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From News Discussion / Moussa Koussa Becomes UK's Most Popular Cat Name
Posted 12 Apr 11 09:00
What's wrong with Mousey Catcher?

From News Discussion / Research shows anarchists would not last one second in anarchy
Posted 28 Mar 11 08:30
This poor twit should do a bit of research himself.

From News Discussion / Local Man Puts Out Bins On Wrong Night - Wife Complains
Posted 22 Mar 11 10:39
Terry is fortunate. He didn't put out the wrong bin colour for the week. Expect death if you do.

From News Discussion / The Isle of Mull is stolen
Posted 17 Jan 11 15:38
Recent reports make it clear that the Isle of Man was bought not stolen. Please make sure of your facts before going into print!

From News Discussion / False alarm. Victoria Beckham's tummy bulge not a baby.
Posted 11 Jan 11 14:37
Spurs are denying the rumour that the non-existent unborn Becks has begun training with the team.

From News Discussion / Dog Unsatisfied After Simulated Sex
Posted 10 Nov 10 17:39
My dog is emigrating to Australia.

From News Discussion / George Osborne Proposes '1.9 Children Per Family' Limit
Posted 12 Oct 10 10:09
I am a 0.9% child and I'm headed for No 10!

From News Discussion / Local man leaves toilet seat up
Posted 14 Sep 10 18:57
I don't suppose you cleaned the bath where a hair from your crotch lay lazily cocksure of itself. And did you leave a smear of shit in that toilet which you haven't cleaned in the last century? We await the next epidode.

From News Discussion / Saudi punishment for "Cat Binning" woman
Posted 25 Aug 10 14:06
Loony bin Laden?

From News Discussion / Spoof Author Revealed as Inspiration for Book by Dr. Alex Comfort
Posted 12 Aug 10 16:24
So you can find a swallow at Piccadilly circus. Comfort never told us that. We march on!

From Magazine Discussion / God not impressed by Lady Godiva
Posted 12 Jul 10 21:32
Lady Godiva returns! Penelope visits Grandma in hospital with more information.

From News Discussion / Police Close Off Northern England "Mad Zone"
Posted 8 Jul 10 10:41
I have friends in the North who are worried and you make fun of their plight! None of them would hurt a fly - unlike the Barbarians to the North. Hadrian's Wall is in danger. Where will this end. Just because they voted for Nick Clegg in Sheffield.

From News Discussion / Did Anna Chapman Shag UK Govt Minister At Cliveden?
Posted 4 Jul 10 06:10
Blunkett claims he had never seen the girl.

From News Discussion / Amy Winehouse joins Ken Clarke in Drug Rehab
Posted 30 Jun 10 19:38
Thanks. Forgot to mention for Ken - Viper Mad - Sidney Bechet on Stash ST-100. The best jazz is imbued with the Blues.

From News Discussion / Amy Winehouse joins Ken Clarke in Drug Rehab
Posted 30 Jun 10 13:28
For Amy: Cocaine Habit Blues - Memphis Jug Band & Dope Head Blues - Victoria Spivey with Lonnie Johnson (guitar) on 'Pipe, Spoon, Pot and Jug Stash ST-102
For Jamie & Jools: Reefer Man - Claude Jones, Sweet Marijuana Brown - Barney Bigard.
Just for Ken: Viper Mad - Sidney Betchet - all 3 on Reefer Songs Stash ST-100
Also: Jack I'm Mellow- Trixie Smith & Texas Tea Party - Benny Goodman also on Stash ST-100
For the Cabinet: Sweet Sue, Just You - Louis Armstong on Early Viper Jive Stash ST-105
For Vince & Nicky: Uptown - Gene Krupa on Tea Pad Songs Stash ST-104

From News Discussion / Susan Boyle to meet with Mark Lowton of The Spoof
Posted 26 Jun 10 18:51
cant understand garlic

From Magazine Discussion / Penelope on Government
Posted 16 Jun 10 13:31
To find more on Penelope see 'Football Stinks!' and 'Vuvuzelas are Phallic Symbols' in the Magazine section.
She is preparing for a TV series now.

From News Discussion / World Exclusive - England Goalie Stung!
Posted 13 Jun 10 15:19
An urgent call from Barbara Windsor's husband Charles has made it clear he is relative of the Queen, not the Queen Bee.

From News Discussion / World Cup Shock for England
Posted 11 Jun 10 08:08
Breathe again England fans! Barrack Obama's daughters have persuaded him to listen to David Beckham. 'You can't do this Daddy' they chimed together. American Government officials are trying to soothe feelings in the English camp by offering free trips to Florida for all the team after winning the World Cup.

From News Discussion / Richard Dawkins finds God
Posted 7 Jun 10 19:23
Someone suffering from a delusion.

From News Discussion / Cameron calls snap election
Posted 6 Jun 10 17:36
The online 'Guardian' has clearly read this story. There is a comment from SmashtheGates on the Rawnsley story that 'Tory constituency agents have been instructed to put 14th October in their diaries as the date of a snap election'.
Clearly pure fiction. 'Spoof News' has the real truth. Cameron has the excitement engendered by our World Cup triumph as his motivation to move in July.

From News Discussion / The Queen sails for Israel
Posted 6 Jun 10 17:27
Prepare yourselves for bad news. The crew of the vessel 'Harrods' (formerly 'Britania')have been taken into custody in Israel. Prince Philip played an exemplary role defending the Queen and was wounded. All pigeons have been destroyed. The Israelis are clearly reading these messages in 'Spoof News'. Messages must now cease. Watch the 'Sun' for updates.

From News Discussion / The Queen sails for Israel
Posted 6 Jun 10 17:18
Latest news is that Mohammed el Fayed has joined the Monarch's mercy mission and has been handed the Captaincy. 'Britania' has been renamed 'Harrods'. All communication with the vessel have been blocked - information by flying pigeon. Watch for more startling news about our Queen.

From News Discussion / The Queen sails for Israel
Posted 6 Jun 10 10:41
Prince Harry said today: "If my mother, Her Royal Highness,Diana, Princess of Wales, knew about this wonderful example she would be so proud to be the Queen's daughter in law."

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