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This is the spoof journal of Sarah Palin. It is purely a parody of what we imagine a diary made by Sarah Palin would be like and hope you find the fake diary as funny.

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April 2014

Monday 14 April 14

Dear Diary, I may get a chance to run for Governor of another state once I stay there for awhile. I need to pick one where people less smarter t...

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Sunday 13 April 14

Dear Diary, Egypt has a lot of history in it. I've been studying again. Funny about those mummies. I thought Boris Carloft and them made up stuff l...

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Friday 11 April 14

Dear Diary, These historical things are hard to remember. I should just look up something more recent. Maybe check up on what my opponent is loo...

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Friday 11 April 14

Dear Diary, I think we have the Dems on the run. One resigned tonight and I bet Holder is shaking in his jockey shorts. We are on the move. O...

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Tuesday 08 April 14

Dear Diary, I'm glad we don't live like they did in the Middlin Ages. They made their women were Charity Belts. How did they pee? This was al...

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Monday 07 April 14

Dear Diary, I was just reading where the United State of America became a Super Power. We still are if we could get chummy out of office as he give...

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Sunday 06 April 14

Dear Diary, I wonder what would happen if I held a press conference and announced my running for President? I could then drop out but that would...

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Saturday 05 April 14

Dear Diary, Another day, another doughnut. Gotta watch that or nobody will be watching. Continuing to refresh my mentals for any possible debate...

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