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From General Discussion / Intelligent conversation
Posted 29 Oct 12 12:43


From News Discussion / Ali Bullo To Remove The 'Big Jimmy' From Kebab Van Menus
Posted 28 Oct 12 12:26

Nice one Skoob.

5* from me.


From General Discussion / Jaggedone's Book is on the shelves!
Posted 20 Oct 12 04:00

Has it got lots of pictures and large print?

If so, I'll rush out and buy it.

Good luck JO.


From General Discussion / Jimmy Savile
Posted 7 Oct 12 12:59

Jimmy Savile, David Icke, Operation Ore, the Iraq War?

I was trying to come to terms with John Peel being a kiddy fiddler. He was one of my radio idols.

I have to say, TV has never been a big thing for me. As a result, most of the celebrity stuff is completely lost on me. Of course, I remember Jimmy Savile from my childhood, but all of this current stuff is news to me.

By the way, who the fuck are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez?

From General Discussion / Jimmy Savile
Posted 7 Oct 12 07:01

All of a sudden Jim'll Fix It takes on a whole new meaning.

From General Discussion / Ellis Has Gone To France............let's get him!!!!
Posted 18 Sep 12 10:20

Welcome back Ellis!

Nice to see you and the missus weren't the target of a seemingly professional hit while you were in France.

Never did trust the French...

From General Discussion / Great!.......SUPER!
Posted 17 Sep 12 13:30

I seem to recall that catchphrase featuring in Bottom.

From Magazine Discussion / Great Battleships of World War II
Posted 17 Sep 12 13:24

Great battleships of WWII and sexual innuendo.

What more could you want?

Clever stuff, Cap'n.

Love it!


From News Discussion / Pippa Middleton Hiding Out In Garden Shed
Posted 17 Sep 12 13:14

Enjoyed this one mate.

5* from me.


From News Discussion / King Richard III Found In Leicester Car Park
Posted 15 Sep 12 15:10

We did have a Richard III Society.

However, as Dick's exploits would now be deemed anti-Islamic,
we no longer meet for fear that a global Islamic revolution might wipe out mankind.

These days, we hope that the scientologists will rise up and defend us all.

From News Discussion / King Richard III Found In Leicester Car Park
Posted 14 Sep 12 07:30

Thank you folks.

As always, a pleasure.


From General Discussion / Hillsborough
Posted 13 Sep 12 09:13

Just read the reports about Hillsborough. Unbelievable.

It was already a tragedy, but to find out that 41 died needlessly is absolutely heartbreaking.

I hope the bastards who are responsible get their day in court, followed by a lengthy spell in prison.

From General Discussion / What do you bring to a party?
Posted 5 Sep 12 10:42

Quote: CaptainSausage

Three bottles of Lambrini, a party bag of Monster Munch, some Fun size (c) Mars bars and a packet of ribbed ticklers.

Classic Cap'n!

Do you hire yourself out?

I have punters waiting...

From General Discussion / What do you bring to a party?
Posted 5 Sep 12 09:44

Quote: IainB

Sartorial elegance and a bucket load of concealer.

I'll bring the Blue Nun as well.


While you're at it Debbie, pick up a mixed case of Black Tower and Mateus Rosé, please.

From General Discussion / What do you bring to a party?
Posted 5 Sep 12 05:24

A bottle of Absinthe and Demis Roussos' entire back catalogue.

From General Discussion / iPad?......iPod?.....iThick
Posted 1 Sep 12 10:41

You need Debbie, mate.

But she's never around when you want her.

From Magazine Discussion / The Lamp Post
Posted 31 Aug 12 13:22

I really enjoyed this one Arm.

Highly entertaining.

5* from me.

From Magazine Discussion / Ron & Fred on New Technology - and Milk (Part One)
Posted 30 Aug 12 23:43

Another blinder from Tommy.

Do you know what I liked best?

The title - it says part one.

Keep 'em coming Tommy.

From General Discussion / Pollock or Hockney
Posted 30 Aug 12 23:40

Apples & oranges? Fish? Hackney? Cricket?

I'm confused.

It's all pollocks, nothing but absolute pollocks.

Good morning to you.

From News Discussion / Princess Diana Honoured By Posthumous Awards
Posted 30 Aug 12 21:52

Quote: Ellis Ian Fields

Excellent use of questionable taste, IMHO. LOL.


(I hope this isn't a cut-and-paste-and-improved job, Sidney).

Nah, all original this one.

From General Discussion / Neil Armstrong
Posted 28 Aug 12 12:58

Ferg, there have been times when I've thought you were the Devil's advocate.

Now, I'm thinking you're just the Devil himself.

How's the weather?

From News Discussion / Kenyan Police Scale Down Hunt For Rogue Essex Girl
Posted 28 Aug 12 10:07

Nice one Skoob. Very funny.


From General Discussion / Neil Armstrong
Posted 27 Aug 12 11:52

Sorry, I was just reading page 1 of this thread.

What the fuck has Satchmo and Wonderful World got to do with Neil Armstrong?

Is that just a piss poor comedic link, or is the writer a total numpty?

Answers on a postcard please.

From General Discussion / Neil Armstrong
Posted 26 Aug 12 12:42

Quote: Fergus McCarthy

Good thinking Sid, a pissed up Maori mountain is a formidable foe.

Oh yes...

From General Discussion / Neil Armstrong
Posted 26 Aug 12 11:46

It wasn't pretty.

But the night out was good and made somewhat easier by the fact I had an All Black shirt on!

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