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From General Discussion / Badass candy, man...
Posted 28 Aug 09 13:39
He said: 'I demanded to see the shop manager and, during a heated exchange, my wife became quite distressed and had to sit down in the car park.'


From General Discussion / Give it up Paula
Posted 20 Aug 09 13:50
From General Discussion / Give it up Paula
Posted 20 Aug 09 13:47

Radcliffe pulls out of marathon

" is very important to me that I come back to racing often and winning at 100% and continue strongly and successfully through to London 2012."

It annoyed me that in the 2008 Olympics, she had an injury and it wasn't expected for her to compete, but in an act of pure arrogance and selfishness she decided to run,:

She admitted that were it not for a chance to win her first Olympic medal she might have pulled out long ago.

"Of course, I could do with a bit more time, but (I'll) just go in and give it a go. That's a hundred times better than watching on TV," she said.

By choosing to compete, for her own glory, she forced out other British hopefuls such as Hayley Haining, Liz Yelling and Mara Yamauchi.

Lame horses certainly don't get to compete in running races - why should she get a chance London?

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 20 Aug 09 12:40
Socialists often cause irritation around liberalists in sexy tight shorts

From General Discussion / Body odour ban for park visitors
Posted 20 Aug 09 09:59

Body odour ban for park visitors

Rollercoaster riders at a Surrey theme park are being banned from putting their arms in the air - after complaints about body odour.

Read full story

"People may say it's all a publicity stunt but we take our customer feedback seriously."

Well, in my opinion, it's quite obviously a publicity stunt, and I certainly won't be going there. Thanks for the warning Mike.

From News Discussion / Usain Bolt: I am not Gay
Posted 20 Aug 09 08:43
Just plain silly.

From News Discussion / 'Jacko!' opens in London's West End
Posted 20 Aug 09 08:06

From General Discussion / Films what I have watched
Posted 20 Aug 09 08:04
I ain't never seen it, no.

I did watch The Nutty Professor II : The Klumps, yesterday though.


From General Discussion / Films what I have watched
Posted 14 Aug 09 11:00
I recently bought some horror movies. Watched two so far, 1408 and Se7en.

1408 is about a guy who writes books about haunted places. 1408 is a hotel room in a New York hotel; he goes to stay there and weird crap happens.

It's scary in parts, but mostly irritating, and ultimately a disappointment.

Se7en, I'm sure, must be a cult classic. I liked it, but not necessarily enough to watch it again.

Morgan Freeman's character is great, but Brad Pitt's character is annoying.

I dunno if it's supposed to be a scary film, it wasn't really haunting or chilling. Maybe I'm just too uncompassionate, or maybe I didn't immerse myself in it enough.

I also seemed to 'get' a lot of the clues before they did, which was a bit of a let down, a little too obvious if I can get it.

Again, at the end I was disappointed.

I like Kevin Spacey though. He's great in Superman Returns.

I saw Caddyshack II the other day. That was great! Not seen Caddyshack yet, I expect it's better.

From News Discussion / Michael Schumacher Steps Up F1 Training
Posted 11 Aug 09 08:27
Very funny.

I'm a F1 fan, nice to see Schumy get lampooned.

From General Discussion / Memorable film quotes......
Posted 9 Aug 09 21:07
Blazing Saddles

Hedley Lamarr: Daddy loves froggy. Froggy love daddy?

Froggy: [squeak, squeak]

From News Discussion / Swine Flu Now Excuse #1 For Missing Work
Posted 8 Aug 09 09:07
Sound advice, I feel

From General Discussion / Featured Writer
Posted 7 Aug 09 16:55
Looks like it's duff.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

*scratches head*

Will be fixed when I fixes it.


From General Discussion / Featured Writer
Posted 7 Aug 09 16:27
Thanks for letting me know.

From News Discussion / Jade Goody talks to mum through psychic: "I just slapped Gandhi"
Posted 5 Aug 09 08:10
Just the headline is funny enough

From General Discussion / Jalapenoman as today's featured writer
Posted 29 Jul 09 18:01
I was featured writer? Raspberries - I missed it!

From News Discussion / Local Man Can't Stand Heat - Decides to Get out of the Kitchen
Posted 29 Jul 09 17:59

From News Discussion / Emma Watson shows her wet pussy at film premiere
Posted 9 Jul 09 21:28
Naughty, naughty

From General Discussion / Who is Chamone?
Posted 9 Jul 09 07:32
It's Jesus Budda btw if anyone's still curious.

From News Discussion / King of pop alive and well
Posted 9 Jul 09 07:28

From News Discussion / Rats debate what to do over sinking ship
Posted 5 Jun 09 10:10
Brilliant satire. 5*

From News Discussion / Lottery Presenter Faces Anus Probe
Posted 30 May 09 17:59
Very silly, very funny

From General Discussion / America, the land of free speech
Posted 29 Apr 09 11:27

From General Discussion / America, the land of free speech
Posted 29 Apr 09 09:32
The first amendment affords every American the right to free speech, but if you say a naughty word on television, expect to pay the government big bucks!

US TV swearing policy 'correct'

Absolute codswallop.

From News Discussion / Man Goes Directly To Jail, Does Not Pass Go, Does Not Collect $200
Posted 27 Apr 09 18:02
Fantastic idea - why didn't I ever think of it?!


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