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From General Discussion / Peugeot/Renault Experiences?
Posted 30 Sep 10 13:38
The most boring and reliable person I ever met was Swiss.

Perhaps you should go for a Swiss car as they are likely to reflect their national characteristics. Can't think of any Swiss car makers at the moment, but there are some very good chocolate manufacturers there.

From News Discussion / Yoda, celebrities list joined he has, those who dyslexia have.
Posted 29 Sep 10 20:07
This very much enjoyed did I. Absurdity it I of loved the. Thumbs from me five it for.

Workers of the world untie.

From General Discussion / Peugeot/Renault Experiences?
Posted 29 Sep 10 17:11
Whatever you do don't buy a German or Japanese car. They are so boringly reliable that they come with an application form for the civil service in the glove compartment.
I agree with Iain, go for an Italian car and everyday will be a new adventure. A Fiat Multipla would be ideal. Dirt cheap because it looks like Ann Widdicome and a totally different noise from the engine each morning.
Because it's a Fiat trim falls off every time you close the door but the lads in Turin have compensated by putting addition pieces on to compensate for the bits you lose.
You can also take the back seats out and it will easily accommodate a moped if you take the front wheel off it before loading it in. I have one, and the mechanic at the garage that I use begs me not to get rid of it.

From News Discussion / 30% Of Britons Don't Give A Toss About Work
Posted 29 Sep 10 12:15
It seems disturbingly realistic. Not sure if the media has lead us to think like that or if there is some truth in it.
Excellent piece.

From News Discussion / Local man wins car
Posted 28 Sep 10 06:06
Oh ta very much. I've come over all unnecessary now.

From General Discussion / Firm fined after dead mouse found in loaf of bread
Posted 27 Sep 10 19:51
Don't quite understand this one. Was the firm fined because they provided a complimentary mouse with their product, or were they fined because the mouse was poisoned by the bread that it was burrowing into. It seems to me that they were either fined for providing more product than they were advertising, or were fined for killing a mouse. I can understand the latter but not the former.

From General Discussion / please help, becoming desperate
Posted 27 Sep 10 14:46
I'm terribly sorry but I was looking for the toilet and I seem to have stumbled into the site by accident, I wonder if I could use yours?

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