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This is the spoof journal of HRH Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. It is purely a parody of what we imagine a diary made by HRH Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh would be like and hope you find the fake diary as funny.

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September 2011

Sunday 11 September 11

I've been watching these Swedish programmes on the Television. They are really good but they will insist on speaking in a pale imitation of German. I...

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Sunday 11 September 11

Getting old has its trials and tribulations. I put my hand in my pocket the other day and there was nothing there. I asked my new friend Pipsqueak to...

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Sunday 11 September 11

I can't understand why the Yanks call the 11th September 9/11 when it is clearly 11/9. Are they trying to confuse Bin Liner or something? But, of cour...

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Saturday 03 September 11

My God, queers in the Household! Not since the Spy horrors have we had such a poofing scandal. I wish my misses would put her foot down and clean up t...

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August 2011

Sunday 14 August 11

I've been called in to sort out the young thugs who terrorised the nation recently. Unfortunately the Government would not go along with my idea of re...

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June 2011

Thursday 09 June 11

Ninety today! Now for another ten years before I get a letter from my wife. I've seen my new grand daughter in law has had her phone hacked. I tried t...

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May 2011

Wednesday 25 May 11

Those American-Irish have gone and Buckingham Palace has survived due to our fortitude in the face of almost overpowering odds. The fuss we had to mak...

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Friday 20 May 11

My God I couldn't stand another day in Ireland!! My other half has enjoyed the stud farms - personally I find watching it is far inferior to doing it.

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