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From General Discussion / What have you all been up to?
Posted 6 Dec 13 14:36
I wrote a best selling novel.

From News Discussion / Ricky Gervais Exposed As Not Really An Actor - Just Ricky
Posted 28 Dec 12 06:35

Quote: Patti Cake

Glad someone else has picked up on this Gervais character's lack of talent. Or are you just spoofing...and actually think he is wonderful?

No, I think he is a complete (rearrange these anagrams, if you will) TWTA and a total UCNT. Not to a mention a smug DASTARB and greedy RUCKEF.

From News Discussion / Teenage Granddaughter's Tattoo Mars Christmas Festivities
Posted 27 Dec 12 14:23
Thank you. How this did not win Clive Danton's rigged and fixed Christmas competition I do not know.

It is a great satire and probably very true, with elderly relatives all over the world shaking their heads and wringing their hands, fraught with anxiety, when they saw "little" Johnny and his new "Goth" look or "sweet" Amber with her tramp stamp on her back.....oh lordy, what will the neighbors think? What will they say? Oh gosh, oh golly.

I remember when I had my forehead tattooed with the word "ASSHOLE" when I was 16 and the looks I got from Granny when we, what fun days.

From Magazine Discussion / The Reality of Santa Claus and Christmas Eve
Posted 19 Dec 12 14:10

Yes, well done easy to copy and past isn't it?

From Magazine Discussion / The Reality of Santa Claus and Christmas Eve
Posted 19 Dec 12 14:09
Oh please!

Read this over two years ago...copy and pasted from the web....pure theft...come on mark, wise up...

And about a million other places.......

From Magazine Discussion / "I Guess I'll Have to Postpone My Mass Killing if Guns Are Outlawed" - an opinion piece
Posted 18 Dec 12 19:30
5 Thumbs up for an excellent and well written and well done magazine article on the craziness of American gun laws.

From General Discussion / Prank Call Death
Posted 9 Dec 12 01:30
I don't think I will be writing anything on this subject.

Agreed that "civilians" like this poor woman shouldn't be the butt of anything written here, though if there was someone who could do it justice, and satire the reporting of this incident, rather than the poor woman, I would love to read it.

Sadly, after the news that both Sir Cliff Richard (who is 69) and Jimmy Cliff (who isn't 69) both attempted to take their own lives after being the "butt" of a "fisting" joke, written here, my appetite for mocking anyone has abated.

From General Discussion / Prank Call Death
Posted 8 Dec 12 15:38
Oh, and I have drafted a spoof entitled "Suicide Nurse Has Last Laugh as She Pranks Australian DJ's Disguised As Ghost"

Basically the story is it was a double prank and she frightens the shit out of the DJ's before they all have a good laugh about it.....not suitable? Too soon? Insensitive or a good satire on a current news story?

Where do WE draw the line I wonder?

(Strokes chin and fold arms before looking wistfully into space)

From General Discussion / Prank Call Death
Posted 8 Dec 12 15:30
What is the consensus of opinion on this subject by writers, lurkers and anyone else who reads the forums?

I would love the reporting of the suicide to be a prank - for in a few days the police, hospital and nurse to scream "gotcha!"....but that is not going to happen.

However, I have differing feelings about this:

1. It was a joke, a prank, extremely harmless and in fun, with no real malice intended. Before the suicide of the nurse the majority of the media reported it and joined in with the laughter. Now, I don't believe the prank was offensive whatsoever, there have been far worse.

2. The nurse, if she killed herself over the prank call, then I am afraid had, in my opinion, mental problems, and for someone to take their own life, leave two children behind, over something like this, I am afraid is rather pathetic.

3. The above said, I feel so very sad for the woman and her family if this forced her to commit suicide and I understand the fury now being aimed at the DJ's involved, though think it is overkill.

As we take the piss, often, and sometimes write hurtful words we think is a joke and funny, I think this could be a good discussion.

From News Discussion / Pre Menstrual Woman Kills Husband For Whistling
Posted 6 Dec 12 20:59

Quote: Skoob1999

You cad!

You obviously cut and copied this story from my Mystery Blonde series and edited it and improved it to make it funny.

That's nothing short of Lesbianism as defined in Section 5, subsection 4 of the official bollocks act.

