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From Magazine Discussion / Just a wee chat from a Spoof Writer who is also a Susan Boyle fan but knows nowt about Justin Beiber, Missie Cyrus and the rest of the so called 'celebrities'
Posted 30 Jan 11 18:00

Quote: Colonel Juan

Good on yer Lady G..

You blinkin tell us..

Just finished me latest SuBo..

Disgustin' it is.. pure filth..

Couldn't elp meself..

I'm an addict ya see...

Sorry babe..

Dearest CJ --

What happened to your promise NEVER to write another disgusting, filthy piece about Susan Boyle?

Were all those balloons and white doves carrying peace signs meaningless?

Well, I guess you can't trust the word of an addict.

A very disillusioned,


From General Discussion / Fishy Titles (songs, shows, movies)
Posted 24 Jan 11 14:02

Hoisted on your own pilchard.

From General Discussion / Favourite Beasts
Posted 14 Jan 11 22:01

I voted for the Wild Haggis ... a truly great animal which deserves to be on the list.

From News Discussion / Carrie Underwood Denies Divorce Rumors
Posted 11 Jan 11 16:05

Five CMA awards from me!

I think you have a secret crush on my cousin Carrie.

Love and Purrs,

Aubergine Underwood

From General Discussion / Meaningless Debate
Posted 8 Jan 11 20:16

Quote: Lady Godiva

Actually I am being too flippant, I realize that, but one thing that I would like to speak to is school uniforms. I do believe they are a 'levelling ground'.

Too many poorer students are sticking out like sore thumbs in schools where they do not wear a uniform. Raggedy Anns Raggedy Andys hang their heads in shame whilst walking down the hallways passing all the fashion kings and queens who put more thought into their outfits than they do in their studies.

Uniforms should be manadatory. This is not really open to debate as far as I am concerned. It just should BE.

I'm inclined to agree with you. Wearing ordinary clothes can sometimes reach the point of the theatre of the absurd. One of the largest high schools in Iowa just banned the wearing of white T-shirts because they can be interpreted as a statement of a symbol of white supremacy.

I kid you NOT.

From Magazine Discussion / Piers Morgan and Susan Boyle visit the Magazine Section
Posted 6 Jan 11 20:50

Good Lord ... you're horrible!!

I can't tell you how much the members of The Red Cult will absolutely hate, loathe and despise this and the demons that spawned you!!

From General Discussion / Reality TV Shows We Don't Want to See in 2011
Posted 4 Jan 11 22:06

Kendall and Kylie Kardashian do LA.

From Magazine Discussion / President Obama Stars In 'It's A Wonderful Life'.
Posted 30 Dec 10 19:48

Beautifully written story. Enjoyed it so much.

Let's hope it NEVER comes true.

(Looks like the whole gang from Team Purple is here. Hi everybody!)

From News Discussion / Susan Boyle Releases "Boyle In A Bag" Cookbook
Posted 29 Dec 10 23:41

Colonel --

Absolutely loved the spoof.

I'll just bet some of the SuBo fanatics would really buy that book. You may be on to something here and should contact Harper Collins who are doing a book on Susan's cat, Pebbles.

(Having written a couple of spoofs by Pebbles herself, I really dropped the ball there about writing a book. I could have been a famous author!!)

Love and Purrs,


From News Discussion / "Sarah Palin's Frozen Alaska" The Wilderness Woman Shows She Can Dog Mush With The Best of 'Em
Posted 21 Dec 10 12:09
Absolutely hilarious!! 5 salmon, 4 grizzlies, 3 sled dogs, 2 carribou, and a moose from me.

That program happens to be my "guilty pleasure" and you've really nailed them.

Scary thought that she might wind up in the White House.

From Magazine Discussion / Surrealist Letters To The Editor
Posted 20 Dec 10 21:08

I feel so totally illiterate.

Do you think I should sue the Chicago Public School system for my inadequate education?

Love and Purrs,


From General Discussion / Comments Overheard At TheSpoof Holiday Party:
Posted 18 Dec 10 20:22

Hey, who let Aubergine in here ... I thought cats weren't allowed at the party.

Gorgeous, glistening fur coat, however.

Really shagalicious. Hmmmmm ...

From News Discussion / Skating With The Star's Star Decapitated By Double Axe Axle Twist!
Posted 18 Dec 10 03:11

That show is so bad it is pathetic.

