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Posted: 9 Jun 07 19:05
Bin Laden tried to kill Christians and Hindus in America

You take a group of devotees having the common form of God like Krishna or Jesus. All of them get strongly united and all of them fear to harm any other devotee because their common God will punish them for the sin. A Christian will fear deeply to harm another Christian but will not care so much to harm a follower of other religion. The reason is that in harming another Christian, he is sure of the punishment from Jesus. But when he harms a person of other religion, he does not fear so much since he has no faith in that form of God of other religion. He believes only Jesus as the only absolute God.

Bin Laden tried to kill Christians and Hindus in America because he believes in Allah only as the God. For this basic reason only he never attempted to kill people in any Muslim country. I am not referring to anyone particularly. This is a common disease of all the ignorant people present in any religion. Suppose Laden believed in the Universal Spirituality and realized that Jesus and Krishna are also other forms of the same Allah, will he do such crime to the people of other religions? This question applies not only to Laden but also applies to all fanatic Ladens present in all religions.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace

Fergus McCarthy
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Fergus McCarthy

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Posted: 9 Jun 07 23:03 - Edited By: Fergus McCarthy, 9 Jun 07 23:50
Anil Anthony,

I've read your latest post and it's as herbal as the rest of them,
You mentioned that Bin Laden tried to kill Hindu's and whatever other religions but did not try to kill Muslims.

I'll make it quick because firstly there is a film about to start that I want to watch and secondly you never answer any posts that any one puts up to you.

Bin Laden was, or is, if he is still around an extremely rich ****er.

And what extremely rich ****ers do is they pay other people or convince people of a religious mindset to do their deeds for them.

Bin Laden was'nt on any plane, the religious fundamentalist arseholes were on the planes demonstrating their own personal love of God in the most sacrificial, barbaric and inhumane way possible.

Now listen to me you incense burning prick, when a terrorist plants a bomb anywhere they have no way of knowing who it is going to kill, do you really think that Bin Laden checked the personnel of the planes, the buildings, the pentagon to see if there were any Muslims working in them?

Did he ****!

The IRA used to plant and detonate bombs in London, have you any idea how many Irish were working in London at the height of the bombings?

People who plant bombs plant them to instill fear and panic, bombs are indiscriminate, they dismember who ever happens to be walking by at the moment of detonation, Muslim, Hindu, Catholic or Moonies.

You just keep posting up this love one another crap like some kind of cyber space graffiti artist, you never engage in dialogue with any one and now you are talking ****e about Muslims.
99% of Muslims are hard working decent people, as are 99 per cent of the people on this planet, do us all a big favour because after all this is a discussion forum and a satire site, your not funny and you dont discuss.

I've clashed with a few on this site and they've ripped back at me, thats what a forum is for.

Do us a big favour?

Speak, dont quote ****e, or just,


Fergus McCarthy

And get up from under Dattaswami's feet, what are you?

A ****ing foot stool?

You want me as a moderator!
You need me as a moderator!!!
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Posted: 10 Jun 07 01:56
Dear Dattaswammi or whatever your name is,

I've actually got to agree with Fergus on this one.

If you want to discuss your beliefs or philosophies, than do it! Reply back to the postings you've started!

Otherwise, just go back to driving your taxi or running your budget motel. You can even try to sell me your book in the airport. Just stop posting here unless you plan on discussing things!

Yes, there probably were Hindus in the twin towers, as well as people of over twenty countries and multiple religions. I saw the statistics once and some of the people in the building were muslims.

The treatment of Pakistan by India also does not show great love towards Muslims by Hindus. Examine your own history a little bit.

Every religion on earth has its good, honest people trying to do what they think is right (generally the majority) and its greedy slimeballs who cover their greed and immorality under a cloak of righteousness (often the leadership). Every ....single Our history is full of crusades and inquisitions and pogroms and ethnic cleansings that have affected every society.

So, Fergus has called you out and I second his challenge. Please respond with your own words and ideas and don't quote us from your canonical literature.

By the way, were you once on here as President Bush? Are you secretly J.D. Balderdash? Can I call you Produce?

Being raised by an Italian mother on the Mexican border made me realize that entrees are not edible without jalapenos, onions, green chilis, or garlic. Hence, I am the J-man.

Any opinions expressed here are purely the opinions of the contributors and are not necessarily the opinions of The Spoof, its staff or the original writer of the spoof news/parody/satire story.

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