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From Magazine Discussion / Warm Up the Ice Cubes: Hog Jaw, Arkansas Resident Battles the IceOrb
Posted 19 Aug 10 13:13

Skoob --

Haven't ever seen the Innovations catalog.

Don't tempt me. Have enough trouble staying out of the LL Bean catalog.

Love and Purrs,


From General Discussion / New Hospital Superbug Detected
Posted 14 Aug 10 13:58

That story is for real -- I saw it on yesterday's news.

Apparently there is a major shortfall on the development of new antibiotics and there is nothing out there to combat this nasty bug.

From News Discussion / Coalition Advice: Ant Makes Loyal Pet For Elderly Flat Dwellers
Posted 4 Aug 10 13:50

Interesting concept.

My cat threw up on the middle of the living room carpet during the night. When I went to mop up the vomit this morning, I saw that it was crawling with ants.

Where the hell did these ants come from? There was no trail of them. Just dozens of ants in the middle of the living room. Makes you believe in spontaneous generation.

Anyway, enjoyed your story.

From Magazine Discussion / Isle Of Wight Dramatic Society Presents "The Complete Works Of Shakespeare & Others Part 2"
Posted 21 Jul 10 20:17

Enter Cat, Stage Left:

"Forsooth, sir. 'Tis a wonderous tale that thou doth tell!"

From News Discussion / Susan Boyle wants you to sing a long a Susan
Posted 13 Jul 10 23:59
Lynton --

To answer your question, there still is interest in the SuBo stories.

I posted a story about Pebbles (Susan's cat) in the magazine section yesterday and thus far I have received 230 "hits."

Granted, this doesn't compare with the hits the Miley Cyrus vagina stories receive, but I don't think it is too bad for such a narrow genre of spoofs.

I do not know what kind of traffic the other SuBo writers generate.

From News Discussion / Susan Boyle wants you to sing a long a Susan
Posted 13 Jul 10 11:01

NMC --

Well done. Most amusing.

Despite all the entries, the contest is "fixed" and Pebbles is actually going to win it.

From General Discussion / So........
Posted 11 Jul 10 16:45

Quote: Lady Godiva

Aubergine - do you think I dare tell which BAD (Banned and Damned) member I am....or keep them guessing? I know YOU know me....

Lady G -- I have always thought it best if a woman remains just slightly mysterious.


From General Discussion / So........
Posted 11 Jul 10 02:30

Lady G --

At least you haven't been banned and damned here ... yet!

From Magazine Discussion / Spoof writer is applying for God's job
Posted 4 Jul 10 12:43

In my opinion, God has been conspicuously silent for the past several centuries. Perhaps it is time to get a woman for the job.

Five ***** from me.

From News Discussion / Foxhunting soon to be commonplace in the streets of London
Posted 2 Jul 10 12:46

Quote: Colonel Juan

Hi Erskin..

That naked woman in your avatar..

Would you introduce us?

Many thanks


Colonel --

You faithless rodent! And after all we have meant to each other.



From General Discussion / Snobbery?
Posted 29 Jun 10 17:56
NMC -- I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughtful post on the psychology of forums.

Joining the Susan Boyle fansite was my first experience at belonging to a forum. In the begining the interplay between individuals was kind of fun, but when the site switched formats the worst qualities of a number of members began to emerge. I sat back in fascinated horror and watched it turn into a totalitarian state.

Although I write spoofs in a very narrow genre, it has at least been cathartic poking fun as some of the more outrageous aspects of Susan Boyle fandom. A pity they cannot gain some insight from they way we see them.

PS I think there may be something seriously wrong with me -- I am getting used to the vuvuzelas!

From General Discussion / Spastic Jeff Featured Writer
Posted 18 Jun 10 16:42


I hate your avatar. Agree with Mrs. Skoob.

You used to be so cute in your raincoat.

From General Discussion / America/Slovenia 2-2
Posted 18 Jun 10 16:38

Amen to that!!

I suggest we mount a mission to kill that stupid referee. I still don't understand what he thinks he saw on the disallowed goal.

From General Discussion / World Cup - England v USA
Posted 13 Jun 10 16:19
Have just been listening to the commentary after the Ghanna game and the American commentator (didn't catch his name) remarked that England is suffering from delusions of grandeur -- that they aren't as good as they think they are.

How does that statement grab anyone?

From General Discussion / Dangerous Dogs
Posted 8 Jun 10 18:09
Colonel --

Pilchards? Love them, but they must be served on a crystal plate.

And then I'll prove to you that America really does have talent!


From General Discussion / Dangerous Dogs
Posted 8 Jun 10 15:49
Colonel Juan --

As you can see from my avatar, I am a drop dead gorgeous, highly pedigreed feline.

It's going to take a lot more than a lousy tin of cat food for me to get down on you guys.

I'm worth a lot more!!


From General Discussion / Dangerous Dogs
Posted 8 Jun 10 11:32

Skoob -- My condolences to you and your family on the death of your beloved cat.

As you can see from my avatar, I am a cat. I am extremely distressed that one of my fellow felines met such an untimely end. My suggestion is to sue the shit out of your uncaring neighbors since the nasty dog came onto your property.

Also, my owner never lets me go outside. I have lived quite happily inside her house all of my life. A point to consider if you should acquire a new cat sometime in the future.

Love and Purrs, Aubergine

From News Discussion / Greta Van Susteren Flies to Chile to Discuss Yet Another Dead Girl with Joran van der Sloot!
Posted 4 Jun 10 21:26

"Oops!, I did it again!! -- Why does this shit keep happening to me?"

Signed Joran van der Sloot

From News Discussion / Texas Rangers Bankrupt! A-Rod Still Owed $25m Says "food stamps now an option!"
Posted 27 May 10 15:49

The Field of Dreams is currently For Sale. I should know as I live near it.

Anyone want to join me in buying it?

From News Discussion / SuBo Fanatic Contracts White-Nose Syndrome
Posted 24 May 10 22:20

Thanks NMC -- Will settle for 8,000 ****

Are you back now or is just part of you back?

From General Discussion / Thanks for the SuBo Fans spoofs
Posted 15 Apr 10 12:32
Minitfilla -- Many thanks for the compliment a few pages back. It's always nice to be appreciated.

I've just now gotten around to exploring this website.

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