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From News Discussion / Star Trek Society President "Not Vulcan"
Posted 22 Jun 15 09:07

Quote: victor nicholas

Vulcan is a also a planet somewhere where young men do not do well on first dates

She dumped you, huh?

From General Discussion / Rejected news
Posted 17 Jun 15 20:09
Hi Harry,

It might be something to do with House Style?

Check the editorial writing guidelines:

If you click on Approval Center - link should be on your Writers Desk page -
you can check out the whole thing.

Just a thought.


From News Discussion / Kate Moss becomes a paleoanthropologist after an accident
Posted 14 Jun 15 09:36
The resemblance is uncanny.

From General Discussion / What happened to Abel Rodriguez
Posted 14 May 15 16:16
He posted recently in Writers Discussion about the passing of his friend and fellow Spoof writer Bureau (Jerry Embry).

From General Discussion / Holy shit!
Posted 29 Apr 15 20:37
Italy's museum of faeces smells 'fresh as a daisy'

Tiny village in Italy has added to the rich tapestry of the country's museums, opening one entirely dedicated to faeces

It is a country brimming with artistic treasures, but Italy now has a surprising new addition to its rich tapestry of cultural heritage - the world's first museum dedicated to faeces.

While Florence boasts the Uffizi Galleries and Rome has the Capitoline Museums, a tiny village in northern Italy hopes to be put on the tourist map with the newly unveiled Museo Della Merda - the Museum of S---.

From News Discussion / Onion offers To Buy Out Spoof and Eliminate Embarrassing Satire
Posted 22 Apr 15 19:12
Terrible punctuation, some typos, needs a rewrite.

From News Discussion / Obama calls Dick Cheney 'worst Vice President ever'
Posted 10 Apr 15 11:08

Worst Vice President 'since Joe Biden?'

I sense a sequel.

From General Discussion / spoof editors tampering with writers original material?
Posted 7 Apr 15 21:00
'ignorant without an obvious joke'

Would make a great Nick Clegg story

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 4 Apr 15 15:02
Non sequitor thread killer, Monkey.

From General Discussion / The Bakers' Film Club
Posted 30 Mar 15 21:04
Fistful of chollas

The Baker's Dirty Dozen

From News Discussion / David Cameron discovers gold in back garden of number 10 Downing Street
Posted 28 Mar 15 22:04
Magic 5#

From News Discussion / Interview With UK Prime Minister David Cameron
Posted 22 Mar 15 19:08
Gotta love it.

From General Discussion / 'Officials seize half a ton of radioactive sanitary pads'
Posted 21 Mar 15 19:41
Bloody hell, must be time of the month syndrome.

From General Discussion / 'fficials seize half a ton of radioactive sanitary Read more:
Posted 21 Mar 15 19:39
Bloody hell, must be time of the month syndrome.

From General Discussion / The Spoof is Home to Funny Writers
Posted 21 Mar 15 13:44
Wrong tinpot principality, JO.
Uncle Sam knows where every darn red cent goes.

From General Discussion / The Spoof is Home to Funny Writers
Posted 21 Mar 15 10:02

Quote: Monkey Woods

I think you'll find that's 'Erskin'.

Sorry to be pedantic.

Erskine: JO's book hero

From General Discussion / Begorrah
Posted 17 Mar 15 18:49
St Patrick's Day again.

Bests from Blighty and anyone seen Fergus?

From News Discussion / Twitter Fury After Man Calls Leonard Nimoy One Trick Pony. Which He Was. There, I Said It.
Posted 3 Mar 15 13:30
... and has led to threats from geeky men who masturbate into socks.
He directed Star Trek III: The Search for Sock?

From News Discussion / Tombs Disturbed Near Buckingham Palace - "Psycho" Spotted At Nearby Motel
Posted 24 Feb 15 21:56
'Notoriously unusual taste in semen?' The sequel?

From News Discussion / New SAT Tests Creativity
Posted 17 Feb 15 21:15
A blast from the past, Warren Redlich.

Just read the CBS News story:

A Florida lawyer is offering what he considers a foolproof way to get through DUI checkpoints: don't say a word to police. He's distributing what he calls the Fair DUI Flyer, and his video tutorial on YouTube has been viewed more than 2 million times.

Advocacy groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), however, fear it could allow impaired drivers to bypass the law, reports CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford.

Last New Year's Eve, police waved one driver through a DUI checkpoint in Florida without even asking him to roll down his window. Warren Redlich, the man behind the wheel, believes he has found a legal loophole to dodge sobriety checks.

"What the checkpoints require is that you stop, and typically that you show the police your driver's license. You're doing that," Redlich said. "What you're not doing is going beyond what is required in a checkpoint." Warren Redlich said he was tired of defending people who were wrongfully arrested after going through checkpoints.


From General Discussion / Wow, what a nightmare.
Posted 5 Feb 15 19:11
Wish I could post some of your Spoofs on News Discus, Auntie J. Then we'd be laughing.

From News Discussion / South African Whites Flood Across U.S. Southern Border Seeking New Apartheid State
Posted 4 Feb 15 18:15
Great spoof.
5# from me

From General Discussion / Wow, what a nightmare.
Posted 3 Feb 15 21:36
Gail Farrely
Susan Allen Rosario
Ella Davide
Jill the Shill...
Ellie James
Just a few.

From General Discussion / Wow, what a nightmare.
Posted 3 Feb 15 19:01

Quote: Jaggedone

that's great news, I hate male dominated watering holes!

Yep, almost as bad as warm beer, flat-chested barmaids and tossers drinking Babycham.

From General Discussion / Wow, what a nightmare.
Posted 3 Feb 15 13:07

Quote: Jaggedone

QM, my fav Spoofer, hope you are well!

Well, well, well.
And I bet you say that to all the gals.

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