Paragraph 22 (b) (ii) stroke 1

See you in court. With a slathering jury who always work on a 12:1 ratio.

I don't think I shall sleep for two consecutive nights.

Somebody...anybody!...for God's sake...pass the Acronyms...I'm getting withdrawal here...




5 thumbs up for this post!

From General Discussion / Worrying Statistics
Posted 4 Dec 12 14:42
4 out of every 2000 spoof contributors has no sense of humor.

From General Discussion / Dear Spoof
Posted 3 Dec 12 20:58
Dear Spoof,

I see history repeating itself here.

With accusations leveled and and totally innocent individuals forced from the spoof.

Reminds me of The Crucible (and I don't mean Ray Reardon and Steve Davis).

Reminds me of McCarthyism (and I Don't mean Fergus...what happened to him anyway?)

Seems to me that those who cry "foul" - where there is no "foul" - are the reason why sadly this board is a precocious place to tread.

I expect I shall be gone in the 'morn.

Good Luck


From News Discussion / Florida Man Still In Line To Vote
Posted 18 Nov 12 15:02
I like!

From News Discussion / American Koreans are an endangered species
Posted 18 Nov 12 15:01
This is the second time this cunt has written something totally inappropriate in the past two weeks.

His last one was about murdered kids, this one blatantly filled with racism.

What a fucking cunt. Evil - no Vile.

From News Discussion / Teen sentenced to ten years in church chooses Church of Satan
Posted 18 Nov 12 15:00

From News Discussion / Nanny McPhee is loose in New York City
Posted 29 Oct 12 12:17
Sorry to do this but this story is simply not funny and not at all suitable for the spoof, in my opinion.

First of all, why no warning?

It is an attempt at satire based on this story

Nanny Murders Kids

I don't find anything funny about children dying, in any way. Okay, I know the writer doesn't mention or tag the story on which this is loosely based and if you didn't know about the incident you would be none the wiser.

However, quite simply it is a spoof on a story that involved the murders of two young children.

Poor taste, poor judgement and at least put a warning on it.

I am not being prudish nor judgmental, and I am not saying it shouldn't be on the site, that is for the editor to decide and the writer who wrote it to judge whether or not there is anything remotely funny or could be funny about the tragic death of kids.

All I am saying is I believe a warning should be on this story - at least.

From General Discussion / The Chain
Posted 5 Oct 12 12:52
I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper -

Performed by Hot Gossip....which leads to several movie connections, including:

Starship Troopers (1, 2 and 3)

Any movie/musical devised or adapted from a work by Andrew Lloyd Webber (Mr Sarah Brightman)

From News Discussion / Confusion As Man Thinks Girlfriend Is Going To Ring Him, Whilst She Thinks He Is Going To Ring Her!
Posted 4 Oct 12 12:06
Excellent - have some thumbs!!

From News Discussion / Confusion As Man Thinks Girlfriend Is Going To Ring Him, Whilst She Thinks He Is Going To Ring Her!
Posted 4 Oct 12 12:06
Excellent - have some thumbs!!

From General Discussion / The Chain
Posted 2 Oct 12 15:27
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves - Cher

Two connections...Guthrie lived as a tramp for 3 years and of course gypsies.

From General Discussion / The Chain
Posted 2 Oct 12 15:22
Don't we need to explain the connection?

I ended with Eton rifles by The Jam and then it went to something totally unrelated.

From General Discussion / The Chain
Posted 2 Oct 12 13:06
Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles

Ray Charles was played by Jamie Foxx in the movie Ray

Back to Pulp Fiction - Jamie Foxx is to star in Quentin Tarantino's new movie Django Unchained.....which has this song featured on it's soundtrack......

The Big Payback - James Brown

From General Discussion / The Chain
Posted 1 Oct 12 19:46
Black Betty - Ram Jam

Contrary to popular belief the "Betty" referred to in the title is not a woman..... it is actually a gun....which leads nicely to....

The Eton Rifles by The Jam

From News Discussion / Taser Guns To Be Introduced In UK Primary Schools
Posted 1 Oct 12 17:08
Enjoyed this, read something a while back very similar by a now departed writer which was equally as good.....more sir, more!

From News Discussion / London Man Caged For Shouting At Burglar
Posted 1 Oct 12 17:06
Excellent, more like this please!

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