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From News Discussion / Man Rushing To Complete Spoof News Article While Waiting For Flight Misses Boarding And Is Now Stranded In Houston, Texas
Posted 17 Mar 14 13:38
we've all done it!

From News Discussion / West Ham to Sue Government
Posted 30 Sep 13 21:46
what about the free stadium the government built for the shammers?

From News Discussion / The BIG heavy weight fight night: Brendan Rodgers vs. Luis Suarez!
Posted 2 Sep 13 23:27
"Liverpool, This is ANFIELD: The gift that keeps on giving!"

Haha. Great opening line. So true. Liverpool are a shadow of the once great football team that dominated the 70s and early 80s. I had a joke on BBC radio in March at the scousers expense - and been abused on twitter for making jokes about their insistence to keep a thug like Suarez in the team. I don't care. I love it. so worth it.

* Mind you, they are top of the league, 3 wins from 3... :-/ *

From Magazine Discussion / A Millwall Brick: How To Make One
Posted 30 Mar 13 18:57

Quote: Monkey Woods

This story or, rather, 'magazine article', has taken off somewhat during the last few days, which is a bit strange seeing as it was written a while ago.

Has there been some 'Millwall news' this last week?

they made it through to the FA Cup semi-finals at Wembley after beating Blackburn about 10 days ago. Interest may be building slowly until the game takes place.

Problem with fans about a month ago, highlighted by a sky sport undercover job.

From News Discussion / Growing Trend: Babies Named After Fonts
Posted 13 Feb 13 01:21
Great headline. Please tell me there is a font named 'Ducksley'


From General Discussion / Why do I show up twice?
Posted 3 Jan 13 21:05
he's talking to himself. call the doctors for his tablets.

From General Discussion / Who is your favourite/favorite Pole?
Posted 2 Jan 13 05:37
no Boniek?

btw both the goalkeepers at the Southampton v Arsenal game 1/1/13 were Poles, but bugger me slowly if i can spell them.


From General Discussion / Happy New Year
Posted 2 Jan 13 05:35

Quote: Ellie James

May 2013 bring you happiness, health and laughter.


No wealth?

Wishing everyone a great new year and all you desire may be forthcoming.


From General Discussion / Season's Greetings From The Isle Of SSHite!
Posted 25 Dec 12 23:56
Seasons greetings! (Bah humbug)

Say hello to the Admiral Crichton for me.


From Magazine Discussion / The Initials 'CEO' Now Have A Whole New Meaning
Posted 21 Dec 12 01:13
Congrats rfreed
That's some going. I got 4,000 hits (3,000 in one day) for a very average news story at the end of November. I have no idea where all the hits come from, I didn't promote it in any way.


From General Discussion / Prank Call Death
Posted 8 Dec 12 16:45
Agreed with Erkine.

Final point from me, when people criticize stuff that is written/made to entertain, naturally debate can become heated if we are passionate about it (your altercation with QM a case in point) but at the end of the day we can say 'nobody died'.

On this occasion someone has died. If the phone hacking had just targeted celebrities and who their sleeping with, i don't think the general public would have batted an eyelid, but when it was revealed they hacked Milly Downers phone, it brought a whole new light to the story and rightly closed down the News of The World - or do i mean rebirthed the NOTW as the sun on sunday.

Wouldn't be surprised if the media group that own the radio station change its name, or merge it in with another one they own, in the near future.

From General Discussion / Prank Call Death
Posted 8 Dec 12 16:35
absolutely tragic turn for this 'story' to take HIGNFY.

I've written (or made) jokes about Diana, Jill Dando, Jackson, Amy and Whitney in the past but I'd err on the side of caution in writing the story (even though it is good satire) because suicide was such an extreme reaction to what you say was a harmless prank, she was an innocent victim and as you say she may have suffered some sort of mental problem (it did cross my mind) and also out of respect to her family.

Also, Prince Charles made a joke about the prank call, so I doubt that the royals were seriously offended, it was just a phone call, and in the past we've witnessed thru the media people breaking into Harrys birthday party, and Buckingham Palace sitting on the end of the queens bed.
We don't know whether the hospital were going to take action against the nurse or nurses - as the call was passed from one to another. I'm sure there is more to come out.

If, for example, Piers Morgan or one of the Murdoch family topped themselves I'd take it as an admission of guilt over the phone hacking and would have no problem writing it.

Was discussing with my mate yesterday, yet another cyclist being killed in Stepney, near where I live earlier this week, and he said that's 13 this year, and I said "13 - and none of them was Boris" and he replied "none of them were on Boris Bikes?" and I replied "no none of them WERE BORIS (that died)" I don't really wish Boris dead, just that he wasn't mayor of my city, although of course he provides good comedy material, so it balances out.

Back to the nurse, people commented on twitter, that the DJs will be feeling a lot worse than we are about it, and I felt terrible about it as a human being, comedy writer and former community radio broadcaster who tried the at of prank calls back in the days when Steve Penk was larging it on Capital FM. Worth having a look at his twitter feed from last night for his views.

Pretty sure this will kill off the 'prank call' for a good five or ten years if not totally, the DJs will not work for that station again, probably never progress to a tv career as most radio presenters do. If I was their PR I'd advise they don't work together again, and probably use different 'on air' names.

