying and Productive Lives
Posted 27 Feb 09 14:32
I dunno if there was a comment in the post, all I found was a mangled link, which links to the story.

Sorry if a message got wiped.

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 14 Feb 09 12:42

Quote: NODDY

Mornington Crescent !

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 13 Feb 09 09:27

Quote: Roy Turse

Grandmothers really are not decrepit matrons, only tricky hips endanger relative safety

Roy, seriously, that is brilliant.

Safety assessment fires everyone's temper, yeah?

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