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From News Discussion / Andrew Flintoff Fails Breathalyser Test During F1 Debut
Posted 2 Dec 12 11:14

Quote: Skoob1999

A sure fire compo winner if ever I saw one!



Modesty forbids old son.

Do you hear me damn your eyes????!!!!

MODESTY FORBIDS!!!!!! *seethe, gasp, pant, wheeze*

From News Discussion / 'The Spoof' Facing Backlash After Damning Leveson Report
Posted 2 Dec 12 10:42


From General Discussion / Great Sporting Obscenities
Posted 2 Dec 12 10:40

Quote: armfeetandtoe

Pretty lame performance from Tyson this evening. My Nan could have put on better show. Dont think he is ready to meet Klichko yet. Shame.

Arm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Steady on old fruit! I think you're being extremely harsh and overly judgmental on this one dear boy.

I reckon Fury would give Mrs Klitschko at least a couple of problems in the early rounds before she retired on her stool in the 6th to get Vladimir's tea ready.

From General Discussion / My Friend At Work Called James
Posted 2 Dec 12 10:33

Quote: churchmouse

I liked that Clive.

Thanks Gazza. You're my friend too and I'll thank you to remember that when you open your mighty "Wallet Of Plenty" on the 15th so that you can keep me supplied with fizzy lager and powerful grog chasers until I tell you to stop.

From General Discussion / Great Sporting Obscenities
Posted 2 Dec 12 07:06
From General Discussion / My Friend At Work Called James
Posted 2 Dec 12 06:34
James is in his late 30s I think, although it's hard to tell as he has a youthful, open face, smooth and unlined. He stands around 6' tall and is broad shouldered and powerful, although with a rapidly growing paunch, due mainly to the vast quantities of junk he eagerly shovels into his face.

James is a good mechanic I guess. Diligent and meticulous rather than brilliant. He works with a kind of resigned fervour, muttering a constant string of profanities as he plods along.

James doesn't like it one bit if you ask to borrow one of his tools. They're his beloved, cosseted children and if you ask to hold one for a while he says "For fuck's sake"

James likes girls and has an easy charm in their company which, coupled with his good looks, means they like him also.

James doesn't have a girlfriend because he thinks they are all after his money so about once a month he pays a pretty lady in her 30s to sleep with him.

James lives with his mother, a large and stupidly pretty lady in her early 60s and it's one of my greatest pleasures to be invited round for dinner when she cooks me roast lamb with herbs, kisses my cheek noisily and calls me "a lovely boy"

James has a serious liver disorder and sometimes he gets sick and has to go to hospital. I visit him there and eat his fruit while he points at the pretty girls seated at the nurses station and says to me gravely. "You see them Clivey? They all want me mate. They all of them want me"

James is a gentle soul, friendly but quiet. People know when not to push him too far though. They just do.

James neither drinks nor smokes but he never judges me and sometimes gives me a bottle of rum as a gift.

James doesn't like sport much and his eyes glaze over if I start expounding the delights of a West Ham victory.

James would stand alongside me if there were any trouble as I would stand alongside him.

James was brought to this country from St Vincent in The Carribbean when he was very young.

James has skin so black that when he sweats up I check my appearance in his face.

James calls me a "white nigger" and I call him "Sambo" and a "big belly black bitch"

James at work is my friend and I'm proud of that.

From General Discussion / National HIV Screening Week Starts In The UK Today!
Posted 1 Dec 12 13:33
Everybody running around Africa hacking each other with machetes???

Blimey did I really say that???

Jesus Christ let me write an immediate and sincere retraction.

I Cliveypops being of almost sound mind would like to emphasise in the strongest possible terms that some people that live in Africa remain absolutely machete wound free and in point of fact have never even cut their finger on blade of maize grass.

Having said that however, I did have a good mate at work named Frank who fled war torn Uganda during the despotic reign of General Idi Amin who once banged his head on an oil sump after standing up a bit too quick in the inspection pit.

*lights pipe and begins to browse through "Holidays In Sub Saharan Africa" brochure*

Hmmmmm Ivory Coast looks does The Democratic Republic Of The Congo.......I'm a bit torn between that and The Sudan really........Oh 'ang on!!!

Jilly! How do you fancy a fortnight's full board at The Hotel Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda this year love?"

Fuck's sake!

From General Discussion / National HIV Screening Week Starts In The UK Today!
Posted 1 Dec 12 07:00
Talking of Africans, what with this Aids epidemic that's sweeping the continent and the fact they seem to spend rather a lot of their spare time hacking each other to bits with knives, do you ever think there'll come a time when there's only one rather emaciated geezer left, with a dripping machete in his hand?

