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Posted: 13 Mar 12 00:41
I just stayed up to watch this. Chinese TV Presenter Ding Yu interviewing criminals prior to their execution.

Fascinating and horrifying by turn.

'You're So Vain' by Carly Simon strikes me as an appropriate soundtrack for this exercise in crass exploitation. By the Chinese, not the Beeb.

Did anyone else see this?

Was I mistaken or did that woman seem to be getting her rocks off doing this?

She saw visions of her interviewees - probably as she was painstakingly applying her make-up and making sure the colour of the interview chair matched her blouse.




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Posted: 13 Mar 12 03:52 - Edited By: Lynton, 13 Mar 12 03:58
I read about it. It said she hectored the people until some broke down. It seems barbaric to me but coming from China as it does I am not surprised. Barbarity is alive and well everywhere there, together with a complete lack of respect for their fellow man.

The prisoners have already been convicted so they at least have the right to be left alone. Supposedly they were volunteers but the Chinese definition of that is probably very flexible and includes coersion; most likely involving the prisoners' families.

The death sentence is also doled out in a cavalier fashion for anything from farting in public to topping your neighbour or criticism of the Government.

They are far too powerful for my liking and successive Governments have kissed their arses too much and too often. The only question is which politicians are the Chinese agents? I could guess.

Why for instance did Wen Jiabao take the time to visit ex PM Gordon Brown during a visit to the UK? Most people in this country see him as a loser with some strange personal issues and lack of interpersonal skills. The Chinese obviously do not view him in the same way. Brown is on record as encouraging Mandarin to be learned in schools together with Arabic so we can see where he thinks the future will be. In yesterday's papers several months later, this is apparently coming to fruition.

Few people could have done a better hatchet job on the British economy than Brown - selling off our gold reserves at rock bottom prices etc. One therefore gets to wondering.

The US decided it no longer had need of it's stores of rare earth metals - they were "no longer strategic" apparently. The very fact that they existed was some hedge against high tech industry being completely replaced by Chinese manufactured electronic goods.

Who was responsible for that decision? Lanthanides and other rare metals form the basis of the Chinese electronics industry; to have any country being less than wholly dependent on Chinese goods is not likely to be among China's ambitions. Who sold off those reserves? Whoever it was gave the Chinese a costless way of doing sever damage to the US and it's economy by an embargo on those elements.

Last year the CEO of American Elements Inc said that the US needs now more than ever before to create a strategic stock of this elements. They are increasing in value year on year.
Let's wait and see if there is any opposition to this and from which quarter.

Sorry to spout off but nobody seems to be doing anything about this and we are sleepwalking our industries to oblivion. I don't think China will takeover the World, not yet anyway; not while its biggest enemy is a large number of its own people.

That TV program epitomises the mentality that China has in its lack of respect for human rights. When I said as much on the Mail comments page last week I was 'drenched' with a sea of red arrows, no doubt from Chinese Embassies all over the world.

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Clive Danton
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Clive Danton

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Posted: 13 Mar 12 06:20 - Edited By: Clive Danton, 13 Mar 12 06:21
I executed a Chinese person once, the trouble was, half an hour later I wanted to execute another one. FACT!

PS. A word to the wise. Never reveal your outraged views on China's appalling human rights record whilst waiting for your order in the takeaway or you may find your Egg Foo Yun smelling rather strongly of ammonia. ALSO FACT!

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Posted: 13 Mar 12 09:48
I'll probably catch it on iPlayer. It was interesting when Louis Theroux interviewed a death row inmate. It's a shame he hasn't admitted his guilt, but I'm not entirely convinced he feels he has any guilt to admit to. His arrogance is very frustrating, but I there are glimmers of regret in his voice - if only in realisation that he's going to die soon.

Fascinating, galling, and stomach wrenching.

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Simon Saunders
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Simon Saunders

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Posted: 13 Mar 12 16:29
I am pretty sure that some of Jonathan Ross' guests would prefer to be executed rather than be interviewed by him again. Perhaps the Chinese government should employ Ross to do their interrogations. After all, his interview techniques are torturous.


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Erskin Quint
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Erskin Quint

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Posted: 13 Mar 12 20:57
The Chinaman. He's an inscrutable johnny, but he does value the cormorant.

Mind you, we taught them everything they know about exploitation.

Problem is, they're doing it for money whereas we did it for entertainment.

Bonfire night'll be good when they do take over though; they do excellent fireworks and toffee.

Monkey Woods
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Monkey Woods

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Posted: 14 Mar 12 01:31

Quote: Simon Saunders

I am pretty sure that some of Jonathan Ross' guests would prefer to be executed rather than be interviewed by him again. Perhaps the Chinese government should employ Ross to do their interrogations. After all, his interview techniques are torturous.



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