They should invite Bristol Palin ... maybe she can ice skate.

From News Discussion / Village Idiot Reports Snow Theft
Posted 4 Dec 10 03:43

Returning to snow ...

An elderly friend of mine invited her daughter-in-law who was born and raised in California to come to Iowa with the grandchildren for Christmas so they could see snow for the first time.

One day the daughter-in-law looked out the kitchen window at the snow filled backyard and asked:

"How do you mow the lawn with all that snow covering it?"

From News Discussion / Car 54 Gets APB On Missing Spoof Writers Colonel Juan And Lynton
Posted 2 Dec 10 11:53

I am totally pissed at the Colonel. After talking me into buying an expensive recording of La Boheme, he pulls this vanishing act.

Please locate him as I want to send him the bill. Seriously.

Love and Purrs,


From News Discussion / Newby, Isle of Wight, plans biggest and best Santa Parade in the history of the town. It WILL include a Susan Boyle float.
Posted 2 Dec 10 11:45

Good one, Lady G!! Five thumbs from me.

You are definitely back in form.

From Magazine Discussion / How do the 'weak' teachers get through Teachers' College?
Posted 24 Nov 10 12:14

What a nice thoughtful article, Lady G.

I can think of a few teachers I've had along the way that I swear should have been hauled off in a net to the local psych ward.

I do think there are a number of individuals in the profession that just aren't suited to it, though by the time they've "heard it all" they are burned out and stressed out.

From Magazine Discussion / Stench: Chapter 4
Posted 19 Oct 10 19:59
I am inclined to agree somewhat with your last comments.

When I originally suggested you look at, I didn't realize that the material I had read was part of a larger completed project. I loved the cynical/acerbic wit of the Aye-aye and thought that you might like to write some of the shorter type pieces usually found here.

I've added links to Chapters 3 and 4 on the other forum I hang out at and the people who have commented there have said "enjoyed this immensely."

Since we're on Chapter 4, and just out of curiousity, why do you hate Carmina Burana? An over-wrought piece of music? Over-used by Olympic ice skaters?

Love the new avatar.

"I have always thought that publishers should never learn to read." W. Somerset Maugham

ETA: Ooops. I edited a spelling error in this and didn't realize it would come back up out of it original sequence.

From General Discussion / Cameron so bad I can't write about his speech
Posted 8 Oct 10 01:59

NMC --

I do hope you will continue writing some of your political satire pieces. As a colonist, I do find it one way of understanding what people are thinking in the UK.

I believe the SuBo stuff has more or less had its day in the sun... unless Elsewhere does something truly outrageous. It's such a narrow genere of satire perhaps a lot of the readers found it difficult to follow.

Looking forward to more political stuff from you.

Love and Purrs,


From News Discussion / Local Oklahoma Satanist Cult to Perform Reverse Exorcism
Posted 8 Sep 10 12:44

Most amusing concept.

5 thumb thingies from me.

From Magazine Discussion / Stench: Chapter 5
Posted 5 Sep 10 14:59

Queen Mudder --

You might like to read TEST, the latest offering on's Kindle.

The pages are blank. Redefines the parameters of nothingness.

Kind of the literary equivalent of John Cage's famous composition 4'33".


From Magazine Discussion / Stench: Chapter 4
Posted 1 Sep 10 17:00

Glad you really like Carmina Burana. Perhaps if you try it with the Irish bagpipe you might like the sound better than the regular bagpipe.

I will email you about the other forum I hang at which I'm not at all certain you would be interested in.

From Magazine Discussion / Stench: Chapter 3
Posted 31 Aug 10 10:33

So, how many chapters are we talking about?

I did put links to the first two chapters on the other forum I belong to (not a writer's forum) in the hope of adding more readers.

Come to think of it, I also have a cat persona on that forum. I am beginning to fear that I am developing an alarming desire to hunt mice.

Pounce ... Crunch ... Swallow


From Magazine Discussion / Stench: Chapter 3
Posted 30 Aug 10 11:12

Thank you for sharing Chapter 3.

I absolutely love this story and I hope everyone will take the time to read it. Five thumbs up from me. Absolutely.

Love and Purrs,


From Magazine Discussion / Stench
Posted 27 Aug 10 01:55

I see you took my advice and made it here, but then I always give good advice. No charge. All I require is a plate of pilchard and a saucer of cream.

Am looking forward to what else you may write.

Love and Purrs,


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