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Fergus McCarthy
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Fergus McCarthy

Location: Hibernia.
Registered: 17 Jan 07

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Posted: 4 Aug 07 22:32
Just looking at the old Google news, Forbes are reporting 2 million in India and Bangladesh are homeless as of tonight.

Allowing for inflated figures of say, oh **** it 10 to 1 and bearing in mind that a real journalists job is to to present the the worst case scenario in any natural disaster, we are looking at maybe 200'000 people that are homeless.

Right now.

Wet, cold, tired, scared, angry, hungry, family members dead,

I am 5 mins from a Tesco ready meal being ready and I'm in the middle of Ireland at the moment so there is **** all I can do for the 2 million or 2 hundred thousand out there living a real nightmare while I watch "America's got Talent" 3 months after no talent was discovered.

I'm not preaching or asking you to pray for these people,

just thank whoever that it's not you and when some one rattles a charity box in front of you looking for a few bucks in the mall, check their ID and give them a few dollars, pounds, Euros or whatever because remember, one day, you may need help.

New Orleans?

God is great,


You want me as a moderator!
You need me as a moderator!!!
Jean Le Fete
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Jean Le Fete

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Posted: 5 Aug 07 04:21
This is why I spend a good deal of time trying to laugh, because of how screwed up things are and the potential for it to get a lot some point people have to grow up, because there won't be an "do-overs" when we mess up the earth too much.

Okay time for another Al Gore Story!!!!

It's not that I can't help these people it's just, I don't want to. - Tom Hanks - Volunteers
Who The Hell Is Mohit?
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Who The Hell Is Mohit?

Location: Mumbai
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Posted: 5 Aug 07 08:16
Very noble cause...but remember...before donating check that you are NOT donating to any Agency or amm...our Parliament Set-up Fund..try for the President's or a non-profit Organization.

Btw, floods & cyclones in Bangladesh & West Bengal[India] are very common happenings, and it's mostly that I living in Mumbai can't either do anything about it, for the Ministry is Ultra-Corrupt...and even if they honestly try..most Tribals/Villagers will be left out as the land is pretty much unreachable[Sunderbans].

How's it related to the God?

Don't tase me, bro!
Cal Jennings
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Cal Jennings

Location: Magnolia, TX, USA
Registered: 15 Apr 07

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Posted: 16 Aug 07 09:43 - Edited By: Mark Lowton, 16 Aug 07 10:01
Watch what you say about my Father, Fergie. They are in my prayers.

Love, Hope, Peace, & Christ Be With You,

Space Eagle

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