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From News Discussion / Hoard of Spoof Story Tags Found in Postman's Shed
Posted 12 Mar 12 19:31
Saw this in approvals then immediately went through top writers list to find out who had written this brilliant piece. Automatic 5. Terrific!

From News Discussion / Emergency Room Visits Hit Record High on Valentines Day
Posted 15 Feb 12 14:37
5*- Deserves more.

From General Discussion / My Great-Grandfather
Posted 11 Feb 12 23:55
My great grandfather (dad's side) was known as a 'rag 'n' bone' man. Not sure, but he probably worked with his horse and cart around the same area where my dad lived as a boy - Hoxton (City of London). True that!

From News Discussion / Contents Of The Queen's Handbag Revealed In New Book!
Posted 7 Feb 12 00:48
Thanks QM. (It's annoyed at least one reader - 1 Starred me. Hooray!!!)

From General Discussion / Favourite Headline - What's Yours
Posted 1 Feb 12 13:42
Mine (so far) is; 'A Dog's Dinner 'Fit For A Queen'.
Both were well known expressions, and both fitted the content of the story. Praad of that I was/am!!!

Generally I try not to reveal too much to the reader with my story headlines (obviously means some visit points are lost). Hopefully those who do visit my stories then go away feeling glad that they did!

From Magazine Discussion / Spanza47b. (Part One)
Posted 1 Feb 12 13:01
Thanks for putting in those links Chris (from what I've been reading on the Bad Romance forum it seems I'm not the only one who doesn't have a clue how to do links!) So thanks.

As for this Spanza47b story, you'll see now why I'd pointed out earlier that it's not really a 'romance' (good or bad) as such. And I do already have one entry in the 'Bad Romance' comp. (It could easily go on to become one though if the alien was to make another visit!)

On reflection I think EQ is definitely right. I think I just about got away with the monologue as Part One but was pushing my luck by making it into a lengthy four parter monologue. If I return to the character in future I think I'd be 'tightening the reins' so to speak.

Fun writing it though - and thanks to you Chris and the others who 5'd it - and thanks especially for all the comments. Would appreciate any overall comments actually. As Benny Hill would sometimes say,

'Learning all the time'.

From Magazine Discussion / Spanza47b. (Part One)
Posted 30 Jan 12 12:27
As a comedy sketch(the way I was imagining it in my mind when writing it) Fred would be responding in non-speaking ways - facial expressions, concurring nods etc. This 'rambling-on' speaker is a character I'm now thinking I'd like to use in more stories like this one. If I can make it work as a single speaking role, well that would at least make it a little bit different to the Two Ronnies/Pete and Dud tradition. Early days with this - Spoof's 'Magazine' provides the ideal place to test the waters. But I do take your point Erskin.

I was in tears of laughter when writing parts of this story - a good sign(I hope!)

Skoob: You're definitely right - it's little 'Ronnie Corbett' innit! I honestly hadn't realised it until you said.

From Magazine Discussion / Spanza47b. (Part One)
Posted 29 Jan 12 13:32
Thanks so much for those comments you lot. Had this one going 'rand in me 'ead' for a few weeks. I can see what you mean about Two Ronnies, Skoob - actually the person I was imagining saying the words when writing it was Dudley Moore, loosely based on the kind of sketches he'd do with Peter Cooke in the 'Not only...but also' TV program of the 60's. (very loosely based on that of course because in this case Peter Cooke would have to be a totally silent 'Fred' - don't fink Peter Cooke would have been able to manage that for long!)

Part Two's in approvals (had 6 reads but not 'in'!)

Four parts in all - as each goes 'in' I'll pop the next part into approvals.

Bad Romance? Wasn't sure if it would apply because it's not a romance as such. See what you fink after you've read the full story.

Thanks again - always hard to know how a story is going to be received. Inch - don't underestimate yourself mate!

Cheers guys.

From Magazine Discussion / How did I ever find time for work?
Posted 26 Jan 12 17:21
'Great' Britain?

What's that I've been hearing on the internet? Oh yes, 'We are anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect us!'

From News Discussion / Sluts 'the key to world peace' say scientists
Posted 23 Jan 12 17:49
Welcome RDK - very funny opener - has to be a 5* from me.

From News Discussion / A Mixed Marriage - Gillian's Warning!
Posted 23 Jan 12 13:57
Thanks All.

Adoxography!!!! As did Chris I also had to look that one up.
Glad I did - seems this particular form of writing traces back to as far as ancient Greece - and there'd been me thinking for years it was just that I was a one-off kind of twit!