Food for thought and no error my friends

Still you dont like to grumble do yers?

From General Discussion / National HIV Screening Week Starts In The UK Today!
Posted 1 Dec 12 06:47
Went down well this thread didn't it folks?

Just heard a spokeswoman for The Aids Foundation reveal on the radio that thousands of HIV riddled Africans are "completely unaware of their status"

Well I'd have thought they'd have far more to worry about than nipping onto Facebook to tell their friends that they're just diving into the bog for a shit really, wouldn't you?

Heartless and unnecessary!

From General Discussion / Spoof FM. WARNING! May Contain Appalling Bad Taste And/Or Lulu.
Posted 1 Dec 12 06:41
Nothing Else Matters - Apocalyptica.

Thank You x

A pretty girl sent me this the other day and I found it rather beautiful.

"What do you think Clivey?" she asked

"I think you have the prettiest green eyes I ever saw" I replied.

A hospital spokesperson described my condition last night as "Quids in"

From General Discussion / Great Sporting Obscenities
Posted 1 Dec 12 06:23

Quote: Simon Saunders

Just read the Flintoff story Clive.

Had me chuckling. Loved the pic and caption.


A compo winner if ever I saw one Simon

From General Discussion / Great Sporting Obscenities
Posted 1 Dec 12 06:22
Just listened to the boxing hack for The Telegraph call this fight "ill conceived, a freakshow, potentially dangerous, and "the lowest rung of professional boxing.

Flintoff needs to collect his ill gotten gains and fuck off back to the pub before leaving the way clear for the many hungry young fighters that are toiling and sweating in gyms the length and breadth of this country who would give their eye teeth for an opportunity to fight for such a purse in front of a packed house.

For me this was no better than dwarf amputee porn and an utter disgrace that shamed the noble art.

From General Discussion / Great Sporting Obscenities
Posted 1 Dec 12 05:09

Quote: Francois Dubois, S.J.

Indeed Hearns and Haggler's battle was epic. But in the wake of the loss of Hector Camacho this week, the fight where he threw six consecutive uppercuts to floor Ray Leonard, then hit him with another to overwhelm him was incredible.

Sure, Leonard was 40--but Hector also gave us "No mas!" against Roberto Duran, who I thought was a better hitter than Leonard.

Remember that fight?

But of all the epic fights (Balboa notwithstanding) those of Ali vs. Frazier were the very best I ever saw.

As for pure, unadulterated legal mayhem & terror: Mike Tyson! No doubt about it.

Frankie I remember all those fights including "No Mas" and "Uno Mas" when old "Hands Of Stone" ran out of dough hehehe.

All beautiful, all great.

There are literally hundreds of great wars in the boxing archives mate and nobody has a right to say which one was the greatest.........except maybe the winner of one of em

PS Flintoff stunk the joint out last night and shamed our great sport. Fortunately he got hit by one or two big bombs and has decided a rethink vis a vis his career in the ring is concerned hehehe.

From General Discussion / Great Sporting Obscenities
Posted 1 Dec 12 05:02
Freddie Flintoff spoof on the way guys. hehehe

From General Discussion / Great Sporting Obscenities
Posted 30 Nov 12 19:17
Stop arguing or I'll squeam and squeam until I'm sthick!!!


From News Discussion / Unstoppable computer virus "Clivey Dee" will strike Xmas Eve!
Posted 30 Nov 12 18:09
Frankie boy, this little beauty has second place written all over it. I ploughed through around 10 subs about The Celtic Bay Giants and Honey Boo Boo just to give this baby the works.


PS I'll post it in the thread as soon as I've finished showing the woman next door a mighty good time ok?


From General Discussion / Dear Spoof
Posted 30 Nov 12 17:36
Dear Spoof

Yeah you have your pantyhose inside out again and the seam's chaffing your cobbler's awls.

Oprah Winfrey
East London

From General Discussion / Life's Great Pleasures
Posted 30 Nov 12 17:30
Don't go talkin' to me about no tights, or pantyhose as Frankie calls em when he orders his lingerie from Maceys Debs.

I wore a pair of those babies when I went fishing in January once and they made my thighs cold and flattened all the hairs down the wrong way.

The bra kept me pecs warm though

From General Discussion / Great Sporting Obscenities
Posted 30 Nov 12 17:22
The War!

Ok listen up you fight fans. If you want to see boxing in all it's balletic beauty and bestial savagery watch the above link and witness what is arguably the greatest fight of all times. The Ring called it "the most electrifying eight minutes of boxing ever" and I aint gonna disagree with em.

Two of the greatest middleweights that ever drew breath in a brutal display of conditioning, endurance, skill and above all, sheer fighting heart.

