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From General Discussion / Which living or historic person would you like to bitch-slap?
Posted 22 Oct 12 15:19
Arnold Schwartsienaggyga...,

From News Discussion / BBC Launch Probe Into Bruce Forsyth "False Chin" Allegations
Posted 19 Oct 12 12:51
Be honest, Simon, you were in tears of laughter when writing this one weren't you. You must have been. Come on, admit it.

5* (but deserves so much more).

From General Discussion / Jimmy Savile
Posted 7 Oct 12 14:40
'I'm not so sure that David Icke has anything valid to contribute to anything. Although maybe he does have a point about 'Reptile People' who live in caves.'

The reptile thing is misunderstood, though not entirely. It can be a form of possession - you may pooh-pooh that. Fine.
I didn't witness reptiles in 1969 but I did witness events leaving me in no doubt at all that there be unseen forces around us. I don't know how deep the rabbit hole goes and I can understand those who prefer 'not to go there'. But some have 'gone there' and having gone there their actions can then affect the lives of us all, especially if they're in positions of high government office.

David Icke doesn't ONLY speak of reptiles. I've never heard him refer to 'Reptile People who live in caves'. Have you?

From General Discussion / Jimmy Savile
Posted 7 Oct 12 11:58
The photograph of Sa-vile at the Haute de la Garenne school was what got my attention. Operation Ore - a 'D' notice issued by a former PM. Why would anyone want to protect the names of those involved in such things?

People open themselves up to blackmail - if this can of worms involves politicians it could have a bearing on why this country was taken to an arguably illegal war with Iraq.

Perhaps it's time people stopped sniggering at people such as David Ike and started to do some real listening. This could be a very very deep can of worms indeed!

From General Discussion / The Chain
Posted 2 Oct 12 18:00
The Ballad Of Davy Crockett - Fess Parker

Apparently Arlo Guthrie was given the middle name 'Davy' NOT in homage to the Gypsy Davy song but from the popularity of the Davy Crockett western series of the time.

From General Discussion / The Chain
Posted 30 Sep 12 16:01
'No More Lonely Nights' - Paul McCartney (a single from the album Give My Regards to Broad Street).

Connections: The word 'lonely'. Also, after leaving school Roy Orbison was signed by Sun Records. Paul McCartney is one of the various artists on the album 'Good Rockin' Tonight The Legacy of Sun Records'.

From General Discussion / The Chain
Posted 29 Sep 12 17:38
(If Paradise Is)Half As Nice - Amen Corner (year 1969).


From General Discussion / What's your favourite type of toilet?
Posted 29 Sep 12 17:14

From General Discussion / Getting Right To The Arse Of The Matter.
Posted 12 Sep 12 00:40
(There Must Be An Angel) Playing With My Arse - Eurythmics
Thunder In My Arse - Leo Sayer
Deep In The Arse Of Texas (Perry Como)

and by the multi-talented Liberace,

(All Of A Sudden) My Arse Sings.

From General Discussion / Getting Right To The Arse Of The Matter.
Posted 11 Sep 12 11:27
Don't Go Breakin' My Arse - Elton John

From General Discussion / Getting Right To The Arse Of The Matter.
Posted 11 Sep 12 09:16
Candle in the Arse - Elton John.

From Magazine Discussion / Ron & Fred on New Technology - and Milk (Part One)
Posted 31 Aug 12 09:05

From General Discussion / Neil Armstrong
Posted 26 Aug 12 14:00
I stayed up all night then like Skoob went off to do my paper round (then finally to bed).

But I do remember my dad saying something was a bit iffy when we were in our living room watching the TV and hearing President Nixon congratulating them. Big mistake stretching his hand out and shaking Neil's!

From Magazine Discussion / Ron & Fred on The Bible
Posted 23 Aug 12 15:09
Cheers Sid. A series? Not something that can be forced. Hopefully more ideas will enter the old grey matter. Tank empty at the moment alas! Thanks for this 5, and for... you know.


From Magazine Discussion / Ron & Fred on The Bible
Posted 22 Aug 12 23:59
Glad you liked it. Thank You.

From News Discussion / Latest NASA blockbuster a flop!
Posted 8 Aug 12 22:48
5* sir.
Mmmm, the 'Sirius' documentary could be interesting!

From News Discussion / David Beckham amputates finger in an attempt to be selected for Paralympics football team
Posted 5 Jul 12 19:51
Read this in approvals. Automatic 5*.

From Magazine Discussion / A True Diary of Woe - Part Fifty-Seven
Posted 21 Jun 12 17:43

Welcome Home

From News Discussion / FIFA Boss Blatter Demands Goal Line Technology After England Win
Posted 20 Jun 12 20:59
5* Enjoyed reading that.

It's a funny old game!

The ball 'may' have been 'all' the way over the line but it should have been blown as off-side anyway.

We should have had a penalty awarded to us given the way Rooney's shirt was tugged in their area.

But both teams probably should have been awarded about half a dozen penalties anyway because of shirt pulling and shoving during corner kicks. Luckily for England that didn't happen because if it had then in all probability Ukraine would have scored more of them than England would have.

The nail biting comes next.

From General Discussion / The New Forum Moderators
Posted 16 Jun 12 10:39

From General Discussion / The New Forum Moderators
Posted 15 Jun 12 14:50
I fear there be dark forces at work. We're doomed, I say, Doomed!

From News Discussion / Euro 2012: Roy Hodgson predicts England success
Posted 4 Jun 12 14:56
We're top of our group - alphabetically. Enjoy it while it lasts folks. No bleedin' chance!

5* by the way.

From News Discussion / The Queen of Britain in Leaked Sex Tapestry -Jubilee Plans Unravel as Bestiality Allegations Lead to Worldwide Revulsion
Posted 3 Jun 12 18:41
Controversial. Nowt wrong with that. Good. 5*

From General Discussion / Questions Of The Day
Posted 24 May 12 20:53
I've often wondered when a car would be one car but the same car double parked at two different places at the same time. How many bits would need to be removed then placed on double yellow lines across the road before it would be the same car double parked in two different places at the same time?

I've been out in the sun today.

From General Discussion / David Icke Madman or Prophet?
Posted 14 May 12 23:55

Reptilians; Flying saucers(The State of UFO Disclosure - Press Conference. Mr Milton Torres sounds like no con artist to me); Ancient visitations (Pumapunku!); Ghosts ('The Enfield Poltergeist!')

I don't know what 'The Truth' is, but it is whatever it is. Bring it on! (Of course when Alice went down the rabbit hole she met The Mad Hatter, and they do say that fools rush in where angels fear to tread!)

Drink and be merry seems like a good idea as well!

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