Next time I'm asked in my local why I always wear a tunic and sandals I'll tell them about that word adoxography.

From General Discussion / Frenzy
Posted 20 Jan 12 00:36
I remember the film Frenzy - Barry Foster took the part of the serial killer. It's been on TV a few times over the years. Haven't seen the thriller you mention though.

Seeing Frenzy being mentioned here got me to look around You Tube for videos about Hitchcock. Found an interesting black and white interview with him called 'Huw Wheldon meets Alfred Hitchcock' - it's in two parts. (I don't know the way to put a direct link to it here). It's an interesting interview with the great man himself from years ago. Well worth a visit.

From General Discussion / Reader Count
Posted 17 Jan 12 22:37

Quote: Erskin Quint

I don't think they're reading us, TT!

I just nabbed one of 'em - mustn't be greedy.

From General Discussion / Reader Count
Posted 17 Jan 12 22:29

Quote: Erskin Quint

Going ballistic. Site freezing. What's going on?

Went 'site not available' for 5 minutes now back with 5,044!!! readers.

From News Discussion / 'Long to reign over us' to be Removed from National Anthem!
Posted 16 Jan 12 12:59
Thanks for the fives - and especially for the comments.
I'd been taking my time with it so's to submit it as my 100th 'news' spoof story (not including my 'magazine' ones).

I had it ready several days before pressing it through - apart from that opening paragraph. It needed to 'read true', mention 'the condition', but not reveal 'shrinking' too early - or too late - in the story. I must have rewritten that first paragraph some thirty times.

Detrectandis: I was trying to find a Latin word for 'shrink' on those internet 'English to Latin' translation sites so that I could use it in the first paragraph. Closest I could find was 'detrectandis' (one of the definitions came up as 'reduce').

So glad that first paragraph caught you out Chris - made my week that has - Gotcha!

From News Discussion / Riot at Nottingham's Parliament Street Jobcentre Plus!
Posted 13 Jan 12 20:02
Just read it. Great stuff. Well deserved 5* from me.

From News Discussion / Many Youngsters Still Refusing To Work For Nothing!
Posted 8 Jan 12 15:55
Thanks Inchy. Means a lot mate. Glad you liked it.

From General Discussion / Things You Shouldn't Say Because They Don't make Sense
Posted 8 Jan 12 14:11
In the betting shop or at the races
"I feel lucky" and/or
"I'm on a winning streak"
(Okay, so they don't really apply as 'don't make sense' but they're true nonetheless).

From News Discussion / Many Youngsters Still Refusing To Work For Nothing!
Posted 5 Jan 12 22:51
Thanky vely much. Cheers Skoob - appreciated, and agree with your comments.....especially the 'Brilliant' bit!

From General Discussion / Hotel Spoof
Posted 28 Dec 11 19:25
(continued...) It's just that we've still got a few chapters to read but we're only booked up till today. Would it be possible for us to extend our stay here for another couple of nights?

From General Discussion / Hotel Spoof
Posted 28 Dec 11 18:40
"When I made a booking in October to stay a few days with my wife here at your hotel over Christmas I was promised a room with a view, but so far all we've been given since our arrival here on Christmas Eve has been this E.M.Forster book to read!"

From Magazine Discussion / The Beginner's Guide Special Edition: Ten Things To Know About Christmas
Posted 28 Dec 11 17:04
Five from me - Throw any brussels sprouts you don't want over to my plate though - delicious little wonders!

From General Discussion / Spoof Twitter Game
Posted 19 Nov 11 16:34
Found a use for it. Battery went dead on my oven so I switched on my electric fire, folded up the leaflet then used the electric fire to set the leaflet alight. With the flaming leaflet I then used it to light my oven. Can also confirm that running a finger burn under a tap of cold water does ease the pain a little.

Singed eyebrows look a bit strange though!

From General Discussion / Spoof Twitter Game
Posted 19 Nov 11 13:24
Heard what I thought was the postman walking up to front door. Heard something come through the letter-box. Went to see what it was. Found it was just a leaflet from a local Pizza take-away restaurant. I don't like pizzas.

From Magazine Discussion / Combat - June 9th 1944 - Northern France
Posted 15 Nov 11 11:00

Quote: Jaggedone

Just U Tubed it, although Donovan immortalised it Buffy St Marie wrote it. You learn something everyday. By the way just listened to Barry McQuires's classic; Eve of destruction. They don't make em like that anymore, superb!

Thank Skoob for opening up this lovely can of classics, try White Rabbit from Jefferson, chilling man!

"Masters of War" Bob Dylan.

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