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From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 20 Aug 09 12:40
Socialists often cause irritation around liberalists in sexy tight shorts

From General Discussion / Body odour ban for park visitors
Posted 20 Aug 09 09:59

Body odour ban for park visitors

Rollercoaster riders at a Surrey theme park are being banned from putting their arms in the air - after complaints about body odour.

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"People may say it's all a publicity stunt but we take our customer feedback seriously."

Well, in my opinion, it's quite obviously a publicity stunt, and I certainly won't be going there. Thanks for the warning Mike.

From News Discussion / Usain Bolt: I am not Gay
Posted 20 Aug 09 08:43
Just plain silly.

From News Discussion / 'Jacko!' opens in London's West End
Posted 20 Aug 09 08:06

From General Discussion / Films what I have watched
Posted 20 Aug 09 08:04
I ain't never seen it, no.

I did watch The Nutty Professor II : The Klumps, yesterday though.


From General Discussion / Films what I have watched
Posted 14 Aug 09 11:00
I recently bought some horror movies. Watched two so far, 1408 and Se7en.

1408 is about a guy who writes books about haunted places. 1408 is a hotel room in a New York hotel; he goes to stay there and weird crap happens.

It's scary in parts, but mostly irritating, and ultimately a disappointment.

Se7en, I'm sure, must be a cult classic. I liked it, but not necessarily enough to watch it again.

Morgan Freeman's character is great, but Brad Pitt's character is annoying.

I dunno if it's supposed to be a scary film, it wasn't really haunting or chilling. Maybe I'm just too uncompassionate, or maybe I didn't immerse myself in it enough.

I also seemed to 'get' a lot of the clues before they did, which was a bit of a let down, a little too obvious if I can get it.

Again, at the end I was disappointed.

I like Kevin Spacey though. He's great in Superman Returns.

I saw Caddyshack II the other day. That was great! Not seen Caddyshack yet, I expect it's better.

From News Discussion / Michael Schumacher Steps Up F1 Training
Posted 11 Aug 09 08:27
Very funny.

I'm a F1 fan, nice to see Schumy get lampooned.

From General Discussion / Memorable film quotes......
Posted 9 Aug 09 21:07
Blazing Saddles

Hedley Lamarr: Daddy loves froggy. Froggy love daddy?

Froggy: [squeak, squeak]

From News Discussion / Swine Flu Now Excuse #1 For Missing Work
Posted 8 Aug 09 09:07
Sound advice, I feel

From General Discussion / Featured Writer
Posted 7 Aug 09 16:55
Looks like it's duff.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

*scratches head*

Will be fixed when I fixes it.


From General Discussion / Featured Writer
Posted 7 Aug 09 16:27
Thanks for letting me know.

From News Discussion / Jade Goody talks to mum through psychic: "I just slapped Gandhi"
Posted 5 Aug 09 08:10
Just the headline is funny enough

From General Discussion / Jalapenoman as today's featured writer
Posted 29 Jul 09 18:01
I was featured writer? Raspberries - I missed it!

From News Discussion / Local Man Can't Stand Heat - Decides to Get out of the Kitchen
Posted 29 Jul 09 17:59

From News Discussion / Emma Watson shows her wet pussy at film premiere
Posted 9 Jul 09 21:28
Naughty, naughty

From General Discussion / Who is Chamone?
Posted 9 Jul 09 07:32
It's Jesus Budda btw if anyone's still curious.

From News Discussion / King of pop alive and well
Posted 9 Jul 09 07:28

From News Discussion / Rats debate what to do over sinking ship
Posted 5 Jun 09 10:10
Brilliant satire. 5*

From News Discussion / Lottery Presenter Faces Anus Probe
Posted 30 May 09 17:59
Very silly, very funny

From General Discussion / America, the land of free speech
Posted 29 Apr 09 11:27

From General Discussion / America, the land of free speech
Posted 29 Apr 09 09:32
The first amendment affords every American the right to free speech, but if you say a naughty word on television, expect to pay the government big bucks!

US TV swearing policy 'correct'

Absolute codswallop.

From News Discussion / Man Goes Directly To Jail, Does Not Pass Go, Does Not Collect $200
Posted 27 Apr 09 18:02
Fantastic idea - why didn't I ever think of it?!


From General Discussion / Are the Spoof headlines 'stuck'?
Posted 14 Apr 09 16:46
Ah right, I see what's going on...or at least I hope I do...

Thanks for the heads-up.

From General Discussion / Are the Spoof headlines 'stuck'?
Posted 14 Apr 09 16:30
Why, what's wrong with it?

From News Discussion / Monkey Woods is called bigot by Jade Goody's Ghost
Posted 6 Apr 09 22:15
Look out Monkey. Looks like you've got a fan!

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