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From General Discussion / Fascinating
Posted 27 Oct 11 19:58

As well as the 20 US soldiers who opted to live in China, there was also one Brit.

He was a Royal Marine from Scotland called Andrew Condron.

Presumably, he thought that life in China would be not as bad as returning to 1953 Scotland.

As an aside, the traitorous Condron wrote a pamphlet denigrating the West and promoting the 'worker's paradise' that he found himself in.

I'm told that it's not a riveting read.

From News Discussion / Five year study into understanding frogs concludes
Posted 27 Oct 11 17:59


From News Discussion / Dorking Review To Be Centre Of Olympic Extravaganza
Posted 27 Oct 11 17:44

The Onion has a number of books out, and our own Swan Morrison also has some 'out there'.

It's pretty much an obvious next step.

BTW my 'pooter' won't let me enter the dark place as there's risk of infection apparently.

No great surprize really.

From News Discussion / Dorking Review To Be Centre Of Olympic Extravaganza
Posted 27 Oct 11 17:40

Quote: Skoob1999

Makes one wonder if any other satire sites have a book out? I know I'd support it. What I certainly would not do is slag it off all over the place and post stupid misspelt reviews on book websites.

From News Discussion / Chatty Weirdo Jailed Indefinitely
Posted 26 Oct 11 16:37

Welcome from me too.

An excellent, well written spoof.

From News Discussion / Forgotten Pinter Sketch Found in Dorking Loft
Posted 26 Oct 11 16:35

Very, very good.

It may not mean anything to anyone under 40, but I have to agree with CJ.


From News Discussion / Unileverage Unable To Explain Spike In Sales Of Skin Care Products
Posted 23 Oct 11 19:39

HA, ha, ha.

I laughed so much I nearly lost me butt plug.

Five from me.

From General Discussion / Erskin eaten by alien blob?
Posted 23 Oct 11 12:03

I knew that this would happen.

Up north Yate's Wine Lodge sells a truly disgusting wine based drink called Blobs.

It was only a matter of time before poor, gentle, absinthe sipping Erskine was hunted down and Chaved.

From General Discussion / George Bernard Shaw
Posted 20 Oct 11 20:44

To my knowledge, Aberdeen was never rocked.

Although Dundee tried to club it to death in 1931.

And Glasgow mugged it in 1956.

There is a rumour that Banff once sexually molested it during the inter-war period, but I'm not sure if that counts.

From General Discussion / Waiting For My Photos
Posted 20 Oct 11 20:31

She was feeling Happy before.

Doc told me.

From General Discussion / Waiting For My Photos
Posted 20 Oct 11 20:27

S'no right that!

From Magazine Discussion / The Duchess of Cornwall's Tips For Buying a Second-Hand Motorbike
Posted 20 Oct 11 19:38

Thanks chaps

From General Discussion / It's not the cough that carries you off
Posted 19 Oct 11 20:53

The French gov has actually re-licenced the stuff despite it's history of sending people mad or making them blind.

Don't believe me.

Alcohol content of drinks:

Beer 5%
Wine 12%
Gin 37%
Whiskey 40%
Pastice 45%
Absinthe 85%

Sorry, not very funny I realise, but it's one of the few facts that I know and I wanted to look like a smart-arse before getting blind drunk.

From General Discussion / It's not the cough that carries you off
Posted 19 Oct 11 20:40

I don't suppose you've got any of that absinthe left have you?

From News Discussion / Nell Gwyn's tits in first public airing for 350 years
Posted 19 Oct 11 20:34



From Magazine Discussion / Cummerbunds and their role throughout history
Posted 19 Oct 11 17:23

Well, it made me laugh.

I had to unbutton me waistcoat.

Five from me.

From General Discussion / Meet and Greet!!
Posted 18 Oct 11 20:02

Sounds like a good idea to me Jean.

It can be very intimidating when one joins and doesn't really know anyone. Particularly when people are talking about things that you are not totally au-fait with. I'm one of the guilty ones for talking about The Dorking Review, which is something that not everyone will be familiar with. That said, there are different threads on any subject that you want to talk about. If you want to talk about something else: Start a thread. Also if you want to know about something that others are talking about you just have to ask.

There are sub-groups here, as there is in any organisation. People will tend to comment on styles and genres that are similar to their own. That's normal. I don't comment on humour that doesn't interest me. For me, there's no point. It doesn't mean that it's no good. I just laugh at other things.

Everyone has opinions and voices here, and believe it or not there is no hierarchy.

Hello, welcome, and if anyone needs to borrow my lawnmower they only have to ask.

From General Discussion / Me New Video
Posted 17 Oct 11 21:13

I quite enjoy seeing nonsensical violence.

Bravo Skoob.

Hollywood awaits...possibly not you, but you never know.

I liked it anyway.

From News Discussion / Has your pilot just died? There's an app for that
Posted 16 Oct 11 10:29

The general rule for flying is to keep the aircraft in between the hard green bit and outer space.

I always mention this to the driver and he only very rarely crashes the Tiger Moth.

From General Discussion / Religion
Posted 13 Oct 11 19:42

I knew a chap who had religion. Can't remember which one it was, but I'm pretty certain that he wasn't from Madagascar.

And I know for a fact that it wasn't Willie Carson, as Willie would certainly have mentioned it.
Once he starts talking he never stops, but that's Willie for you.

Anyway, the thing is, why is it that people have religion, rather than have A religion?

I've never been able to work that one out.

From Magazine Discussion / A Day In The Life Of A Spoof Writer
Posted 12 Oct 11 18:37

Accurately observed piece of social...

Bollocks! Can't think of the word now.

Pass the gin.

From Magazine Discussion / The Apricot Report - A Public Inquiry By Sir Runchbox Poke-Starbling QC
Posted 10 Oct 11 21:01

Editing is pretty much a personal thing, but it also depends on the type of story.

On the stuff that gets posted on the Spoof, for me, it tends to be cut back during one quick edit as it's news type reports. Keep it simple, a gag on every line and finish with a twist.

On other types of writing like comic novels I find that I have to edit three or four times, and I end up adding to the text rather than cutting it.

It very much depends on what style one is trying to project.

From General Discussion / Skoob In Trouble
Posted 9 Oct 11 20:31


So much better with a script. And I loved the detail of Anne's pink Marigolds.

I laughed like a drain.

From General Discussion / The 'Boring' Thread
Posted 8 Oct 11 21:39

Yes I have come across The Dorking Review and I understand that it can be obtained via Amazon at a very reasonable price.

Not that I would want to push anything that may or may not have been published by writers from the Spoof you understand.

I wonder, do you know what the cover looks like? It's slipped my memory.

From General Discussion / The 'Boring' Thread
Posted 8 Oct 11 21:19

I'm terribly sorry.

I would argue strongly that my nuts and bolts story had much more merit than the usual load of old tosh that gets posted on here. And possibly throw a hissy fit over artistic integrity and the brilliance of engineering related quips, but of course that may generate some interest for the poor sods that stumble across the site.

And it would also make the boring thread less boring.

Did I ever tell you the story of the time when my uncle found that he accidentally picked up someone else's empty lunch box during his break at the creosote works?

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