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From General Discussion / Meet and Greet!!
Posted 21 Oct 11 09:15
I can't see a single Newbie. There must be some.

From News Discussion / Colony of Yetis or Abominable Snowmen Discovered and Killed In Siberia
Posted 20 Oct 11 21:03
Excellent. 5 Stars.

From News Discussion / Gaddafi 'dead' - propofol poisoning suspected
Posted 20 Oct 11 16:15
I totally knew it. That Dr Conrad gets around. But for a minute I had my suspicions about Vincent Tabak. Did Vincent try to Kiss Gaddafi, too.

From General Discussion / Occupy Wall Street
Posted 20 Oct 11 00:08
Any libertines fan would know the answer to that last question, Mr Skoob.

The line in question:

Where did all the money go, where did all the money go?

Mr Doherty provides the answer in a song called : What a Waster. Have a listen. Tis an excellent song.

I especially like the cover version by a very strange person called Adam Green, which I will attempt to find for you on Utube.

Quote: Skoob1999

Do they have a point?

Or are they just a lazy bunch of work shy soap dodging hippies?

I'd like to think they're people asking questions which require answers.

Where did all the money go?

Just askin'


From News Discussion / Nell Gwyn's tits in first public airing for 350 years
Posted 20 Oct 11 00:04
Excellently Arty. Well done. 5 Stars.

From News Discussion / Deaf man sues Sat Nav company
Posted 19 Oct 11 23:48
The Khyber Pass is always a funny thing. I think I might write a story about it. But why a cashline machine? I've been thinking about that for 12 minutes and I still haven't worked it out?

From News Discussion / Libyan Paratroopers refuse to jump!
Posted 19 Oct 11 23:40
Excellent. 5 Stars. I will tell my friends Mehmet, son of Mehmet he got a mention, he will be very pleased with that.

From News Discussion / James Dyson to take over Apple Corp
Posted 8 Oct 11 22:26
Excellent. I bought a Thank you card with an iPup on it, today. Its a King Charles Spaniel Puppy and he's listening to an Ipod and dancing along with the music. This story made me think of it.

From Magazine Discussion / Inventions that should be invented but won't be
Posted 6 Oct 11 08:52
Steve Jobs would be pleased. His spirit of invention lives on in you. RIP Mr Jobs.

From General Discussion / Is the forum dying?
Posted 5 Oct 11 21:30
Where did Lady G go. And what happened to QM? I miss them.

From General Discussion / David Croft RIP
Posted 29 Sep 11 21:18
"However David Croft is an example of what we were talking about recently - collaborative writing." By Lynton.

I like that idea.

From General Discussion / David Croft RIP
Posted 29 Sep 11 21:11
90s student memories. Father Ted, Oasis/Blur war, having to make a choice between three more drinks or a taxi home. Never choosing the latter.

In honour of all this Nostalgia, I've just downloaded the best of Moby, some REM, and a couple of Jarvis tracks on itunes. Hurrah.

From General Discussion / David Croft RIP
Posted 29 Sep 11 20:50
I liked Allo Allo. I remember watching it in the TV room of my halls of residence with a German friend in the mid 90s. We tried really hard to change the channel when it came on because we thought she'd find it offensive. But she loved it.

From News Discussion / Colonel Gadaffi Finds New L'oeuf of his Life
Posted 21 Sep 11 09:57
My tribute to the Dorking Review. Thank you.

From General Discussion / Neil Lennon?
Posted 31 Aug 11 18:44
I'm still in shock.

From General Discussion / Neil Lennon?
Posted 31 Aug 11 18:44
I'm still in shock.

From News Discussion / Local Man Ripped To Bits On Rival Satirical Website By Ex-Schoolteacher
Posted 21 Aug 11 22:32
Excellent. Are we at war with a rival newspaper? I hope so. Newspaper wars are good for business.

From News Discussion / Crystal Meth-odist Church of God busted in North Carolina!
Posted 3 Aug 11 17:50
I enjoyed it. Sounds a bit like my town.

From News Discussion / Crystal Meth-odist Church of God busted in North Carolina!
Posted 3 Aug 11 16:55

From General Discussion / Serious Help Required.............
Posted 2 Aug 11 19:56
I prefer photo one because of the balance between the light and dark colours. The yellow and the black contrast very well together and the light is good, too. The Brown and orangey yellow live harmoniously together in this photo. Well done.

Bees are always a good subject for country file. Excellent choice.

From Magazine Discussion / Life Still Sucks But My Vacuum Doesn't! The Day my Dyson Died!
Posted 29 Jul 11 17:28
This was funny. I liked it.

From General Discussion / Easy way to double your money
Posted 20 Jul 11 17:49
I like to cut my in half. It means I get to spend it twice.

From General Discussion / I won't be commenting on the new Lulzsec arrest
Posted 20 Jul 11 17:24
My computer is still broken from the last time I chose to comment on that particular group of people. Hopefully I should be back in business in 10 days time...the computer man thinks its fixable.

But I'm not so sure. I didn't tell him my computer had been hacked by web pirates. Maybe I should have.

From General Discussion / Am I the only one who is totally addicted to the LulzSec Site
Posted 29 Jun 11 17:04
Rusty showers should be the new beauty shop sensation. A risk free tan in seconds.

Just popping in to say hello, and also to say that web pirates have struck again.

My computer now has no security, so I'll be posting my stories from internet cafes and the library until my computer get fixed...probably next month some time.

I wish I'd never heard of LulzSec.

From News Discussion / Derek Acorah to run for Prime Minister
Posted 27 Jun 11 19:35
Excellent. 5 Stars. I have to go back and reference Derek Acorah being elected PM in my most recent spoof. Mark of respect for how good this story is.

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