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From News Discussion / Frat boys just love the taste of new vagina beer
Posted 28 Jun 12 17:12

Quote: Lynton

Tell me then Elly, in what way do you think that CJ's thread/CJ didn't abide by the forum rules (as it seems QM did) and was thus locked? An explanation for this would be welcome I'm sure and some reassurance that the forum will not be moderated in such a 'megalomaniac' way from day to day and that discussions however difficult the subject matter might be, will be allowed to occur. I haven't PM'd you on this because I am sure that there must be other spoofers asking themselves the same question.

LYNTON: this is another example of flaming.

Your 'megalomaniac' assertion is rude and abusive.

I am locking this thread.

From Magazine Discussion / Arsenio: I'm Back and Here's My First Monologue
Posted 26 Jun 12 18:51
Welcome to the Spoof, Matt; enjoyed your debut article.

Looks like you are currently top contender for the Best Spoof Forum Profile, lots of detail without any smarm.

Looking forward to reading more of your Spoofs.


From General Discussion / Man denies sex with family's bull mastiff
Posted 25 Jun 12 17:33
Guess that clears up that one then, Simon...

From General Discussion / Man denies sex with family's bull mastiff
Posted 25 Jun 12 15:49
A man rejected by his ex-wife went on to have sex with her bull mastiff dog, a court heard today.

Kelly Thacker claims to have found her ex-husband Nicholas Saunders, with whom she has two children, in her bed having intercourse with the animal on January 15 last year.

The 46-year-old denies the charge but accepts he was naked in the bed with the dog.


From General Discussion / Who will win Euro 2012
Posted 24 Jun 12 21:49
Got your answer then, tonight.

IE: Not us.

Quarter Final exit on penalties - same old story.

From News Discussion / Frat boys just love the taste of new vagina beer
Posted 21 Jun 12 20:31
Somewhat racist and sexist, this story. And a turn-off.

From News Discussion / Commander Bond with some tips on enjoying the upcoming St. John Voodo Holiday - 24 June
Posted 21 Jun 12 12:19
This should be in Magazine.

From News Discussion / Nottingham Forest boy: "I made it all up!"
Posted 17 Jun 12 21:32
I once worked at a chambers where a tramp was found living in a cubbyhole next to the basement boiler room. Turned out he was a disgruntled ex-client fallen on hard times, hunkered down clandestinely quite a few years before discovery. Likely a Millwall supporter.

From General Discussion / Happy Father's Day
Posted 16 Jun 12 16:23
Happy Father's Day to dads everywhere.

Especially the much-loved sire of six.

From General Discussion / The New Forum Moderators
Posted 16 Jun 12 14:53

Quote: Lynton
What is wrong with him is his business but I will say that his tails of woe do not reflect the real difficulties in which he finds himself.

Inchcock's numerous astrology Magazine articles have all been deleted.

Blame the loony eclipse if you wish.

From News Discussion / Office "Funny Guy" Can't Understand Why Letterman Hasn't Called
Posted 15 Jun 12 21:49
Enjoyed your debut Spoof, Chris.

Welcome to The Spoof.

From News Discussion / Joy Behar caught in sticky embrace with Obama Mannequin
Posted 15 Jun 12 21:47
Welcome to the Spoof, Heeke.


From News Discussion / Queen and Jessie J. Form Dominatrix Duo
Posted 15 Jun 12 15:51
5 from me Pinx, gawd nose who your insider sources are...

From General Discussion / Something the matter, Deer?
Posted 15 Jun 12 14:31
Girl, 11, discovers rotten deer leg inside bag of Sainsbury's pet hay

A terrified youngster screamed in horror when she opened a bag of hay bought for her pet guinea pigs and found a rotten deer leg with bits of fur and decomposing flesh inside.

Isabel Henderson, was stunned to find the animal's decaying limb in the sack of hay meant for her two pet guinea pigs Ginny and Squeak.

The Bob Martin My Little Friend Meadow Hay had been bought from a branch of Sainsbury's in Woodford, Greater London, on Wednesday morning and Isabel's furious father James now wants compensation from the supermarket giant.