The sight of the brooding, blood soaked Hagler being born around the ring by his corner as the mighty Hitman Hearns was carried from the ring on his shield like the true warrior he was is one of the iconic moments in the history of the fight game.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful stuff indeed!

From General Discussion / Great Sporting Obscenities
Posted 30 Nov 12 16:48
Laydeeez and chennelmen! Preeesenting and introdoocin' to you. He weighs in at a ready 215lbs with a rekkord of 5000 plus great spoofs, winnin' all 5000 by way of beautiful wordsmithery. "Fightin' Frankie Dubooooooooooois!!!!!

Leeeeets get ready to stuuuuuuuumble!!!!

Love it

PS Love celebrity death match too

From General Discussion / Great Sporting Obscenities
Posted 30 Nov 12 16:23
^^^^^^^ "Bonecrusher" Saunders in fine combative mood there folks.

Gonna have to agree to disagree on this one Simon old son.

While I dont for one moment doubt Flintoff's commitment to making a go of this rather foolhardy venture I do have a problem with the BBBC who have granted a novice 34 year old man with no fight conditioning a license to step into the ring with a 17 stone bull who in two fights has knocked one opponent unconscious and smashed in the ribcage of another.

Now Flintoff's a man and I dont give a damn whether he climbs out of ring on the shoulders of his cornermen or is carried out in a pine box, but the man has a wife and children who do care.

For me the whole thing stinks to high heaven. Somebody's making money from this circus freakshow and that's wrong IMHO. This isnt a sport to be taken lightly Simon. People get killed participating in it.

Women's boxing is filth and degrading to the fair sex. Men who watch it deserve a bullet in the neck. I've done some research and conducted a long and convoluted argument with a uni graduate female fighter and blogger on The Huff and even she conceded some of the points I was making about safety, damage to the female reproductive organs, breast tissue etc. It should be outlawed and replaced with girls in bikinis wrestling in whipped cream and the sooner the better.

Seriously though female fighting is wrong and a fucking abomination! FACT!

Marvin Hagler, one of the greatest middleweights of all time has poured scorn on this nonsense and fears for Flintoff's safety.

I'm rather inclined to agree with the great man

From General Discussion / Life's Great Pleasures
Posted 30 Nov 12 13:32
I'm a cross dresser too.

This morning I put my pants on the wrong way round in the dark so that when I went for a whizz a little later I had to pull the waistband down to get me cory out.

Cross? I was absolutely livid!!

From General Discussion / Life's Great Pleasures
Posted 30 Nov 12 08:28
Tommy Twinkle there folks ^^^^^^^^

From General Discussion / TV Choice.
Posted 30 Nov 12 08:25

Rumours are rife in TV Land that satellite channel E! Sky Ch 151 are to launch a new offshoot channel geared exclusively towards their Yorkshire viewers.

"E Bah Gum" is set to begin transmitting in Mar 2013.

From General Discussion / Great Sporting Obscenities
Posted 30 Nov 12 06:36
There's been a few down the years hasn't there folks? The death struggle in the gladiatorial arena, bear baiting, jelly wrestling and anything involving Millwall football club. So it saddens me beyond words to see that we're to be treated to another unedifying spectacle in the shape of former England test cricketer, and a very fine one I might add, Andrew Flintoff donning the gloves and jamming in the gumshield before embarking on a new career in the ring this Friday where's he's pitted against a 23 year old American fighter with a thus far unblemished record and a punch that could stop a charging bull in its tracks by all accounts.

Sadly this charade is being endorsed by Irish fight legend Barry McGuigan who is trying to whip the perennially crocked Flintoff into shape for the fight.

As someone who has actually been on the wrong side of the ropes, leading with my face and pissing blood in the changing room after a fight I can quite categorically state that there's a world of difference between achieving cardio vascular excellence by jumping rope, pounding the heavy bag and shlepping through the rain at 4.00am doing roadwork (I still cant believe I used to do that shit)and being smashed from arseole to Saturday by a lumbering 17 stone male with a bad attitude and hands of stone.

McGuigan, a thoroughly decent man and a mighty fighter in his day should hang his head in shame at his part in what promoter Frank Malone has dubbed "car crash TV". Then again McGuigan is also an advocate of women's boxing, an abomination and an utter disgrace in my opinion.

I seriously question the motives of any male who wants to watch two young girls beating each other around the head and body for 6 rounds or so and would suggest that their mums should have drowned them in a bucket shortly after birth.

I foresee pain and humiliation for Flintoff and more infamy tarnishing what is known as "The Sweet Science and what for for me is the noblest sport of them all.

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