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From News Discussion / Next Pope will be elected through an X-Factor style show
Posted 16 Feb 13 08:44
Would that be anything like the Mary Had a Little Lamb rap in Sister Act 2?

Super lame.

From News Discussion / Next Pope will be elected through an X-Factor style show
Posted 15 Feb 13 11:45
If only it would actually happen

From News Discussion / Lance Armstrong Only Cheating Himself - Claim
Posted 15 Feb 13 11:41
Very true

From News Discussion / Traces of Cameron found in Brooks
Posted 12 Feb 13 17:14
What a super story. Top notch

Made me laugh out loud it did.


From News Discussion / Volvo Wins "Best Key to Use to Pick Your Ear" Award
Posted 12 Feb 13 17:05

To be fair though, I think Ford keys are best.

From News Discussion / Charity shops to start buying each others clothes
Posted 9 Feb 13 12:46
Genius and excellent.

From News Discussion / Americans Arm Themselves In Preparation for Heavy Snowfall
Posted 9 Feb 13 12:45
I think the word hysterical is an accurate description for this piece 5

From News Discussion / 40-Percent Say They Only Go To Church To Get Change To Do Laundry
Posted 9 Feb 13 12:42
Very funny, great idea.

From News Discussion / Growing Trend: Babies Named After Fonts
Posted 9 Feb 13 12:41
Super story idea. 5

From News Discussion / String Theory used to explain everything
Posted 8 Feb 13 10:04

Iain, does the B stand for Brilliant? It should

From General Discussion / Cocks on the dunghill syndrome
Posted 7 Feb 13 10:10
As far as I can see, this is a personal matter for you to take up with the individuals involved.

I can't stand the crowing either, but if you want to piss around and moan about it, do it in private.

The best thing to do would be to ignore it and move on and know you're the better person.

I'm locking this thread because it's quite simply boring and no-one's adding anything to the debate that's not already evident.

This is still a great place to write comedy and get your work out to a wide audience. To say that The Spoof is not a worthy platform for publishing spoof news isn't fair.

The fights are a joke and totally unfathomable. I really do despair at the vitriol that spills out on these forums. It's irrational, childish and selfish. For this reason, I am probably going to close down the forums because it's too upsetting.

From News Discussion / Man Who Rushes To The Front Of Plane When It Lands To Get Off First A Total Prick Claims Fellow Passenger
Posted 6 Feb 13 19:45
Trains too.

10 minutes before the station the queue begins.


From General Discussion / Dear Spoof
Posted 6 Feb 13 19:42
Dear Spoof,

Where's my pants?

Socks, plenty. Pants, none. Shirts many, pants missing.

Ah sod it, I'll go commando.

(Up) Yours,

Peter Pantsless

From General Discussion / One-Thumb tosser
Posted 6 Feb 13 15:49
Take it offline.

From News Discussion / Horse DNA Found In Richard III
Posted 5 Feb 13 14:59
Nice twist, I like

From Magazine Discussion / The Reality of Santa Claus and Christmas Eve
Posted 22 Dec 12 18:41
Thanks all for getting in touch to tell me about this(!)

I removed the article as soon as I became aware it was plagiarised.

Please, tell me in a direct message is you come across a copied article so I can act immediately. I don't read the forum regularly and posting an important message for me here isn't an effective way of drawing my attention to important issues.

From News Discussion / Fracking Hell! Oil Be Buggered!
Posted 21 Dec 12 10:43
Love the puns

From Magazine Discussion / The Reality of Santa Claus and Christmas Eve
Posted 19 Dec 12 12:19
It's a great idea and I loved it.

Lots of great stories from DG today, many thanks for the laughter!

From News Discussion / Man on laptop recycles his recycle bin
Posted 18 Dec 12 12:24
Loved this 5T

From News Discussion / Airbus pilot left behind - nobody noticed
Posted 5 Dec 12 09:39
Love this.

Give it a few years, and this'll be real news!

From General Discussion / Hurricane Sandy
Posted 30 Oct 12 15:07
To all affected by the storms I hope and pray you and yours are safe and well.

I hope you'll be able to get back up and running as soon as possible.

From General Discussion / Email problem
Posted 15 Oct 12 08:06
Hi all, (especially everyone who flagged this up to me!)

The Spoof's mail server went down Sunday last week (7th October) and has been down since. Simultaneously the monitoring on the server had also gone down.

Many apologies about that.

If you tried to register since the 7th, I will send an email out to you later today with details of how you can access your account.

From General Discussion / Does Anyone Know....
Posted 9 Oct 12 15:01
Skoob's right with this one.

You can't add new threads to the news discussion forum - it's for discussing news stories only.

You can add a post to an existing discussion, but if you want to discuss another story, you have to click on the "Discuss this story in the forum" button which appears at the end of the article.

From News Discussion / 'Evil' Bert goes after Romney
Posted 5 Oct 12 08:41
When I read about Romney saying I'm cutting funding to PBS, but it's a shame because I like Big Bird, I did laugh.

He's just another dickhead politician trying to prove he's one of the guys. And, in this case, one of the guys who likes to watch Sesame Street. Now, the kind of grown men I know who like to watch Sesame Street (and I don't actually know any, I'm just hypothesizing here), are also the kind of grown men who like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, High School Musical and who dribble profusely for no good reason.

Maybe I'm doing those guys a disservice by comparing Romney with them.

Anyhoo, what's the general feeling towards Mitt and Barack out there in the States? It seems like a close run campaign to me, but I don't particularly like Mitt Romney personally. He doesn't seem genuine to me.

From General Discussion / The Chain
Posted 5 Oct 12 08:24
If you've noticed a theme developing with my musical knowledge being based on my film knowledge, that's because a lot of my general knowledge is based on the films and TV shows I watch.

I should've well made this a film thread, I'd have pwned you all! Well...with crappy 80/90s romcoms anyway.

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