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This is the spoof journal of Ray Mears. It is purely a parody of what we imagine a diary made by Ray Mears would be like and hope you find the fake diary as funny.

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January 2009

Tuesday 13 January 09

Been down at the Eden Project in Cornwall, giving a bit of a talk to the West Devon Lonely Wives Club. Fabulous piece of work. Amazing what may be...

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Monday 12 January 09

If it wasn't bad enough getting a bollocking this morning from the council over me using the tom-toms instead of a cellphone I've had bunch of so-call...

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Monday 12 January 09

Definitely a Monday morning. Had the plods round earlier, along with a pair of walking penises from the council. Apparently me neighbours a mile...

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Sunday 11 January 09

Me n me mate Gordon were over in the Papua New Guinea Highlands for a few days. There to learn a coupla tricks obviously and pass on a few Western...

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Saturday 10 January 09

Lots of people writing in and asking for me venison and wild leaf salad meal recipe, so here goes, and remember this really will serve a cave-full of...

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Friday 09 January 09

Bit of a cold snap across the old UK right now, but I enjoy it, tracking all the little furries and birds etc. in the snow. Been putting feed and war...

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Thursday 08 January 09

Me an' the BBC film crew seem to have lost a few hours somewhere. We're putting it down to last evening's nightcap that we drank sat round the camp...

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Wednesday 07 January 09

Me old mate Gordon Hillman was round earlier helping out with a four course traditional neolithic Gaelic dish for some visitors from Swaziland.

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