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From News Discussion / Twitter Fury After Man Calls Leonard Nimoy One Trick Pony. Which He Was. There, I Said It.
Posted 3 Mar 15 13:30
... and has led to threats from geeky men who masturbate into socks.
He directed Star Trek III: The Search for Sock?

From News Discussion / Tombs Disturbed Near Buckingham Palace - "Psycho" Spotted At Nearby Motel
Posted 24 Feb 15 21:56
'Notoriously unusual taste in semen?' The sequel?

From News Discussion / New SAT Tests Creativity
Posted 17 Feb 15 21:15
A blast from the past, Warren Redlich.

Just read the CBS News story:

A Florida lawyer is offering what he considers a foolproof way to get through DUI checkpoints: don't say a word to police. He's distributing what he calls the Fair DUI Flyer, and his video tutorial on YouTube has been viewed more than 2 million times.

Advocacy groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), however, fear it could allow impaired drivers to bypass the law, reports CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford.

Last New Year's Eve, police waved one driver through a DUI checkpoint in Florida without even asking him to roll down his window. Warren Redlich, the man behind the wheel, believes he has found a legal loophole to dodge sobriety checks.

"What the checkpoints require is that you stop, and typically that you show the police your driver's license. You're doing that," Redlich said. "What you're not doing is going beyond what is required in a checkpoint." Warren Redlich said he was tired of defending people who were wrongfully arrested after going through checkpoints.


From General Discussion / Wow, what a nightmare.
Posted 5 Feb 15 19:11
Wish I could post some of your Spoofs on News Discus, Auntie J. Then we'd be laughing.

From News Discussion / South African Whites Flood Across U.S. Southern Border Seeking New Apartheid State
Posted 4 Feb 15 18:15
Great spoof.
5# from me

From General Discussion / Wow, what a nightmare.
Posted 3 Feb 15 21:36
Gail Farrely
Susan Allen Rosario
Ella Davide
Jill the Shill...
Ellie James
Just a few.

From General Discussion / Wow, what a nightmare.
Posted 3 Feb 15 19:01

Quote: Jaggedone

that's great news, I hate male dominated watering holes!

Yep, almost as bad as warm beer, flat-chested barmaids and tossers drinking Babycham.

From General Discussion / Wow, what a nightmare.
Posted 3 Feb 15 13:07

Quote: Jaggedone

QM, my fav Spoofer, hope you are well!

Well, well, well.
And I bet you say that to all the gals.

From General Discussion / Wow, what a nightmare.
Posted 2 Feb 15 10:29
Well done, Mark, for fixing.

The Currently Popular box on the bottom right hand corner of the front page is missing or appears as an empty one line.

From General Discussion / NYC Mayor spoofing for The Spoof?
Posted 28 Jan 15 16:50
'All within the five boroughs will perish': New York mayor spoofs himself over 'superstorm' warnings

Bill de Blasio attempts to lighten the mood after New York closed down for just six inches of snow, by reading from The Onion spoof report predicting "all will perish in this tempest".

Time to renew your account Mr Mayor, you know you wanna.

From General Discussion / Je Suis Charlie - Where Murder And Humor Have Met
Posted 9 Jan 15 00:13
Jesuis Wept.

From General Discussion / Je Suis Charlie - Where Murder And Humor Have Met
Posted 8 Jan 15 16:17
He Drew First:

From General Discussion / The early (Valentine's Day) bird gets the worm
Posted 6 Jan 15 13:23


From News Discussion / Scamatology Cult Moving to Guyana
Posted 31 Dec 14 11:33
Sounds like they've had a bit of a colony there for ages!


From News Discussion / Geldof taken down by Amazon
Posted 24 Dec 14 16:24
Always suspected he was part of the Ecuador loop!
5* from me and welcome to the Sploof.

From General Discussion / High price tags for humor sites are a big joke
Posted 14 Dec 14 17:52

Quote: Jean Le Fete

Ohhh there's a story idea in this somewhere...

5 big ones for your latest, JLF, even if it can't be dissected in story forum.

From General Discussion / High price tags for humor sites are a big joke
Posted 11 Dec 14 19:20
Let's be serious.

That's the message from Wall Street bankers to humor sites - CollegeHumor, Funny or Die and The Onion - that are on the block and looking for big bucks.

To all of them, "Good luck," said one digital media banker who doubts they will snag rich valuations.


The most likely reason incumbent humor sites are hanging out the for-sale sign now is the promise of a deep-pocketed foreign investor.

SO if Santa makes Mark an offer he cannot refuse....?

From News Discussion / Mitch McConnell gets rabies from Bo, the Obama family's "First Dog"
Posted 3 Dec 14 19:19
Good story.

From General Discussion / Fake news stories about Ferguson
Posted 23 Nov 14 16:25
"The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious."

Not everyone gets it.

From News Discussion / Local area man refuses to follow advice of dentist regarding teeth grinding, loses life
Posted 3 Nov 14 09:51
Funny stuff, reminds me of a former neighbor..

From General Discussion / Iraqi TV turns to satire in war against Islamic State
Posted 29 Oct 14 13:24
So Satan marries a Jewish woman in Iraq. She lays an egg, which hatches and pops out a wild-eyed, bearded madman the proud couple names the "ISIS-ling."

Their son becomes known as "Beheader." He lops off heads with a bloody sword, shoots people dead and blows up everything in his path with homemade bombs. For exercise, he lifts barbells made of human skulls.

This is Iraq under a future Islamic state, as imagined in "State of Superstition," a hit comedy on state-run Al Iraqiya TV. The half-hour show turns a deadly serious subject - the reign of terror imposed by the extremist group Islamic State in parts of Iraq and Syria - into fodder for spoof and satire.


From General Discussion / 1,307 readers are online right now!
Posted 16 Oct 14 09:46
Maybe it's a glitch, the numbers could be cumulative totals of site visitors.

Either way nothing's moving THAT fast...

From General Discussion / 1,307 readers are online right now!
Posted 15 Oct 14 15:10
Guess it must be one of Abel's barnstormers because nothing on the current Writers Table is moving that much....

From General Discussion / 1,307 readers are online right now!
Posted 15 Oct 14 11:12
Sudden readership surge....whose story is going viral?

From News Discussion / Islamic State readies bioterror drone nicknamed The Ebola Gay
Posted 9 Oct 14 14:34
You'd think that Brit tabloids like the Daily Mail would have cottoned on by now about the meaning of 'spoof'.

Today's story in the DM:

"Could terrorists turn themselves into Ebola suicide 'bombs'?

Experts fear ISIS jihadists may infect themselves to spread virus in West

Isis fanatics may be thinking of infecting themselves with Ebola, says expert A U.S Naval War College lecturer says strategy is entirely plausible

The virus is running rampant in West Africa, with 3,800 dead in a few months

Terrorist group Isis may be considering using Ebola as a suicide bio-weapon against the West, according to a military expert. The virus is transmitted by direct contact with an infected person who is showing the symptoms - and it wouldn't be difficult for fanatics to contract it then travel to countries they want to wreak havoc in, according to a military expert. Capt. Al Shimkus, Ret., a Professor of National Security Affairs at the U.S. Naval War College, said that the strategy is entirely plausible


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