SO where are the other three legs? Packet or crisps? Bag of Lambs Lettuce?..........

From General Discussion / The New Forum Moderators
Posted 15 Jun 12 10:40

Quote: Skoob1999

More like 'Who Bares Bins', hehe...

From News Discussion / HM Prison Services Swamped with Female Applications after Illicit Sex Allegations !
Posted 14 Jun 12 19:49
Welcome to the Spoof. Aphrodite.

Enjoyed your debut story, looking forward to reading more.


From General Discussion / The New Forum Moderators
Posted 14 Jun 12 18:35
Thanks, Abel!

Queen Mudderator

From News Discussion / "Lady Gaga Has An Extremely Hairy Muff - Whereas Harry Styles Waxes" - Says Verity Warbling-Trollblog
Posted 14 Jun 12 10:45
'Lady Gaga has an extremely hirsute vagina'

Surprised to see this story after the vociferous volume of this writer's forum opinions on vagina stories and those who write them.

Somewhat disingenuous to say the least.

From Magazine Discussion / The Quentin Kelp Column - Your elected member
Posted 12 Jun 12 18:54

Quote: Ellis Ian Fields

TJM... these pieces are highly enjoyable, but their publication is being delayed because you're not adding tags, mate. Add tags and they will get out there quicker.
Just sayin'...

Yes, enjoyed the whole Kelp series of articles but PLEASE INCLUDE TAGS, it's a right pain-in-the-ass when article after article doesn't pass Appro because it has no tags.

From News Discussion / Sex Kitten Ad Disappoints Local Man
Posted 12 Jun 12 18:11

Quote: radiogagger
What did Maria get banned for?

She isn't. Check out her profile.

From General Discussion / Did someone say it was raining?
Posted 11 Jun 12 16:00
Happy Spoof Anniversary Arm.

Water table already very high in the area mostly because of little local investment in proper infrastructure.

We have a bolt hole in West Sussex, got its own natural moat that floods when the Arun spills over.

Put in new drains and flood defences about 15 years ago following a mini landslide in the veg garden.

These days it's usually laid to waste by marauding wildfowl.

From News Discussion / Local Man Disappointed After craigslist Posting Attracts Strange Man and Unwanted E-mail from Overseas
Posted 10 Jun 12 22:52

Next time please use a capital in the title like what all the other words have:

Local Man Disappointed After craigslist Posting Attracts Strange Man and Unwanted E-mail from Overseas

From News Discussion / "Prince Harry Not Remotely Interested In Cheryl Cole Or Katy Perry" Says Verity Warbling-Trollblog
Posted 9 Jun 12 18:27
She's a bit of a slag alright...but has become something of an icon since she dumped dirty love rat Ashley.

Katy Perry meanwhile deserves every rotten fetid lasagna moniker thrown at her.

Bet you'd go for Cheryl if you weren't married, like.

From News Discussion / "Prince Harry Not Remotely Interested In Cheryl Cole Or Katy Perry" Says Verity Warbling-Trollblog
Posted 9 Jun 12 18:07
Good story but a bit sexist in parts:

There's no way he's ever going to dip his bread in what can best be described as a 'dirty dish.'

Poor cow doesn't deserve that!

From General Discussion / Gardening Tips
Posted 9 Jun 12 16:21
It all depends on the state of any over-wintering bladderwort - as Prince Philip found out to his cost this week.

Personally I'd make sure of planting some mood-altering perennials like hemlock F-1 hybrids next to datura cultivars such as Brugmansia Superba Aleister Crowleiana.

Both secrete hallucinogenic substances toxic to humans BUT when dried can be sprinkled on cappuccinos, ice cream, milk shakes etc.

Then there's mugwort - an absolute Royal Ascot must that makes picking a winner easy peasy after just one mouthful.

Grows particularly well next to pennyroyal and the curry plant with the added bonus of repelling foxes, marauding cats and TV Licence detector van sleuths.

All from a 50p packet of seeds.

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