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From News Discussion / Rooney throws left hook at Phil Jones; United's only shot on target Monday evening!
Posted 13 May 13 18:46
The slow burn, eh?

5* from me.

From News Discussion / Faint Ring Of Marijuana Smoke Discovered Around Earth
Posted 21 Apr 13 13:37
5+ for your 4/20 story, HB.


From News Discussion / Argy Pope's link to the Nazis
Posted 23 Mar 13 13:25
From today's Telegraph:

The Argentine Pope flew in by helicopter from the Vatican to Castel Gandolfo, where his German predecessor is enjoying the first few weeks of his retirement following his shock decision to resign last month.

The Vatican said the two popes embraced on the helipad.

In the chapel where they prayed together, Benedict offered Francis the traditional kneeler used by the pope. Francis refused to take it alone, saying "We're brothers," and the two prayed together on the same one.

Pope meets Pope: Francis tells Benedict 'we're brothers'

'Nuff said.

From News Discussion / Isle of Wight News - A3054 to have the potholes filled
Posted 18 Mar 13 13:21
Tried to flag up your latest in the Forum, Vic, some sort of glitch going on so just adding the link to your decidedly spoofy latest here.


From News Discussion / Isle of Wight News - Don't Forget to Move your Calendar to 2013
Posted 10 Mar 13 22:46
5 from me, Vic.

From News Discussion / First Non-Human May Become The Next Pope
Posted 3 Mar 13 16:56
Now the Sunday Times' Rod Liddle is in on the act:

'Obvious, really - the Pope is an alien running the mafia'.

[today's Sunday Times]

From News Discussion / Sinkhole the Size of Tennessee Threatens to Cut Florida in Half
Posted 2 Mar 13 13:15
Prescient stuff, Charpa...

From News Discussion / First Non-Human May Become The Next Pope
Posted 28 Feb 13 12:39
Vintage HB, but bang goes the papal knighthood...

From News Discussion / Cryogenic Storage Facility Workers Caught Bowling With Frozen Heads
Posted 27 Feb 13 14:18
Good spoof.
Tried to 5-it but some sort of glitch is stopping the thumbs from going yellow.

From News Discussion / Much Younger Man Expected To Be Chosen To Become Next Pope!
Posted 25 Feb 13 17:35
It could be a woman...Her Holiness Dame Cherry Bush.

From News Discussion / IDS thinks shelf stacking more important than Geology
Posted 21 Feb 13 22:39
Good story.
IDS made my blood boil too.

From News Discussion / Pope Resigns To Smoke More Weed
Posted 12 Feb 13 19:14
Vintage HB.

From General Discussion / One-Thumb tosser
Posted 6 Feb 13 14:52
Oh dear, yet another 'poor-me victim'. You need to get a life Arm.

From General Discussion / One-Thumb tosser
Posted 6 Feb 13 11:05
Break Fluid: you are a pathetic troll who has no life apart from peddling some sort of paranoid psychodrama.

I expect the law will catch up with you soon and you can peruse your obsession where you belong - behind bars.

From General Discussion / One-Thumb tosser
Posted 6 Feb 13 11:00

Quote: Skoob1999

I am not your nanny nor your probation officer. You've tried to draw me into your dumb fights and badmouthed me behind my back.

That 'vendetta' of yours is all in your head.

I'm just not interested in your sadass existence or daft personal agenda.

Nor your horrible racist thugs pals who Mark booted off.

Anyone who has been through the phone/internet hacking scandal in the last two years knows exactly what the score is. THAT is my business. And it's private.

From General Discussion / One-Thumb tosser
Posted 5 Feb 13 20:45
This site has gone through a lot of phases where trolls and/or disgruntled ex-writers 1-thumb bombed it on a daily basis.

It's a kind of recreational sport for online losers, some people are really dedicated to it.

The name Lady Godiva comes to mind. Anyone who ever had any dealings with her will know what I mean.

Yesterday her close ex-chum 'Chris James' threw a wobbly on this site about f-knows what crap.

Glad to say Mark has dealt with this psycho who'd logged on under several IDs to boast about how many stories he'd just 1-thumbed to show his contempt for this site.

Some muvvers do ave em.

From General Discussion / One-Thumb tosser
Posted 4 Feb 13 16:28
I expect you'll be getting your comeuppance when our Editor logs on, Hogwash.

And don't try threatening to disrupt the site, it could get you into very serious trouble indeed.

From General Discussion / One-Thumb tosser
Posted 4 Feb 13 13:59

Quote: hogwart pigmole

Wow, that is great comedy. I have hit Muddy with a load of single thumbs after reading this thread. Your spoofs are mediocre to say the least. If you hadn't started this thread it would never have happened. And you put it where anybody can read it. Reap what you sow. I'm not saying all the best because it would be a lie. Now get back to your 6K PLUS waste of life.........

So, only been here 24 hours and already abusing Spoof writers with your hogwash, eh?

You need to check the website's rules about not 1-thumb bombing other writers' spoofs.

It's one of the top reasons trolls get banned.

From General Discussion / One-Thumb tosser
Posted 4 Feb 13 10:56
THANKS for the 1-thumb, Clive Danton; hope it's not wearing out your fingers.

From News Discussion / Christians Ordered To Register With Homeland Security
Posted 2 Feb 13 17:16
Vintage HB!

From News Discussion / Ghost Of Margaret Thatcher Seen Again At 10, Downing Street!
Posted 28 Jan 13 19:18
....trying to exorcise the spectre of Lady Frances Winchcombe who has been terrifying the parents of the Duchess of Cambridge at their new 5m.......

Scary, that!

Mrs Middleton a dead ringer for Prunella Scales' Sybil Fawlty, maybe even a blood relation.

From General Discussion / One-Thumb tosser
Posted 22 Jan 13 16:46

From General Discussion / One-Thumb tosser
Posted 22 Jan 13 13:14
Thanks for all that dedication to 1-thumbing spoofs. Hope it's brightened your sad existence.

From General Discussion / Happy New Year
Posted 1 Jan 13 11:42
And a Happy New year from me.

From News Discussion / Alhambra employee tells Dutch tourist to f++k off!
Posted 21 Jul 12 17:26
I have made my point.

No need for any navel-gazing about it.

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