From News Discussion / 'The Spoof' Facing Backlash After Damning Leveson Report
Posted 2 Dec 12 01:30


From General Discussion / Who Gave JR A Break, Allowing Him To Die Of Natural Causes?
Posted 25 Nov 12 02:42
The oil barons ball will never be the same again.


From News Discussion / Underperforming Rafael Benitez Sacked By Chelsea
Posted 23 Nov 12 18:36
woops, double quote, dodgy keyboard key!

From News Discussion / Underperforming Rafael Benitez Sacked By Chelsea
Posted 23 Nov 12 18:35
'arry is leaning out of his car window talking to a sky sports camera as we type

From News Discussion / Underperforming Rafael Benitez Sacked By Chelsea
Posted 23 Nov 12 01:27
Like all paid off CHelsea bosses this story is on the money.

And the bit about RDM in Thunderbirds tickled me. Probably would have spat tea on the screen if I'd been drinking any.


From General Discussion / The Big Match!
Posted 20 Nov 12 23:31

Quote: Skoob1999

I remember you Mockney tossers all bottled it and stayed at home when you played United at OT.

ICF my arse.

Mind you, I feel a bit silly typing that, given that I was always too short to ever be classed as a credible hooligan, and that United got beat tonight.

So I think I'll shut up and bugger off to bed.

Before somebody exposes me for the idiot I truly am.

*Hangs head in shame, lights pipe and giggles*


There is no such thing as a Mockney Leyton Orient fan.
No connection between ICF and Orient either. There are only a handful of O's fans who like to think their a bit tasty - and thats too many.

If its any consolation I was at Old Tarfford with 3,000 Besiktas fans in 2009 when Gabriel Obertan proved beyond all doubt that he wasn't the new Cristano Ronaldo.

Great result for Galatasaray tonight against United reserves. Hope they can qualify now after bad start to group. I was at the Besiktas v Liverpol game in Istanbul 2008 and that was AWESOME.

To add the cherry on the cake for tonight, their was a kid in an Orient shirt on Holby City tonight (I'm told) and he wasn't even in hospital after a tanking from a Millwall hooligan.

From General Discussion / The Big Match!
Posted 20 Nov 12 23:14
I was a steward at the Peter Shilton match. You probably saw me touching up Helen Chamberlain (Torquay fan) during the half-time break. I forgot to remind her of this when I was on Soccer AM a few years ago.

Clive's activities were spotted on CCTV noted by Barry 'Earn. A note was passed to the Krays and a visit will be made to the Coal Hole on the 15th

Another shock win for the O's tonight (3-2) to follow the 4-1 win at Carlisle (supported by Erskin) on saturday. Can I request any Spoof writers who support Preston to make themselves known before saturday please.

That's four wins in four, including three in a week away from home, nice for my loony tune mates who have traveled 1,300+ to see the mighty o's in seven days.

Beckham returning to East London to pull on the hallowed shirt on January 1st will be the icing on the cake.


From General Discussion / The Big Match!
Posted 20 Nov 12 23:10

Quote: Simon Saunders

I remember seeing the legendary former Leicester goalkeeper Peter Shilton making his 1000th league appearance for Leyton Orient.

A remarkable achievement by Shilton.

Also a remarkable achievement by the Orient groundsman in repairing the goal mouth after Shilton's wheelchair had shredded the six yard box like a madman on a tractor.


Probably Hearns biggest publicity stunt as O's chairman.
Mind you, Shilton was sacked two matches later by manager Tommy Taylor because 'he couldn't kick the ball'.

From General Discussion / The Big Match!
Posted 20 Nov 12 18:24
Not the digitally remastered programme with Brian Moore or Jiminy Hill repeated on ITV4 sundays 6am, but tonights momentus match between Portsmouth and Leyton Orient.

Greetings extended to Ellis who rarely posts here nowadays, probably banned for agreeing with skoob or summit during the uprising.

I was hoping to get down to the south coast for the game and make derogatory comments about the price of beer, and how £4 is very expensive for a one stop journey on the tram, and also observe that the yout' in the shopping mall in the town centre that used to wear a Man United top are now wearing a Man City top, but hey ho, my community service hasn't finished yet.

May the best team win.
Up The O's

From General Discussion / BBC Children In Need
Posted 20 Nov 12 15:49
The District Line?

That is the Number One mode of transport for Cliveypops and his ICF friends to reach the Boleyn. Its getting harder nowadays to carry the 'tools' without plod searching the bags, so he also has a megabus on standby.


From General Discussion / Dear Spoof
Posted 19 Nov 12 15:59
Dear Spoof

Re published letter by Lady Camilla Tittington-Suckwell (is that her real name) on 18th November, fuckwittery is a new travel company to rival megabus and they run daily edinburgh to london services for 50p - half that of megabus. I understand they are environmentally friendly in that they use no petrol, basically the customer has to push the bus for the 19 and a half hour journey.

Best wishes
Sophie at National Express
Tin Tin House
Exmouth Market

From General Discussion / Love Love Love
Posted 16 Nov 12 14:32
Love you Arm...


From General Discussion / The Add A Funny Clip Thread
Posted 7 Nov 12 18:28
Daleks at home c/o Spike Milligan.


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