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Buck E Filbert
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Buck E Filbert

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Posted: 4 Jan 07 20:40 - Edited By: Buck E Filbert, 4 Jan 07 22:34
What was the most important story of 2006?

I'd say:

Aftermath of Katrina, opened my eyes to the amount of help any of us can expect in a real disaster. I was in L.A. for the Northridge quake and people were sleeping in parks for months.

The tsunami, in scope

Saddam hanging, ramifactions unknown

Britney's break up. sheer entertainment value

Abe Vagoda dies again


spoofing is futile
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Posted: 7 Jan 07 04:26
I thought that the most important story of the year, in the United States, was the major loss by the Republicans/gain by the Democrats in the elections.

According to this site, however, the major story of the year was that Britney forgot to put on clean underwear (or any, for that matter) before going out and we all got a peek.

Being raised by an Italian mother on the Mexican border made me realize that entrees are not edible without jalapenos, onions, green chilis, or garlic. Hence, I am the J-man.
Gnarly Erik
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Gnarly Erik

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Posted: 7 Jan 07 09:51
The most important story was the belated wakeup of the American people to the fraud perpetrated on the world by the Neocons, with Bush as their symbolic and very apt figurehead.

This manifested itself finally and at last in the democratic party's election sweep. Let us hope that the new majority is able to bring some sanity back to our government.

However, be alert and be warned! No party is immune to the God complex and the abuses which always follow. That has also ocurred amongst democrats - and resulted the last time in the enablement of the Neocons to begin with.


I personally believe George Washington had it nearest right when he tried to outlaw political parties in his time.

Be thankful there's near parity between the opposing camps because that tends to keep politicians more honest, and for longer.

Gnarly Erik

Gnarly & Opinionated
President Bush
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Posted: 7 Jan 07 11:04
I kinda hated to see Donald go but that was HIS decision.
In a way.

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Posted: 9 Jan 07 03:29
well said Gnarly Dude
I would have put it a bit stronger though.
The biggest story of the year, last 6 years actually,
is the wool.
you know the one that was pulled over our eyes.

The American people have started to wake up about the lies of no WMD, fraud in congress, fraud in Katrina, fake terror, FEMA, and the Neo-Cons, and have also started to wake up to the events of September 11th.
They have started to understand that Government abuse trickles down, and events like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo are really the faults of the people at the top, and the psyche of our leaders is mirrored by the people under them.
They have started to understand that leadership of this country should not be left in the hands of someone who just doesn't get it.
They have started to wake to the idea that the events of September 11 were full of LIES.
They have begun to realize the the war in Iraq was a BAD IDEA to begin with, and that there was no plan to win the peace, or the people.
They might just be starting to believe that the government might have KNOWN that we were not going to be welcomed with open arms in Iraq.
They may even just start caring if their civil liberties are being taken away at an alarming rate, and that their leader doesnt give a flying CR@# about things like the Constitution.
The American people, if we are lucky, might just actually start accepting that thier own government went into Iraq without provocation, killed hundreds of thousands of people, without even caring about how many people died in the process.

Lets HOPE that this is just the beginning
of a country waking up.

BUT, to me, its way too little way too late.
We haven't made enough noise, we have accepted TOO MUCH, we haven't taken to the streets in protest. We havent demanded that a voting system on the verge of meltdown be reformed.
We accepted the fact that there may be some questions abourt Spet 11th, but trust our leaders are mis-leading us.
We haven't yelled at the top of our lungs hard enough to be heard, and when we did, no one was listening.


9/11 review

Gnarly Erik
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Gnarly Erik

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Posted: 9 Jan 07 07:19 - Edited By: Gnarly Erik, 9 Jan 07 07:22
Mr. (or Ms.) 911Review has it exactly right -

The only way to 'save the world' is to get out (on the streets if that's what it takes) and START DOING IT! If something is wrong and you know it is wrong, the ONLY thing to do is make sure you tell as many know about it as you can, in the best, strongest and smartest way you can.

I remember in the 'sixties when boys like me finally got home with our shaved heads from the nightmare which was the US military in those days, we were all so puzzled by those long haired hippies and scuffy 'eaceniks'. WHO WERE THOSE DUDES MARCHING IN THE STREETS and why the hell were all us guys defending THEM?

But the older I get the more I have realized two VERY TRUE THINGS. One was they mostly had it RIGHT, and the second was THEY'RE THE ONES WHO GOT THE BOYS BACK HOME! The war protesters were the ones who ultimately made it impossible for our government to continue such a deceitful and fraudulent war.

That too was a war started on a pretext and continued on the basis of lies, distortions and inflated body counts. We were told about the 'domino theory' and the absolute need to 'stop communism' before it spread over all of Asia. But, that never happened. Our country was told we were 'winning' that war too, until the last moment when the last panicked American got frantically on that last desperate helicoptor out of Saigon.

This bull**** "Global War On Terror" our War President is so insistent on now has so many similarities it's bizarre. It's deja vu all over again! The biggest difference was most of the folks running the country back then had actual military experience themselves (often combat experience even) and weren't just a bunch of chickenhawk wannabee heroes with some kind of disconnected Captain Marvel fantasy.

Meanwhile young Americans are DYING for their cupidity and in their places - just as other folks' names - REAL HEROES - are engraved on that wall today instead of Bush, Cheney, Rove, Hastert, etc., etc., etc. They all had 'other priorities'. They have no shame.

Just remember, we lost almost 60,000 young Americans back then, DEAD, and a number of them were my friends and my buddies. WE CAN NOT let that kind of thing happen again!

Do your bit! Hit the streets if you can! In the end, it's the only thing they understand.

Gnarly & Opinionated

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