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From News Discussion / Ryan Giggs Rumours Rock The Internet
Posted 21 May 11 11:59
Well played, Mr Lynton. That was a classic. 5 stars.

From General Discussion / Putting Things In Perspective
Posted 20 May 11 23:23
I remember a life changing episode of Father Ted that taught me all about perspective.

It was the Irish Dancing in the Caravan episode, but that wasn't the life changing moment.

The life changing moment was when Father Ted was explaining to Father Dougal about how small things that were near to you could sometimes be bigger than far away things.

I found the teaching to be profoundly life enhancing and I apply it to most situations.

From News Discussion / Wayne Rooney Buys Super Injunction
Posted 20 May 11 23:00
Excellent. 5 Stars from me.

From News Discussion / Susan Boyle To Meet Holy Glow in the Dark Nuns
Posted 20 May 11 22:53
Thank you. I'll pass on your appreciation to the nuns. They're currently on an exchange trip to Japan. They've got glow in the dark nuns there, too. The miracle is spreading.

From General Discussion / Horse kicked off train for not having a valid ticket?
Posted 18 May 11 15:47

This is a real one.

From General Discussion / There has never been a hurricane that started with the letter Z
Posted 15 May 11 23:33
I just found this on the google top news page. It looks like the world is going to be deluged by hurricanes.

From General Discussion / There has never been a hurricane that started with the letter Z
Posted 15 May 11 23:27
It does indeed. Also butterfly wings that flap in New York can bring down a whole International Monetary Foundation, and force the re-election of Nicholas Sarcozy in France.

From General Discussion / There has never been a hurricane that started with the letter Z
Posted 15 May 11 22:08
Yes. Zebedee from the Magic Round About. He bounced about like a bouncy hurricane. I think the next one should be named after him.

From General Discussion / Dominique Strauss-Kahn story anyone?
Posted 15 May 11 22:06
No, but I've just done a Star Wars one about Super-Injunctions that might not get authorised.

That Ewok is extremely litigious.

From News Discussion / Friday the 13th Rome earthquake is Third Secret of Fatima
Posted 14 May 11 23:07
Where can I buy a Pope Benedict Lucky Rabbit's foot in Britain? I've already got some Shiny Holy Water by the holy glow in the dark nuns from Dounraey but I really think I need more trinkets.

From General Discussion / Anybody Watching Eurovision?
Posted 14 May 11 23:01
Jedward were fantastic. I wanted the Moldovans with traffic cone hats to win.

From General Discussion / Bloody 24 hour news
Posted 13 May 11 23:53
That would be special.

From General Discussion / Another 'female'? writer to welcome...Brandy Snap
Posted 13 May 11 18:41
Welcome to Brandy and Honey.

From General Discussion / Bloody 24 hour news
Posted 13 May 11 01:33
News 24s breaking news is always boring. Its always an update on Libya or Bin Laden's house. Its never about anything interesting.

From General Discussion / NOOO!! NO have won!
Posted 7 May 11 22:08
The Tories are scary people. The Lib Dems were supposed to be their friends and that's how they get treated. I'd hate to be one of their enemies.

From General Discussion / Real description of a local government candidate.
Posted 5 May 11 22:47
Description in a newspaper of a local government candidate. This is real. It was in D&G Standard.

Joe Rosiejak - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Joe Rosiejak was born and raised in the Borders and now lives in Fife with my wife Dorothy where he is currently senior councillor on Fife Council, chairing the City of Dunfermline Area Committee.

From News Discussion / Osama Burial Spotted on Google Earth
Posted 5 May 11 22:34
Like this one. Excellent. 5 stars.

From General Discussion / An Obituary To Die For...
Posted 5 May 11 21:19
Excellent. I haven't read an obituary that funny since ... never. I've never read an obituary that was as funny as that one.

Loved the bit about the gold in the basement and the spy in the Austrian car.

Everyone should read this.

From News Discussion / Republicans Demand Osama Bin Laden's Long Form Death Certificate
Posted 4 May 11 22:05
Excellent. I especially liked the bit about playing cards with the Elvis, J F K and the Moonlanding.

This bit.

"a little known "Bin Laden Cam" web site that allegedly shows a live feed of Bin Laden at a Hilton in Idaho playing cards with Elvis, John F. Kennedy, and the moon landing."

From General Discussion / No yanks, limeys only
Posted 4 May 11 20:04
I've just said yes to AV but the poll makes it look as if I've said "No" to Americans. Ha Ha.

From News Discussion / Laurie Penny Accused of Killing Bat Colony
Posted 4 May 11 09:13
Note from KF2.

It is a well known fact that the animal kingdom doesn't know the difference between "Your" and "you're" I transcribed their press release exactly. They can't speak, obviously, but they do have nice hand writing. I'll show it to you sometime.

From General Discussion / FARCEBOOK!
Posted 27 Apr 11 23:48
I'd like to join Spacebook. It sounds more fun and there's more space to write your comments. Unlimited charaters.
Some from other planets.

From General Discussion / Real Isle of White story - I think
Posted 27 Apr 11 23:42

From News Discussion / Mummified Goldfish discovered in Egyptian Pyramid
Posted 19 Apr 11 17:10
While I was reading this story I had a vision of Tutankhamun's mum saying "Of course its the same Goldfish. Its just changed its appearance slightly 200 times"

From News Discussion / Mummified Goldfish discovered in Egyptian Pyramid
Posted 19 Apr 11 17:07
This is a great one. It made me laugh a lot. Mummified goldfish. Its so funny. I'm still laughing.

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