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From General Discussion / And we're back
Posted 13 Jul 12 11:58

Absolutely priceless Ferg!

From General Discussion / Knitting With Mr & Mrs CJ
Posted 11 Jul 12 11:38

That's where I'm going wrong.

I'm only able to 'drop one'.

From General Discussion / Dear Spoof
Posted 11 Jul 12 07:20

Thank you Mark!

From General Discussion / Gardening With Mr & Mrs CJ
Posted 10 Jul 12 22:15

Gardens need fertilliser.

If anybody is interested, I can locate an ample supply of horse shit.

From General Discussion / Knitting With Mr & Mrs CJ
Posted 10 Jul 12 22:13

All this talk of knitting and darning is exhausting.

How about a thread for writers who like to watch dust settle?

From General Discussion / Knitting With Mr & Mrs CJ
Posted 10 Jul 12 21:21

Would it be appropriate to discuss crocheting here?

Or would that require a separate thread?

From News Discussion / Salvador Dali Horse To Fetch £400,000
Posted 19 Jun 12 11:26

Brilliant, EIF!

What have you been smoking?

From General Discussion / Vienna
Posted 12 Jun 12 12:11

I always liked Midge Urea.

Serious musician. Never took the piss.

From News Discussion / Bruce Forsyth Thought to be a Soviet Spy
Posted 21 May 12 06:53

Nice to see you, to see you nice Churchmouse.

Loved this one.

From General Discussion / Bairstow's gone...
Posted 19 May 12 11:37

I even hear Aussies singing England's praises.

Now, that is a turn up for the books.

From General Discussion / People that Iron their underpants and socks
Posted 19 May 12 11:08

My mother used to insist on ironing the curtains, until she fell to her death one day.

From General Discussion / Bairstow's gone...
Posted 19 May 12 11:05

I know RG, I was simply being a wind up merchant.

I live in Oz. How could I escape cricket?

From General Discussion / Bairstow's gone...
Posted 19 May 12 10:59

What on earth are you talking about Ellis?

Who is Bairstow?

You say he is gone, but where?

From General Discussion / Thanks
Posted 1 May 12 12:39

Quote: pinxit

Sid, you should have the photos by now, if those don't change your mind mate...

A sicker bunch of slathering paedos, psychos and down-and-outs you'll never want to meet.

Thanks Pinxit. Looks like a fine time was had by all!

From General Discussion / Thanks
Posted 1 May 12 12:37

Quote: Ellis Ian Fields

Do me a favour, Sid. Corporate, chain pubs don't do it for me.

Why don't we just get a few cans, come round and wreck your drum?

Sounds good...

From General Discussion / Thanks
Posted 1 May 12 10:53

Alright Ellis, there's a Pig & Whistle too. How about that?

I've got some spare rooms...

From General Discussion / Thanks
Posted 1 May 12 09:21

Next time, can you make it the Slug & Lettuce in Brisbane?

From General Discussion / The Posting Whilst Taking A Number Of Powerful Laxatives Thread
Posted 22 Apr 12 13:07

Danton, you haven't lived mate.

Wait until a Urologist pokes the same fibre optic cable up your Jap's Eye to inspect your bladder.

Then, and only then, will you know pain.

Keep taking the Panadol.

From General Discussion / Situations Vacant - Funny Spoof Writers Urgently Required
Posted 19 Apr 12 12:06

Couldn't agree more QM.

Maybe they don't realise there are no benefits and free housing here.

From News Discussion / Dorking Base Jumper Killed In Tragic Accident
Posted 19 Apr 12 09:14

The research was not too onerous, Jimbo.

Used to walk my dear old Labrador on Leith Hill many years ago.



From News Discussion / Yorkshire 'Gravy Man' Ken Mither "Fair Thraped" Following Whistle-Stop Dorking Visit
Posted 17 Apr 12 10:16

Can somebody take the Forumbot out and shoot it?

What is it doing bringing stuff like this to the forum?

Very entertaining Skoob!

5* from me.


From Magazine Discussion / Dorking remembers its second most famous resident
Posted 15 Apr 12 11:15

Quote: churchmouse

And I don't suppose you have a fuel filter for a Briggs & Stratton 4.5 hp lawn mower do you?

I do CM. It's yours for a bag of weed.

From Magazine Discussion / All Our Yesterdays - Blazing Row In Wheelhouse Of RMS Titanic As It Almost Hits Iceberg
Posted 9 Apr 12 12:53

Mate, I hate it when you have these attacks of modesty.

It just ain't you.

From News Discussion / Spoof Writers Demand That Skoob1999 Be Banned From The Spoof Website
Posted 9 Apr 12 11:38

What can I say mate?

Shut the door and switch off the light on your way out.

But don't forget to send the odd humourous postcard!

Seriously, Skoob, where the fuck would we be without you?


From General Discussion / Happy Easter ...
Posted 8 Apr 12 13:14

Happy Easter all!

That's another holiday weekend nailed.


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