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From General Discussion / What Vintage Automobile Describes Fellow Spoofers?
Posted 3 Apr 12 11:43

Me? A Robin Reliant XR 0.5i with go faster stripes.

From General Discussion / Bored? Here's a fun site...
Posted 24 Mar 12 13:19

I'm on it already! Love it!

From Magazine Discussion / How to Fly a Light Aircraft
Posted 24 Mar 12 09:07

Brilliant stuff churchmouse.

5* from me.


From General Discussion / Bored? Here's a fun site...
Posted 24 Mar 12 04:27

I had a lot of fun on this site.

My office walls will be adorned with various Uncle Sam posters on Monday!

Thanks for the link Charpa.


From News Discussion / Metropolitan Police Service Savaged by Animal Rights Watchdog Over Shooting of Crazed Dog
Posted 23 Mar 12 13:42

Thankyou Inch, Skoob and Your Maj.

I'm gradually finding time again and it feels nice to be back.


From General Discussion / Alf Starling
Posted 29 Dec 11 13:18

An easy mistake to make. As they say, shit happens.

From News Discussion / New Crime Wave Spreads Across Britain
Posted 26 Nov 11 14:42

Skoob, have you bolted the gazebo down?

From News Discussion / Mental Health Issues? There's an app for that.
Posted 25 Nov 11 23:12

I really like this one Iain. Brilliant!

5* from me.


From Magazine Discussion / Medical Observations of the Sexual Development of Children
Posted 23 Nov 11 12:06

Wonderful piece In Seine! Very funny.

5 appendages from me.


From Magazine Discussion / Combat - June 9th 1944 - Northern France
Posted 14 Nov 11 11:31


When I saw this in appro, I thought of CJ's piece on Auschwitz.

Cracking piece of work. Five thumbs don't do it justice.


From News Discussion / The Cannes Sham Time-share Scam
Posted 4 Nov 11 13:44

Nice one flustercluck!

5* from me.

Welcome to The Spoof and have fun.

From News Discussion / 3D Dorking Review Movie Release Scheduled To Coincide With London 2012 Olympics
Posted 4 Nov 11 07:21

Can't wait for the 'scratch n sniff' version to come out!

From News Discussion / Western Australia Declares Martial Law
Posted 28 Oct 11 09:11

I saw that the police completely stopped the march today.

As peaceful and law abiding as it was.

I thought that sort of shit only happened in Queensland!

During the anti-apartheid protests here in the 80s, when the

Springboks came to Brisbane, two people standing on a street

talking was an illegal gathering.

From News Discussion / Population reaches 7 billion
Posted 27 Oct 11 11:09

Quote: Ellis Ian Fields

Behind every man now alive stand thirty ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living. Since the dawn of time, roughly a hundred billion human beings have walked the planet Earth.

Arthur Clarke.

And if the Daily Mail is right, they're all heading for Leeds.

Should work wonders for house prices.

From News Discussion / Unileverage Unable To Explain Spike In Sales Of Skin Care Products
Posted 24 Oct 11 08:03

Thanks CM.

Dunno what possessed me to write that one...


From General Discussion / A ban on SKOOB1999
Posted 23 Oct 11 04:15

Not only should he be banned, he should be transported

to Terra Australis for the rest of his natural life.

He'd be more than welcome down here.

From General Discussion / Hair
Posted 22 Oct 11 14:56

Hair? What type of hair?

There is head, facial, nasal, pubic, bodily, etc., etc.

How about 101 uses for ear hair?


PS: Did you know, in an average life time, we grow 2 metres
of nasal hair? I'm making mine into rope, ready to abseil down the tallest building at Legoland.

From General Discussion / Me New Video
Posted 18 Oct 11 12:52

Have you thought of attending a Vinnie Jones master class?

From General Discussion / Me New Video
Posted 18 Oct 11 10:18

Outside broadcast?

Under the gazebo?

From General Discussion / Me New Video
Posted 18 Oct 11 01:13


This is good enough for the Edinburgh fringe.



From General Discussion / Occupy Wall Street
Posted 14 Oct 11 10:02

Quote: Skoob1999

Do they have a point?

Or are they just a lazy bunch of work shy soap dodging hippies?

I'd like to think they're people asking questions which require answers.

Where did all the money go?

Just askin'


Just read a piece in the Washington Post.

When the top 400 earners control more wealth than the poorest 150 million people in the US, you have to agree that these folks have a point.

A simplistic view, maybe, but this is just fundamentally wrong.

From General Discussion / Knox girl
Posted 7 Oct 11 01:36

I have to agree.

I get a distinct feeling that what you see is not what you get
with Ms Knox.

There is something very cold in her eyes.

However, an Italian judge says she's not guilty. Relax.

From Magazine Discussion / A True Diary of Woe - Part One
Posted 19 Sep 11 12:59

Masterful stuff Inch.

5* from me.

Hope you're keeping well.


From General Discussion / Fishing - Is It Any Good Or What?
Posted 18 Sep 11 14:02

I fished the River Bain once when I was a kid in Lincolnshire.

All I caught was a cold.

I fished the mouth of the Brisbane River once a couple of years ago.

All I caught was a 3 meter Bull Shark.

Give me a cold any day.

From News Discussion / A Sushi Bar In Burnley? - You're Having A Laugh Mister Yakomoto!
Posted 16 Sep 11 12:01

Skoob, I think it's high time you petitioned Buckingham Palace.

You could be the inaugural Spoofer Laureate.

It may even attract a modest stipend.

Keep up the insanity!


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